The 20 Best Places to Live in Nevada


Nevada is a beautiful state with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the nation. It is also a place that has a rich history of prospectors and miners who came out to the region to find their fortune. There are still those who believe that there are rich deposits of gold yet undiscovered, but there is another good reason to choose this state for your home. There are some cities and communities that are highly rated because of excellent schools, low crime rates, affordable cost of living and a lot of amenities and recreational opportunities. Here are the 20 best places to live in Nevada for 2019.

20. Sun Valley, Nevada – Population 19,663

Sun Valley is located in Washoe County. The population is just under 20,000 and if you like to live in an area that offers both metropolitan elements as well as more rural escapes, you’ll find it here. The median income is $44,013 and the median home value is highly affordable at just $99,700. The cost of living is reasonable and there are ample job opportunities in the area.

19. Fernley, Nevada – Population 19,185

Fernley is a little smaller than Sun Valley, but it is still considered a smaller city. The median household income is a bit higher at $52,001, and the cost of living is also slightly higher. The average cost of a home is $136,800 because of its higher livability score. The crime rate is moderate and the schools have a good rating, making it a good place to consider if you’re raising a family. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping venues.

18. Mesquite, Nevada – Population 16,533

Mesquite is a smaller community for those who enjoy a more rural feeling neighborhood, yet like to have the amenities of a medium-sized city. There are entertainment and recreational opportunities available for people of all ages. The schools are rated as being very good, and the crime rate is moderate. The average household income is a bit on the low side for the cost of living, however, at $44,103, with the average cost of a home at $185,700. The reason for the discrepancy is that this is a highly desired place to live because of its safety rating and good schools. People are willing to pay a little more to live in the area.

17. Spanish Springs, Nevada – Population 15,789

Spanish Springs is a smaller city that offers a high quality of life for its residents. The average household income is $78,604. The cost of homeownership is considerably higher in this area which is more on the upscale end of the spectrum. The median home value is set at $248,000 for 2019. The crime rate is moderate and there are plenty of nearby amenities including dining, shopping, entertainment venues, and outdoor recreational activities.

16. Boulder City, Nevada – Population 15,266

Boulder City is just a little smaller than the Spanish Springs community. The average household income is $56,405. The cost of owning a home is more affordable than in Spanish Springs, but not by much. The median home value is at $197,900, making it just a little more affordable than Spanish Springs, but there are some neighborhoods in the area that are considered to have very good schools with a high safety rating for the locals. People don’t mind paying a little more for living in a desirable area.

15. Paradise, Nevada – Population 226,900

Paradise is ranked as the fifteenth-best places to live in Nevada. It’s a neighborhood that is located in the central portion of the city of Las Vegas, but it’s a community on its own. There are a few preferred schools out of the more than 100 in the area, and although just a few of them are A-rated as high performers, they can be found. The city offers a ton of amenities with ample entertainment and recreational opportunities and the job outlook is excellent. It’s a great place to live with an affordable average rent of $872 per month.

14. Las Vegas, Nevada – Population 605,000

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, and although there are quite a few criminal elements in the area, there are also some calmer and safer neighborhoods within the city. It’s the place that people who love the big city experience want to live. The population is extremely diverse. The average household income is $50,200 per year and although wages are not that high, there are plenty of job opportunities. The median monthly rent is $975 per month which is affordable when compared to the income standards in the city. It’s also one of the top choices for people who are retired and wish to relocate to a warm and sunny climate.

13. Indian Hills, Nevada – Population 6,100

If you’re looking for a small community with a rural environment then Indian Hills, located in Carson City’s south side may be of interest to you. This neighborhood offers comfortable and safe surroundings with 11 public schools in the area, offering plenty of choices for families raising children. The average cost for a home is $198,000 but there are a few areas in this small town where the cost goes up, especially those closer to the schools.

12. Spring Valley, Nevada – Population 186,000

Spring Valley is one of the larger metropolitan areas in Nevada. It’s an urban neighborhood that is situated to the southwest of the city of Las Vegas. The population is the most diverse among residents in the state. It’s a suburb of Las Vegas, so the average monthly rent is a bit higher at $1,050 per month, but it’s close to all of the benefits including public transportation, ample job opportunities, entertainment, and vibrant nightlife. This is one of the most highly desired suburbs in the city.

11. Kingsbury, Nevada – Population 2,152

Kingsbury is one of the smallest towns on our list of the top 20 places to live in Nevada for 2019. With a population of just over 2,000, it’s a close-knit community and an exclusive place to live. The median household income is $64,000 per year. The cost of living is extremely high in this town with the median home value at $405,000, with some going as high as $800,000 to a million. It’s on the southeast edge of Lake Tahoe, which gives you an idea of how exclusive this little community is. It’s a rural community with some of the most beautiful views in the country.

