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The Top Five Luxury Hotels in Southern Norway

Are you considering a trip to Southern Norway sometime in the future? Whether you are going to see the fjords and the northern lights, or just to be in the statistically happiest place on earth, you’ll probably want to spend your vacation in style. There are gorgeous five-star hotels all throughout the southern portion of the country. Each of these establishments has their own unique vibe and calling card, so to speak, that will ensure that you have a top-tier experience. In this article, we will go over the top five luxury hotels in Southern Norway, so that you can make an educated choice for your vacation destination!

Refsnes Gods

This historic hotel in Moss, Norway – about 45 minutes from Oslo – has been open since 1767. This year, they celebrated their 250th anniversary of service. Refsnes Gods has even served famous patrons such as King Oscar II and artist Edvard Munch! Though the hotel appears old-fashioned in a regal sort of way, the interior boasts a clean, modern design that will appeal to anyone’s tastes. In addition, each of the 61 rooms at the hotel has been decorated with original local artwork. This commitment to local artwork along with the general historical value of this hotel makes it a choice destination for the culturally-inclined. All of the rooms are comfortable, but the highest tier includes private balconies with impressive sea views.

Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort

The Oscarsborg Hotel and Resort is constructed in an old island fort just south of Oslo. Many of the fortifications are still intact, and there are even some cannons still present in the fort! Thus, this hotel provides great historical value. Every room is even part of a converted barracks. Besides tours of the historical fort, other amenities offered include restaurants with ocean views, a banqueting hall for events, and a bar. In addition, there is a museum on the island. Plus, much of the resort can be navigated via the subterranean passageways originally constructed for military purposes. This hotel is a great fit for a history buff, or anyone who wants to learn something while they are on vacation. Plus, the free breakfast and various other amenities are a great reason to consider checking out this hotel if you visit Norway.

Engø Gård

Engø Gård is yet another historical hotel, this time set in 6 buildings that were once a homestead. This charming hotel is a great place to go if you are looking for a place to enjoy a slow-paced vacation. The hotel, located near Tjøme in southern Norway, boasts a refurbished library, a dining room, and a breakfast room. Though it is in a rural location, it’s only a 45-minute drive from the nearest airport. Also, each room in the hotel is individually decorated. Some also include furniture created by Alf Sture, a Norwegian designer. This hotel is a quaint location to have a relaxed vacation. It is perfect for a romantic getaway, especially when you take into consideration the especially-favorable rating that couples have given the hotel. It also has good historical value as its appearance has been carefully preserved.

Hotel Continental of Oslo

This hotel might be a part of a chain, but that doesn’t stop it from providing a top-tier five-star experience. Located in the heart of Oslo, the Hotel Continental boasts 155 rooms, each of which has its own unique décor and flavor. Each room is an exercise in synergy, the modern touches meshing perfectly with the old-world vibe. This hotel also offers four restaurants and bars that serve as a meeting grounds for both locals and international travelers. In addition, the hotel owns many antiques and works of art that solidify the unique vibe of the Hotel Continental. Though the building was constructed in 1900, the rooms have all been updated with the best modern technology. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition of the old and the new that serves to make the Hotel Continental a memorable destination for your trip to southern Norway.

The Thief

This hotel in downtown Oslo is located on the islet Tjuvholmen. According to local history, this islet was once overrun with robbers and prostitutes. A literal thieves den – which is where the hotel gets its name. Today, this hotel is one of the most luxurious in all of Norway. In fact, it was even named Norway’s first six-star hotel by the British publication The Independent. The hotel is a designer hotel; this means that every aspect of the experience, from the room layouts to the design of the bathrobes, has been carefully selected to provide the best possible experience. The Thief has had many celebrity patrons (including Justin Bieber, Lana Del Ray, Pink, Bill Gates, and Steven Tyler, among others). This isn’t a surprise, considering their respectable list of amenities. The Thief offers top quality spas, cosmopolitan bars, and global Nordic cuisine in addition to their top-notch, carefully-decorated rooms.

If you are considering a luxury hotel vacation, or if you are headed to southern Norway on business, you may want to choose one of these hotels to get the best experience. One thing each of them has in common is a particular appreciation for art and design – one of the biggest indicators of comfort and class in any hotel. Regardless of which hotel on the list you choose, you are bound to have a fantastic and comfortable hotel experience.

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