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20 Things You Didn't Know about Howard Hanna Real Estate

If you've never heard of Howard Hanna Real Estate, it's probably for one of two reasons. Maybe you don't live in one of the states that they service or maybe you just haven't had a need to buy or sell a home in the last several decades. However, if you do have the need to buy or sell a home, this just might be the first company that you want to contact. There are a lot of reasons that they're different, but 20 of the best reasons are listed below.

1. They are the third largest real estate company in the country

It's important to know that even though they're not located in all 50 states, they are the third largest real estate company in the entire country. One of the things that's really interesting about this company is that they've done everything the old-fashioned way. They don't use traditional advertising tactics and they haven't pumped a ton of money into the company all at once in order to get it going. Instead, they’ve stuck by the company and done things the way that people used to do them years ago. That's precisely what allowed them to continue to grow year after year.

2. They have offices in eight different states

It's even more impressive that they are the third largest real estate company in the United States when you consider the fact that they only have offices in eight states. You can look at this one of two ways. You might say that it's amazing that a single company has offices in eight different states or you might be surprised that they've grown so large and they haven't expanded into yet more areas. Whatever your outlook might be, you should know that they have offices located in Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, New York ,Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you live in these areas, you can definitely contact a representative from this company if you're in the market to sell your house or buy a new one.

3. It is a family-owned company

One reason that so many people trust this company is because it's family-owned. As a matter of fact, no less than three generations have been operating this company from the same family. Since it was started, kids that grew up basically knew that when they became adults, they wanted to help with the family business and this is a tradition that has been honored through the generations. This isn't something that you see very often, especially not these days. That should tell you just how special this company really is.

4. They've been in business since 1957

The very first real estate office for this Corporation opened in 1957. From there, things continue to grow and expand into the company that you see today. That is definitely a feat worth being proud of, because there aren't that many companies that were open that long ago that are still in business today. This is especially true when you're talking about smaller, family-owned businesses.

5. They don't look at things from the perspective of a big corporation

In reality, they are a big corporation but they don't act like one. They treat everyone like you would want to be treated if you were working for or doing business with a certain company. No matter how large they've grown, they’ve never adopted that attitude that they're big enough to treat people as if they don't matter and just keep going. This is definitely a lesson that a lot of other big corporations could learn.

6. That is precisely what has allowed them to become so successful

In truth, it's the way they run the business that has allowed them to grow as large as they have. They wouldn't be so successful if they didn't know how to treat customers right and they wouldn't be able to continue operating the business with the same family from generation to generation if it weren't for the fact that they treat their people right. When it all comes down to it, it's about treating everyone like equals and this is something that people undoubtedly respond well to.

7. They have never forgotten how they got started

Part of the reason that they are adamant about treating people with respect is because they have never forgotten how they got started when they're real estate business amounted only to one small office. They had to work hard to make it successful and at the same time, they had a family to raise. They made time for both, never neglecting one for the other. In the end, the business provided very well for the family's needs and the family gave back by putting more into the business. They still use that very same business model today.

8. They have instilled a love for doing business the right way for future generations

This is a large part what has made future generations that came along after that initial office opened want to continue to be a part of the company. So many times, you see people that deviate from the family business. They want to go off and do their own thing. That really isn't something that happens a lot with members of this particular family. Everyone is proud to be a part of this business because it's really about much more than just selling real estate.

9. They're known for going the extra mile for their customers

The company always goes the extra mile for their customers. No one is ever treated like they're just a name on a piece of paper. They realize that these are individuals with hopes, dreams and fears of their own and that sometimes, all they need to make their dreams come true is someone that understands their needs and works just a little bit harder to help them come true.

10. They treat each person like they are their most important customer

Their business model includes treating each person like they are their only customer, as if they were the most important person that ever walked through the door. Obviously, people like the personal touch. Nobody likes being treated like they're just another carbon copy of someone else that could disappear without anyone even caring. That kind of attitude is precisely what makes people walk away from doing business with certain companies. When they're lucky enough to find one like this particular real estate company, they know they have found one that's worth sticking with.

11. They handle all aspects of mortgage services

The company doesn't just help you sell your house or help you buy another one. They handle every aspect of your mortgage from that initial call all the way through to inspections and even everything about the mortgage after the fact. They truly are a one stop shop and that's not something that is so easy to find these days.

12. They also help with title and abstract issues

They can even help their customers when it comes to clearing a title for a house. This can be a real challenge for some families and more often than not, customers are forced to go to a separate abstract office in order to deal with the title issues. A perfect example is a house that must be cleared in probate before it can be sold. This frequently happens if a married couple own the house and one of them has passed away. If the house was in the name of both occupants, it must go through probate before it can be sold. This particular company can handle all of that in addition to regular real estate issues, so customers aren't forced to go all over the place trying to get something done. They also have someone to guide them through the process here, which can be invaluable.

13. The company also provides insurance

They even go as far as providing insurance for homes that have been purchased. Basically, you can contact them to place your home up for sale or you can contact them because you want to start looking for a house. You can then go through the entire process of getting your mortgage and making sure everything is legal. Once it's all said and done, you can even pay your mortgage through them and purchase your insurance right there. You never have to deal with another company and that makes the entire process go much more smoothly.

14. Their staff is always learning

They routinely send their staff to events where they can learn new things. They don't just stop at the required continuing education credits for real estate professionals. Instead, they require them to get additional training so that they can be of better assistance to their customers.

15. For them, it's all about respect

Perhaps one of the most important things about this company is that everything they do is done with respect. It doesn't matter if you're working for them or if you're one of their customers, they always treat people with respect. This is definitely an important aspect for anyone that's considering hiring a real estate company and it's even more important when you're looking to buy or sell a house. This can be a stressful time for most people and even under the best of circumstances, it can sometimes be enough to make you want to tear your hair out. Having someone that understands what you're going through and treat you with a certain level of respect can make all the difference between you following through the process or backing out of it entirely.

16. Their goal is not only for their own financial success

One of the things that makes them so successful is that they don't just look at things from the perspective of their own financial well-being, but also for that of their customers. They help their clients understand what they need to do in order to qualify for a loan or how they might be able to reduce the number of payments or even get cheaper payments so that it's easier for them to come up with the money each month. If it's possible for someone to get in a home, these people will find a way to make it happen.

17. Customers can call them with questions or concerns anytime and talk to an actual person

There are few things more frustrating than trying to call someone to ask them a question and getting stuck in that never ending cycle of automated phone systems where you can't talk to a human being. When you call this company, you don't have to deal with that because you actually get the chance to talk to a person and ask them whatever you need to ask. They can probably give you an answer right then and there, but if they can't, they will find the answer and then contact you as soon as possible.

18. They don't just talk about integrity, they live it

So many companies talk about integrity but their actions don't necessarily demonstrate that they really care about it. This company doesn't just talk about it because it sounds good, they live it in everything they do.

19. The company has a heart for service

The company has always had a heart for service and they continue to do so to this very day. They routinely conduct philanthropic efforts and do different things so that they can continue to serve the people in and around their communities. It's one of the things that sets the company apart but perhaps most importantly, is the reason they do it. It's not so they can get good publicity, it's because it's the right thing to do.

20. They routinely give back to the communities they serve

As a result of their desire to serve, they routinely become active participants in the communities in which they serve. They find out what the needs of those particular communities are and then they focus their efforts in those areas. They often work hand-in-hand with other businesses and civic organizations within those communities in order to identify specific needs and then find ways to handle them. They're not just a business, they're concerned about the well-being of those in the community and they demonstrate that with their actions day in and day out.

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