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10 Things You Didn't Know About Skyslope Inc.

Skyslope is a company that offers digital solutions for professionals working within the real estate industry. It has the potential for transforming the way agents and brokers conduct their business. If you haven't heard about Skyslope and its benefits, then you're probably missing out the products that can improve your real estate business by making your job easier and giving you tools to better serve your clients. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Skyslope that you probably should.

1. Skyslope operates on a single platform

Skyslope's platform offers a place for every agent in the company to start and finish all their transactions in a single place. This keeps the information located in one area for easier access and retrieval as needed. It's also a good way to check on your statistics.

2. You can create customized checklists to help prepare for audits

The Skyslope program tracks all transaction details and you can build customized checklists that will organize all your information in one place so you'll be fully prepared when audit time comes. The program helps you to stay in compliance and it can cut the time needed for an audit in half. This is good news for both larger and smaller companies who employ multiple agents.

3. Skyslope offers customers 24/7 support

Using a new system can be hard at first. As staff begins, there are usually a lot of questions that come up about how to configure the software and customize it to meet the needs of a certain business. The Skyslope company maintains a staff of trainers who deliver personalized training with a live person. The help is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours per day. It's an operation that doesn't take a day off.

4. Skyslope gives businesses a 360-degree view of their company

The program provides brokers with real-time analytics. This includes everybody's performance so you can check on the status of the entire company or just see how an individual agent is doing. It's a comprehensive program that can help execs to track the status of the business, identify areas where the agents are excelling, and also point out the areas where more training might be needed.

5. Skyslope gives their workers free lunches

Here's a fun fact about the Skyslope company. They provide their workers with catered lunches and they're free. They also make sure that there are free snacks and drinks available for everyone who is on the job. This is just one of the benefits of working at Skyslope.

6. The company has a high turnover rate

It's been widely reported by current and former workers of Skyslope that there is a high turnover rate. Some workers are chastised in front of the whole team if they make a mistake, while others seem to be treated with favoritism. The company culture is good for some workers but others report that there is a lot of drama, some dishonesty and a lot of unprofessionalism behind the scenes.

7. There is a lot of fighting in between departments

Skyslope employees have shared inside information about the company that gives us a little background on the culture. They report that there's a lot of fighting among the various departments and that the drama level is high. This is one reason why they have such a high turnover rate. Some professionals simply don't want to put up with the politics that are prevalent in the environment.

8. Skyslope has a tough environment but the benefits are great

Even though it has its share of internal drama, Skyslope takes good care of its employees when it comes to the benefits they offer. Most companies have their share of cliques, and we're told the mentality for this is high at Skyslope, but they provide their workers with great wellness benefits, they pay for their lunches and snacks and the pay isn't bad either. It's a company that is trying to do the right thing by their workers but the management could use some training in workplace professionalism. This would cut down on the turnover rate.

9. Employees either love Skyslope or they hate it

A recent analysis of the reviews posted by Skyslope employees shows that they are free to post their opinions about what it's like to work there. Most agree that the vision of the company is amazing and they are on solid ground in the direction that the business is taking. They maintain an excellent customer service record regardless of any internal politics and this is something workers can take pride in. Those who work there either love the job for the benefits and the friendly and professional co-workers or they hate it because of internal strife and they leave.

10. There are issues with the main product

The program that Skyslope offers is an innovative tool and it does everything that it's advertised to do, with the exception of one larger issue. It needs more work. There are frequent breakdowns which lead to a lot of stress for the workers as they attempt to quickly resolve the issues and assist customers. The site goes down from time to time, so it's obvious that there are problems that need to be addressed, and they have not yet accomplished this, but the fixes are applied quickly and there's always somebody that customers can talk to about problems they encounter.

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