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The 20 Best Places to Live in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

If you are considering moving to Puerto Rico, you must compare the different towns and cities to find an area that best meets your needs and offers the lifestyle you desire. Each person’s preferences will vary as some people prefer to live in an urban area that offers a busy social life, while others prefer to live in a quieter area that is considered safe.

The cost of living and property prices can also make a significant difference to the area in which people choose to live. The following is an overview of 20 of the best places to live in Puerto Rico and the lifestyle that each area can offer

20. Bucana Barrio

Bucana Barrio is a small town in Puerto Rico that has a population of under three thousand residents. Niche says that this town has a semi-rural feel, and this is what many people find appealing about this location. The fact that this is a quiet and safe place to live makes it a nice place to retire or to raise children.

The cost of living is good, and the house prices are lower than average. However, this is not necessarily a good option for young professionals as the employment opportunities are limited and the nightlife is lacking

19. Guaynabo Pueblo

Guaynabo Pueblo is a barrio and administrative center for the municipality of Guaynabo. It is located along the northern coast of Puerto Rico and has fewer than four thousand residents. The coastal location is just one of the many reasons why Guaynabo Pueblo is one of the best places to live in Puerto Rico.

It also has good transport links, a vibrant nightlife, plenty of family-oriented activities, a reasonable cost of living, and varied housing options. The downsides of this town are the lack of diversity within the community and a lack of job opportunities. However, the good transport links broaden your employment opportunities if you are willing to compromise with a long daily commute.

18. Candelero Abajo Barrio

Located on the coast within the municipality of Humacao, Candelebro Abajo is a barrio with a population of just over five thousand residents. Like many of the barrios in Puerto Rico, the nightlife in this area is almost non-existent. However, despite its low population and lack of nightlife, this town does have an urban feel due to the many amenities in the area.

It is a popular location with both young professionals and families. The reasons for this are the below-average cost of living, the good housing options, job opportunities, decent transport links, and leisure activities.

17. Tallaboa Saliente Barrio

Along the southern coast of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Penuelas is the small barrio of Tallaboa Saliente. This small town has fewer than three hundred residents according to the 2010 census. Most residents own their own homes, although the housing options are varied and include rental properties of various sizes.

This team will appeal to a diverse group of people due to its low crime rates, family-oriented activities, low cost of living, employment opportunities, and good transport links. However, there is not much of a nightlife in this town.

16. Rio Canas Abajo Barrio

Rio Canas Abajo is a barrio in the municipality of Juana Dia. This small community has fewer than three thousand residents. This town was badly affected when it was struck by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. However, many areas have since been rebuilt and the town has made a comeback from the devastation.

This is a coastal town, so it will appeal to those who prefer living close to the beaches. There is a tranquil vibe and relaxed feel to this area. Despite being only a small community, there are plenty of job opportunities in the surrounding area. The safety in the area and the many family-oriented activities mean that this is a good place to raise children. Other benefits of this town are the affordable house prices and the reasonable cost of living.

15. Alto Sano Barrio

Some of the main benefits of choosing this Puerto Rican town as your new home are the low crime rates, the diverse housing, the family-oriented activities, the reasonable cost of living, the commutability, and the job opportunities. This is a small town with a rural feel and a strong community. If you are looking for a lively area with a vibrant nightlife, then this is not the location for you. It is better suited to those who want a quiet and relaxed way of life.

14. Sabana Grande Abajo Barrio

Close to Maricao State Forest. Sabana Grande Abajo Barrio is an area that young professionals find appealing. This is possibly because there are good employment opportunities in the surrounding area, and commuting is easy.

The cost of living is below the Puerto Rican average, and the housing options are varied. There are approximately three thousand residents in this town, and they have plenty of things to enjoy in their free time. These include a vibrant nightlife and plenty of family-oriented activities.

13. Tallaboa Poniente Barrio

Located in Peuelas Municipo, Tallaboa Poniente Barrio is a small town with a population of under one thousand residents. Therefore, it has a rural feel and a strong sense of community. The diverse housing and the low cost of living are just two of the factors about this town that people find appealing. It is a quiet place to live, so it is a good place to raise a family or to retire. On the downside, the transport links are poor, so you may feel isolated if you don't have your own vehicle.

12. Aguacate Barrio

If you are a retiree or an empty nester who wants to live somewhere with a rural feel, then one area to consider is Aguacate Barrio. The population of this town is under one thousand, so it is a very small community. In terms of housing, the options are diverse and the cost of living is affordable.

