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Restaurants that Serve The Best Pizzas In Connecticut


There's nothing quite like a delicious, cheesy pizza to satisfy your hunger. In Connecticut, many great restaurants serve up some of the best pizzas around. From traditional Italian-style pies to unique variations, there's something for everyone. In this article, we will list some of the top restaurants in Connecticut that serve up amazing pizzas. So if you're looking for a delicious meal tonight, be sure to check out one of these spots.

6. BAR: 254 Crown St - New Haven, CT

BAR is known for its creative and delicious pizzas. They have a wide variety of pies to choose from, including the popular Buffalo chicken pizza. You will also get the common types of pizza on the menu. You will also find unique pizzas like the pulled pork and bacon pizza. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is perfect for a night out with friends. This restaurant is open 24/7 giving you a chance to get a bite any time of the day or night. Their service is unmatched and their pizzas are some of the best in Connecticut.

5. Zuppardi's Apizza - New Haven, CT

Another great Pizza place in Connecticut is Zuppardi's Apizza. This restaurant is known for its traditional Italian-style pies. According to Delamar, they offer a wide variety of toppings, including classics like pepperoni and sausage as well as unique options like roasted garlic and barbecue chicken. Many people love this restaurant because of its incredible service and delicious food.

Zuppardi's Apizza is a must-try for pizza lovers visiting Connecticut. Being a family-owned restaurant, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. They also have special offers like "Kids Eat Free" on Tuesdays, which makes them a great option for families.

4. Colony Grill - Stamford, CT

Another delicious pizza place in Connecticut is Colony Grill. This restaurant offers a wide variety of pies, from classic cheese to specialty options like the "Pizza of the Gods." The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is perfect for large groups.

The pizzas are reasonably priced, making it a great option for budget-minded diners. Colony Grill is a local favorite and is sure to please pizza-lovers of all ages. What most people love about this place is that they can get a great pizza without spending a fortune. If you're looking for a quality pizza at an affordable price, Colony Grill is a great option.

3. Modern Apizza: 874 State St - New Haven, CT

You cannot claim to enjoy the most delicious pizza in Connecticut without visiting the Modern Apizza Restaurant. This place is great and has a ton of history behind it. The walls are adorned with pictures of celebrities and other notable people who have visited over the years.

The pizza here is amazing and lives up to the hype. It is charred perfectly and has the perfect amount of sauce and cheese on it. You will not be disappointed with a visit to Modern Apizza. According to Connecticut Magazine, the restaurant provides an ideal environment for family and friends to gather and enjoy some of the best pizza in the state.

The service is always great and you will feel like a part of the family after just one visit. If you are looking for an amazing pizza experience, then be sure to check out Modern Apizza Restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut. You will not be disappointed.

2. Sally's Apizza - New Haven, CT

Another great place is Sally's Apizza, which is located in New Haven. They have been serving up some of the best pizza in the state for over 80 years. Their pies are known for their thin and crispy crust, and they offer a wide variety of toppings to choose from.

They have a specialty which is the New Haven-style. It has a thin crust that has tomato on it and is covered in a white clam sauce. According to Only in Your State, something else that makes the pizza from this place more amazing is that it is cooked in a coal oven.

The chefs at this restaurant have mastered the art of cooking pizza in a coal oven, and it makes the pies extra crispy. You will love taking a bite of a pizza from Sally's Apizza, and it is one of the best places to get a pizza in Connecticut. Their service is also excellent, and the staff is very friendly. If you are looking for a delicious pizza that is cooked to perfection, then be sure to check out Sally's Apizza.

1. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven, CT

Another great place to get the best pizza in Connecticut is at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. They are known for their traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas that are made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Their pizzas are made to order and they have a wide variety of toppings to choose from, so you can create your perfect pizza.

They also have a wide variety of wines and beers to choose from, so you can pair your pizza with the perfect drink. Their clam pizza is one of the most popular items on their menu and it is a must-try. It is made with fresh clams, garlic, and olive oil and it is delicious. Another great pizzeria to check out is Modern Apizza in New Haven.

They have been serving up some of the best pizza in Connecticut for over 80 years and they are not a place to miss. They were the first place to call the New Haven-style pizza the name "apizza" which lives on to date. You will enjoy a delicious pizza at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana whether you are a Connecticut local or just visiting. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is a popular spot, so be sure to make a reservation if you plan on visiting.


If you want to have a bite of the Best Pizza in Connecticut, be sure to check out the places discussed in the article. All these places are known for their delicious and unique pizzas, so you can't go wrong with any of them. Pizza is a dish that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your taste preferences are. So, if you're looking for something to satisfy your pizza cravings, be sure to check out one of the places mentioned in this article.

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