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The 20 Best Places to Live in Norway

Svolvaer, Norway

Are you planning to move to the country of Norway? If so, it's important to become familiar with the various communities in the country to make sure that you choose the best possible area to live in.

Some of the larger and medium-sized cities have neighborhoods that are more desirable than others. You don't want to end up living in an area that is either too expensive or that has a high rate of crime. In selecting the best places we consulted with a variety of research-based resources with facts and figures that point to a higher livability score including safety, quality education, good medical services, available employment, affordable and available housing, and amenities.

Here are the 20 best places to live in Norway.

Trondheim, Norway

20. Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is a city that is expensive to live in with the average cost of $3,097 a month to get by. There are several reasons why it is worth the extra cost to live here though.

This city has a high safety score with a low crime rate. If you're an English speaking ex-pat then you'll find a lot of people speak the language. There are a lot of amenities including good shopping and recreational activities including fishing and more.

The air quality is good as is the overall quality of life. It's a peaceful place to live with excellent hospitals and an excellent happiness score. Most locals are friendly to foreigners and there are plenty of job opportunities. The prospects for nightlife are good and the city is LGBT friendly with a good ratio of diversity.

Arendal, Norway

19. Arendal, Norway

Arendal is an amazing place to live because of its high level of safety and low crime rates. The air quality is good, you can safely walk down the streets and the healthcare system is rated as being excellent.

The quality of life is good with excellent job opportunities. It is a peaceful city overall wit a high happiness score, diversity, English speakers and racial tolerance is high. The nightlife is rated as being okay, but the main drawbacks to living here include the fact that it is very expensive.

The average cost to live in Arendal is about $5,028 per month. Housing is expensive here and the temperatures are cold.

Alesund, Norway

18. Alesund, Norway

Alesund is one of the safer cities in Norway. It is a democratic area and freedom of speech is valued. The roads are safe and the hospitals are great. There is a high quality of education and there is plenty of room to move around without overcrowding.

Many people in Alesund can speak basic English and it is a city that is friendly to LGBT as well as safe for women in general. The drawbacks of living in Alesund include the cost of living which is very expensive.

If you're not from the area then it's hard to make friends. Finally, there isn't a lot to do in this city as the nightlife is okay to below average. If you're looking for a safe place to live, this city is one of the best.

Bergen, Norway

17. Bergen, Norway

The cost of living in Bergen is about $2,375 a month for ex-pats who are living in the city. This is a desirable place to live because there are some great amenities including opportunities for jobs, for going out on the town and having evening fun and activities and for its low crime rate and overall great safety rating.

It's a peaceful city with safe roads, great hospitals and a good portion of the population speaks at least basic English. Diversity is good and tolerance for foreigners.

Tromso, Norway

16. Tromso, Norway

Tromso costs about $2,670 per month for ex-pats who live in the country. Residents of the city who are citizens of Norway pay an average of $4541 per month in total living expenses.

The city has an overall good safety rating with a good quality of life. It's a peaceful place with a low crime rate and safe roads to travel. The hospitals are great, and there are ample job opportunities. There are things to do if you enjoy getting out for nightlife. The diversity is good with basic English spoken, good freedom of speech and friendly to foreigners.

Lillehammer, Norway

15. Lillehammer, Norway

Lillehammer is an amazing city to live in if you're fond of skiing. When summertime rolls around there are plenty of other outdoor activities including fishing and hiking. There is also a water park as well as the Maihaugen open-air museum.

This is one of the most fun places to live if you're a fan of outdoor activities. If you need a job then there are plenty of jobs open in tourism.

Geiranger, Norway

14. Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger is a cozy town that is well-known as a vacation destination. It's also ideal for anyone who loves nature. It is a beautiful city to live in. It is a smaller city and great for calling home when you want to get away from the more crowded metropolitan areas.

The cost of living is less in Geiranger than in some of the larger cities. It might be small but there is plenty to do here.

Fredrikstad, Norway

13. Fredrikstad, Norway

Fredrikstad has an Old Town section that is designed and inspired by the Dutch model. There are lots of wide moats with high ramparts of earth that keep the city safe from a breach of water flow.

In the Old Town there is a market square with winding cobbled alleys and tons of traditional shops. This is an unusually structured city that has its share of busy metro areas along with green spaces where you can get away from the crowds.

The healthcare is rated as excellent, and although jobs are not plenteous, if you're looking you can find one. The cost of living is a bit less than in some of the larger cities and there is housing available.

Henningsvaer, Norway

12. Henningsvaer, Norway

Henningsvaer is a fishing village that encompasses a group of small islands in the Lofoten Arctic archipelago of Norway. The homes in the town are colorful. Although ice and snow cover the islands, the summers are wonderful with 24 hour periods of daylight. This is a beautiful place to live and if you're into fishing, perhaps one of the best in Norway. Healthcare gets high ratings and it's a safe place to live.