Although this is only a small community, there are plenty of job opportunities in the surrounding area, and there are good transport links to the nearest towns and cities. The downsides to this town are that the community is not very diverse and there are very few nightlife options.

11. Culebra

Culebra is a small island just off the east coast of Puerto Rico that is known for Flamenco Beach and Tamarindo Beach. There is an old-fashioned feel to Culebra, and most residents still enjoy living a traditional Puerto Rican lifestyle. This town has a relaxed vibe and stunning beaches, where residents spend most of their free time.

There is a lack of commercial activity in this area, which will appeal to those who dream of a peaceful lifestyle. Those who enjoy feeling closer to nature will also enjoy living on this island, as will scuba diving enthusiasts.

10. Fajardo

Those who enjoy the coastal lifestyle and want to spend time participating in boating or other water-based activities should consider relocating to Fajardo, says Puerto Rico Transport. Although this location has a small-town feel, it still claims to have the largest harbor to the Caribbean.

It will appeal to those who want to live in an area with a quaint look. This town and municipality is located along the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, and the surrounding waters are home to manatees, dolphins, and turtles.

9. Ponce

The second-largest city in Puerto Rico is Ponce, which is located along the central southern coast. It is a historical city that is known for its culture, arts, and music. Ponce also hosts a multitude of festivals throughout the year. A point worth noting is that Ponce offers some of the best quality health care in Puerto Rico, so it is an excellent choice for those who have ongoing health issues.

8. Cayey

Retirees who want to live in a beautiful setting should consider Cayey, says Investopedia. This city is located at an elevation of 1,500 meters in the mountains of central Puerto Rico. The temperature in this mountain city is lower than in the coastal cities, so some people find the climate more bearable if they are not accustomed to living in a hot country. Cayey is close to the Carite Forest Reserve, so it is an excellent place to live for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

7. Humacao

Humacao is an area along the east coast of Puerto Rico that is popular with tourists and ex-pats. Even those who live in this area permanently enjoy the same holiday vibe as those who are on vacation in the area. There are lots of activities and attractions to enjoy in this area, so it will suit those who want a fun and active lifestyle following their move. There are many restaurants, a couple of casinos, two golf courses, a spa, a marina, and multiple tennis courts.

6. Rincon

Rincon is a famous surfing destination, although this location has so much more to offer that it will not only appeal to avid surfers. This town has a relaxed seaside vibe, and residents spend a lot of their free tie on the beach. There are many excellent restaurants in the area, and the shopping options are good. It is an area that will particularly appeal to retirees looking for a quiet area that still gives options or socializing.

5. West Coast

Those who want to immerse themselves in the traditional Puerto Rican lifestyle rather than living in an area that is tailored to ex-pats and tourists should consider moving to the West Coast. The lifestyle here is more relaxed than in many other areas of Puerto Rico. There are some beautiful beaches along the West Coast, and it is a top destination for surfing.

4. Rio Mar

Although Rio Mar is a quiet and secluded area, it is close to San Juan and El Yunque. Rio Mar is better-suited to those who want to spend their free time relaxing on the beach than to those who are seeking a busy social life. Its proximity to the capital means that the amenities, attractions, and employment opportunities of the city are easily accessible.

3. Palmas Del Mar

Located on the southeast shore of Puerto Rico, Palmas Del Mar is a collection of small gated communities. It has an English-speaking school, a hotel, a marina, a private beach, a golf course, and many other amenities and attractions. There are both condos and luxury homes available, so it will suit a diverse range of people.

2. Dorado

If you do not want to live in the hustle and bustle of San Juan but still want to live close enough to take advantage of the jobs, amenities, and attractions, then Dorado is an excellent option. This quaint town is approximately a 40-minute drive from San Juan but offers a much more relaxed lifestyle.

However, there is still plenty to enjoy in Dorado, including excellent English-speaking schools, restaurants, a golf course, and a water park. This is considered a safe place to live, and there are diverse housing options to suit various tastes and budgets.

1. San Juan

According to PR Business Link, the best place to live in Puerto Rico is San Juan, and many experts agree. San Juan is the largest city on the island, and it offers a typical urban lifestyle. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, attractions, and amenities for residents to enjoy. Employment opportunities are plentiful in this city, and the transport links around the city and to the surrounding area are excellent. Like any city, there are some neighborhoods that are better than others. Some of the top San Juan neighborhoods in which to live include Old San Juan, Puerto de Tierra, Condado, Ocean Park, and Isla Verde.

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