10. Enterprise, Nevada – Population 155,773

Enterprise is one of the larger metropolitan places in the state of Nevada. It’s also ranked as the 10th best place in the state to live. The area is growing and the city offers a host of amenities with shopping, dining, entertainment, sports, and even more. It gets an overall score of A- on the report card with schools getting a B grade. While they’re not the best in the nation they are rated as being above average. The crime rate is also moderate and most residents feel safe in their homes and when they’re out and about.

9. MacDonald Ranch, Nevada – Population 21,300

MacDonald Ranch is a neighborhood in the city of Henderson. It’s a medium-sized community with a beautiful and well-kept atmosphere with well-maintained homes. Residents in the neighborhood feel safe to walk the streets, and although the climate gets hot in the summer, it’s a lovely and highly desired neighborhood pulled out from the larger city of Henderson. The town gets a rating of A- with schools ranked a little higher than Enterprise with a B+ rating for their high test scores and graduation rates.

8. Anthem, Nevada – Population 13,529

Anthem is another smaller town which is a neighborhood in Henderson. It’s considered to be the 8th best place to live in the state of Nevada. There is a lot of new construction activity to make room for new residents, and this shows that the city is on the move and ready for growth and development. The public parks are some of the most beautiful in the state and the city is family-friendly. It’s not that diverse yet, but this is expected to change with the new housing being built to welcome newcomers to the community. The public schools get a B+ rating which is well-above average.

7. Incline Village, Nevada – Population 8,795

If you’re looking for a peaceful and friendly smaller town to settle own, then Incline Village comes highly recommended. It’s the 7th best place to live in the state of Nevada. It’s located in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe, which gives residents access to several Tahoe features including the local ski resort, the east shore of the lake, private beaches, hiking trails and it’s just 35 minutes by car away from the larger city of Reno. The public schools get a high ranking of A- for excellence, high test scores, graduation rates, and safety.

6. Green Valley North, Nevada – Population 54,451

Green Valley is a moderate-sized neighborhood in Henderson. This neighborhood has a low crime rate and the crimes that do occur are petty relating to minor incidents. It’s a very safe neighborhood with an excellent and responsive police force who make their presence known. This helps residents to feel safer and it discourages criminal activities. The public schools get a B+ rating, which makes this a great choice for raising a family.

5. Elko, Nevada – Population 20,225

Elko is the county seat of Elko County. The city is intertwined with portions of the Humboldt River. The name is Shoshoni: Natokkoa for “rocks piled on one another.” This is a great place to live if you want to have the convenience of amenities commonly found in the city, such as shopping, dining, and entertainment, but there are places in the ara where you can live to get the feeling of country or rural living. The unemployment rate is low at just 5% which means that there are plenty of employment opportunities in or around Elko. The poverty rate is 14.4%. The median household income is $75,652 which is higher than the national average. The average cost of a home in Elko is $218,100 which makes the cost of living very affordable. The rent isn’t bad when compared to other cities in the state either with an average monthly charge of $967.

4. Carlin, Nevada – Population 2,361

Carlin, Nevada is about as close to perfection as it comes. If you value rural living, then you’ll love this small and cozy community. Although the unemployment rate is high at 11.8%, the poverty rate is remarkably low at 5.7%, coming in at almost one-third of the poverty numbers in Elko. The median income in Carlin is $74,148 and when compared to the median home cost of $104,400, and rent is $995 per month, it is a very affordable place to live.

3. Winnemucca, Nevada – Population 7,870

Winnemucca is another small town in Nevada that made it to the top 3 of our best places to live list. This little town has a high median household income of $69,562 per year with the median home cost of $190,562, making it an affordable place to live for homeowners. The median rent is among the lowest in the state at just $821 per month. The unemployment rate is 6.3% with a poverty rate of just 10.2%.

2. Sparks, Nevada – Population 96,786

Sparks is one of the larger cities in Washoe County. It’s an older city that was first founded in 1904 and was incorporated a year later. Sparks is located just east of Reno. The unemployment rate is 7.2% in Sparks with a poverty rate of 11.1%. The median rent is $997 per month with the cost of a home at $244,000 and the median household income of $58,120 per year.

1. Henderson, Nevada – Population 284,817

Henderson is the number one rated place in the state of Nevada to live. It’s a larger city that is located 16 miles southeast of the larger metropolitan area of Las Vegas. It happens to be the second-largest city in the state. There are multiple neighborhoods in the city with a high livability score, lower crime rates and good prospects for employment. The amenities are ample with plenty of dining, shopping and recreational and entertainment options. The unemployment rate is 7.2% with a fairly low poverty rate of 9.1% which isn’t bad for a larger city. The median household income is above the national average at $66,030 per year with a median home value of $266,200. Rent is a bit high at $1,184 per month, but this is usually the case in larger metro areas.

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