Longyearbyen, Norway

11. Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen is situated to the extreme north of Norway. It is the largest city in the Svalbard Islands. this is a small town and it is best for anyone who likes peace, quiet and doesn't require a lot to do.

It's a haven if you enjoy snow because it's on the ground for 8 out of the 12 months of the year. This is a fairly desolate area with a small colorful settlement among the rocks with a sandy bay nearby and steep mountains surrounding the sweeping valley.

There aren't a lot of jobs here but if you're retired and looking for a beautiful small settlement to relax and enjoy a peaceful life this may be a good option for you.

Reine, Norway

10. Reine, Norway

Reine is a smaller city that has some of the most picturesque landscapes of any place in the world. It is a tiny fishing village situated on the Moskenesoya Island. This is another good choice for retirees who want to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world in a safe and beautiful environment. Some English is spoken but it's important to have a working knowledge of basic Norwegian to get by.

Skudeneshavn, Norway

9. Skudeneshavn, Norway

Skudeneshavn is another city that is located in the south of Karmoy Island. This is a fishing town that is filled with timber houses made in the 19th century and painted white. There are hundreds of boats in the harbor during summer months because of the annual boating festival.

There are also folk performances and handicraft markets. The main jobs in this area are fishing and tourism. It's a good choice if you're looking for affordable living in a safe and beautiful environment.

Stavanger, Norway

8. Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is located on the West coast of Norway. This city was formerly a European Capital of Culture. The architecture in the city is amazing. There are several research institutions and universities in the city so education is ranked as excellent.

The city gives off an urban vibe and there are lots of things to do if you grave a vibrant nightlife. The food is amazing and so is the entertainment. It's a tourist destination so there are plenty of jobs available. The cost of living is a bit expensive, but it is one of the most desirable places in Norway to live.

Drammen, Norway

7. Drammen, Norway

Drammen is situated in the eastern part of Norway, which is also the most populated. Drammen has earned the distinction of becoming one of Norway's fastest-growing cities. It has an urban yet peaceful vibe and the streets and neighborhoods have a low crime rate and a high safety rating. There are plenty of things to do including visits to museums, visiting the Aass brewery for a tour and a beer, or exploring the local river.

Kristiansand, Norway

6. Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand is located in the southmost portion of Norway. This is a place where Norwegians like to visit during the summer months because it is the home of the best beach in the country.

There are also multiple attractions in the city. the job market is good thanks to the healthy tourism industry and although the cost of living is a bit expensive, it is one of the most fun and enjoyable places to live. It has a high safety rating and basic English is spoken here.

Tonsberg, Norway

5. Tonsberg, Norway

Tonsberg is another highly desirable place to live in Norway. This is a historic city that just happens to be the oldest city in the entire country. It sits to the south of Oslo, a large metropolitan area.

The city wasn't officially recognized until 1838, but it has a history that goes back more than a thousand years. There are lots of amenities in Tonsberg including ancient ruins, Viking burial mounds, the smart quayside, museums, and more. During the summertime, a music festival is held and there are opportunities for nightlife all year-round.

There is also a castle tower that dates back to antiquity. Tourism is thriving and there are good job opportunities here. It is a peaceful and safe place to live with good hospitals and high quality of life.

Sarpsborg, Norway

4.Sarpsborg, Norway

Sarpborg is so close to Frederikstad that it is said that they make up the same urban area, but they are separate. The city offers modern urban living with a rich historical past. There are tons of art galleries, museums, bars, and restaurants in Sarpsborg. There are plenty of jobs and the cost of living is moderate. This city is known as the sunniest in Norway.

Skovra, Norway

3. Skovra, Norway

Skovra is situated in the archipelago of the Lofoten Islands. Skovra is ideal for anyone who enjoys a peaceful and relaxed way of life. There are not many cars on the island so many people walk from one place to another. This is a great place to live if you're retired and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. There is plenty of hiking with amazing beaches and numerous trails. It's not for everyone, but Skovra is one of the safest places to live in the country.

Svolvaer, Norway

2. Svolvaer, Norway

Svolvaer is a regional center in Norway that is filled with high-end restaurants, tons of hotels, supermarkets, a cinema, art galleries, and more. It's the largest city on the archipelago and considered to be Lofoten's capital de facto. This fishing village is one of the most popular tourist destinations with plenty of jobs available and lots of cool amenities. There are only 5.000 residents.

Oslo, Norway

1. Oslo, Norway

Oslo has been rated as one of the best places to live in Norway. The city is filled with everything that a person could want or need. It ranks high in health care, education, leisure activities, the social climate and the high number of job opportunities. It's a little expensive to live here, but if you're working, the wages compensate for that.

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