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The 20 Best Places to Live in Kentucky

Highlands Douglass

Regardless of our age, education, status or job title, there are a few things that unite us all- a desire for quality housing in a safe, friendly community being one of them. If that community comes with the added benefit of a thriving economy, great local businesses, abundant amenities, and bountiful recreational facilities of both the indoor and outdoor variety, then so much the better. Kentucky has a wealth of towns and cities fitting that exact description- find out which rank the highest with our rundown of the 20 best places to live in Kentucky

20. Pewee Valley

With just 1,576 residents, Pewee Valley is in no danger of winning any prizes for the size of its population. That said, if size isn’t everything, this quaint little town in Louisville is doing much to prove it. Violent crime is nonexistent, while property crime is too low to even warrant a mention. There are enough high paying jobs in the area to support a median household income of $113,750, while the school system and diverse range of amenities is excellent. Completing the attractive picture is that great sense of community emblematic of small-town living.

19. Gardiner Lane

If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to take your first step on the property ladder, Gardiner Lane may be the ideal place for it. Housing starts at around $237,862, which, while admittedly a smidgeon above the national average of $184,700, is still a bargain when you consider the number of great things this small neighborhood of Louisville has going for it. As well as a low crime rate and excellent schools, it offers a job market that’s stable enough to support a median income of $85,491, a good range of amenities, and a great sense of community engagement.

18. Cherokee Triangle

5,002 residents are happy to call Cherokee Triangle home, and for very good reason. Despite house prices being on the steep side (expect to pay around $312,774 for a single-family home), there’s plenty on offer to compensate for the higher than average cost of living, with good schools, good commuting links, a higher than average median income of $62,647, and a great range of unique boutiques, quirky cafes and diverse local businesses being just some.

17. Fort Mitchell

For the very reasonable price of $257,300, you could experience the joys of owning a home in the classic American suburb of Fort Mitchell. With a small-town vibe, a tight knit community, great schools, and all the amenities, food outlets, and recreational facilities you could wish for within just a five-minute drive, there’s no shortage of benefits to living here- including the prospect of earning the very nice average salary of $64,229.

16. Rockcreek Lexington Road

Liberal leaning Rockcreek Lexington Road is a great place to raise a family, offering safe, clean streets, an excellent range of top tier schools to pick from, an expectation of the above average household income of $78,741, and way below average crime rates (in terms of violent crime, there’s been no incidence of robbery, murder, or rape for the past year, while incidences of property crime are way below the national average with just 96.6 reported burglaries (compared to an average of 500.1), 869 thefts (compared to an average of 2042.8)m and 112.6 motor vehicle thefts (compared to an average of 284). Throw in some first-rate public amenities and a great community spirit and you’re looking at a very special place, indeed.

15. Northfield

With next to no crime, some excellent school options (Dupont Manual High School, Louisville Male High School, J Graham Brown School, and Ballard High School all come highly recommended), the kind of safe, friendly streets where kids can still play without their parents fretting, a friendly, hard working community, all the amenities you need within a maximum drive of 25 minutes, and the excellent median income of $88,750, there’s no shortage of reasons residents of Northfield can feel justified in demanding $350,600 for their properties.

14. Crescent Hill

The lovely little neighborhood of Crescent Hill has some great benefits: not only do residents enjoy the benefit of living within easy commuting distance of the heart of Louisville, they also have a great range of amenities on their very doorstep, along with the expectation of a very healthy $60,912 income.

13. Highlands Douglass

Those who have $363,788 going spare may like to consider investing it in a property in the delightful Highlands Douglass suburb of Louisville. Quite a few people already have (4,456, to be exact), and judging by the glowing feedback they’re littering the internet with, most are feeling more than a little smug about their decision. “There are many local parks that have short hiking/biking trails. There are also a couple state/county parks that are about a 40 min drive from the city,” says one resident on Niche while another enthuses, “I live in what is referred to as "The Highlands" of Louisville. I absolutely love it here. There is such a diverse group of people; all different races, ages, and socioeconomic incomes. There are so many local shops, bars, and quite a variety of places to eat. There is also a park that is incredibly close that has a 2.5-mile paved loop as well as hiking and biking trails. Almost everything is within walking distance (even school!), which is very convenient. This city is also very involved with the compassionate healthcare movement as well as sustainability, both of which I am becoming more involved in. I came to Louisville four years ago and can't imagine living anywhere else! I would recommend this city to anyone!”

12. Deer Park

Fancy earning the very nice median income of $67,889? Then you may want to consider a move into Deer Park, where the average house price of $251,648 is counterbalanced by great restaurants, characterful architecture, some lovely parks, easy accessibility, and a close-knit community. The only slight downfall is its crime rate, which, by no means bad, puts it out of contention for a higher ranking.

11. Hurstbourne

Wondering what you get these days for $373,600? If you live in Kentucky, you get a very decent family-sized property in the Hurstbourne suburb of Louisville. The small community of 4365 residents enjoy a great quality of life, with safe streets, access to a thriving job market, top-scoring schools, a median income of nearly twice the national average at $104,605, and the kind of amenities and attractions that offer both families and millennials the perfect place to spend their days (and those huge incomes).

10. Crestwood

$262,800 will net you a very decent property in Crestwood and, considering the excellent quality of life on offer here, it’s one investment you may want to give some serious thought to. Rates of crime, unemployment, and poverty are all minimal, while the whiff of affluence in the air is no doubt helped along by the very healthy $102,036 median income most households can boast. Amenities are bountiful, parks are abundant, and all in all, this is one very happy community indeed.

9. Belknap

As one of the safest areas in Louisville, Belknap offers the best of both worlds: a safe, friendly community for families to raise their kids, along with easy access to all the action of Louisville. The schools count among the best in the area, while the crime rate is exceptional. Thanks to its short commuting distance into the heart of the city’s financial and business districts, most residents are enjoying the sizeable incomes of $79,762. Despite all these perks, housing is still very affordable- expect to pay no more than around 250k for a very decently sized property here.

8. Anchorage

The Crazy Tourist has designated the title of # 1 place to live in Kentucky to Anchorage. While we’re not fully in agreement with their ranking, you can’t help but be impressed by this humble little suburb’s qualities. With great schools and an equally great sense of community, it’s the perfect place to raise a family. With an excellent variety of recreational pursuits, wining and dining venues, and a thriving job market, it’s also a pretty fine place to be young, free and single. Housing may be on the expensive side (expect to pay around $663,600 for a single-family home) but the high cost is more than compensated for by the equally high median income of $172,188.

7. Windy Hills

Windy Hills frequently features on lists of the best places to retire in Kentucky, and it’s little wonder. The streets are some of the safest in Louisville, the amenities are abundant, and there are some lovely outdoor areas. For those with families, there’s a good selection of top-rated schools to choose from, while the good commuting access is sure to appeal to those looking to be close to the action.

6. Langdon Place

Proving that the best things sometimes come in small packages is the delightful little suburb of Langdon Place. It may be diminutive (its current population stands at around 1114) but what it lacks in size it makes up for elsewhere. Housing is affordable ($221,000 should be enough to get you a decently sized home), crime is low, and the median income is high ($90,938, to be exact). Schools are excellent, amenities are abundant, and parks are bountiful… all in all, a fabulous place to call home.

5. Hurstbourne Acres

According to Livability, the cost of living in Hurstbourne Acres is 2% less than the US average. The total crime rate is 75% lower than the US average (with most residents standing only a 1 in 146 chance of becoming a victim); the unemployment rate is 35% lower than the US average; the high school graduation rate is 12% higher than the US average. If you need any more convincing why Hurstbourne Acres represents such a desirable place to live, consider the fact that while residents can expect a very healthy income of $60,199, they’ll only need to pay $187,200 for a property- a bargain by anyone’s book.

4. Fort Thomas

The homely Fort Thomas makes a great place to raise your family. The friendly, hardworking community is served by an excellent range of public services and amenities, while the abundance of sidewalks, parks, and trails makes keeping up your fitness a positive breeze. The average house comes in for the very affordable price of $214,000, while most residents can expect a very healthy median income of $71,956. The schools, meanwhile, are among some of the best in the state.

3. Indian Hills

You may have to part with the considerable sum of $502,400 for the privilege of living in the exclusive enclave of Indian Hills, but it’s a price few will quibble over when they consider the extensive list of benefits that come with the price of moving in. The crime rate is one of the lowest in Kentucky, with no incidences of violent crime in the past years and very little reports of property crime. The median income is a startlingly high $169,737, while schools, amenities, and facilities are predictably excellent. Residents report a great sense of community, a thriving local economy, and an overwhelmingly, safe, pleasant vibe.

2. Cherokee Gardens

Ranked by Niche as the #1 in Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Louisville, the superb little neighborhood of Cherokee Gardens in Louisville just misses out on the top spot. The average home value may be high (don’t expect much change from around $490k, but it’s a small price to pay for living in a community served by a great range of top-ranking schools, some first-class amenities, a job market that’s strong enough to support a median income of $114,683, and an amazing community spirit.

1. Cherokee Seneca

Want to live in the #1 most desirable place in all of Kentucky? Then pack your bags and head on over to the little community of Cherokee Seneca. The average price of property is high but not outrageous (expect to pay somewhere around the $396,792 mark), while the median income is a very desirable $83,165. As well as boasting an incredibly low crime rate, there’s a great community spirit at play, helped along, no doubt by the convenience of living close enough to Louisville to benefit from all its amenities and attractions, but with the added benefit of incredibly safe, clean streets.

Liz Flynn

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