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The 20 Best Places to Live in the Caribbean


For many people, the Caribbean is the perfect location for a vacation. Likewise, people who are considering moving to have a different lifestyle may have the Caribbean on their list of potential destinations for relocation.

Consisting of multiple island groups and some coastal countries on the mainland, the Caribbean offers a vast array of places to live, each of which has its own pros and cons.

What you need and expect from your lifestyle following your move will depend on which factors you consider when choosing a place to make your home. Based on factors such as property prices, the lifestyle, and the amenities in each of the locations, the following are the 20 best places to live in the Caribbean.


20. Nassau, Bahamas

In recent years, Nassau has undergone a transformation, says Caribbean Journal. Its proximity to Florida is something that appeals to many people, as it is just a 30-minute flight to Miami. It already has a thriving ex-pat community, and it is one of the more cosmopolitan and sophisticated places to live in the Caribbean.

Other points in this island’s favor are the thriving real estate developments, the booming business sector, and the diverse culinary scene.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

19. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Initially, ex-pats began moving to this island because the property prices were so low. Although the house prices are now rising, it is still an affordable option if you want to live in a beachfront property in the Caribbean.

Ambergris Caye has changed a lot in recent years as the island has undergone some development. However, it is still the perfect place for people who want to enjoy island life and spend time their free time on the beach.

Treasure Cay

18. Treasure Cay

Many people have not heard of Treasure Cay because it is not a typical Caribbean tourist destination. However, this community in Abaco is actually the largest residential development in the Caribbean. It has a small-town feel, and it is a fantastic place to live if you enjoy sailing. Treasure Cay is ideally suited to those who are retiring to the Caribbean.


17. Grenada

Grenada is a popular location for those who want a second home as there are some residential components amongst the luxury hotels. It is also popular among retirees who want to enjoy their retirement in stunning surroundings while still enjoying plenty of leisure options. This is one of the Caribbean islands that have a Citizenship by Investment program, which can make the transition smoother.


16. Nevis

Nevis is a good choice for people who enjoy living somewhere with a small-town vibe and a strong sense of community. It is also a good option financially, as there is no tax on inheritances, foreign income, or capital gains. There is also the Citizen by Investment program that is ideal for high-net-worth retirees. It is not only retirees that crave the lifestyle on offer on Nevis, as residents can enjoy a relaxed pace of life in stunning surroundings


15. Martinique

The French influence is apparent in this French Caribbean island. From the culture to the properties, the French have made their mark. However, Martinique differs from France as it boasts lush rainforests and stunning beaches, not to mention some of the best rum in the world. One reason to consider living there is that it is one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean. It also has an amazing culinary scene.


14. Dominica

It is the landscape of Dominica that attracts so many ex-pats. This island has everything from lush forests and stunning waterfalls to rugged volcanoes. Residents of Dominica enjoy eco-friendly living, and spending time outdoors is an important part of the lifestyle on this island.

It is interesting that there is a long average lifespan for people from Dominica, and this means that there is an extraordinary number of people who reach their 100th birthday. Like many of the Caribbean islands, there is a Citizenship by Investment program that requires one of the lowest investments of all the islands.

Harbour Island

13. Harbour Island

One of the smallest locations on this list is Harbour Island. Despite its small size, this island has a lot to offer. It is a historic outpost of the Out Islands of the Bahamas that has a friendly community. It is a wonderful place to live if you want to embrace a coastal lifestyle and you enjoy historic architecture.

The downside of moving to Harbour Island is that the property prices are high compared to many other islands in the Caribbean. However, many people feel that it is a price worth paying to enjoy their dream lifestyle.

Saint Lucia

12. Saint Lucia

Those who enjoy the Creole culture will enjoy the Saint Lucia lifestyle. However, it also has cosmopolitan energy, which is comforting for those who have mode from an urban location and want to make an easy transition to island life.

The landscape on this island is another reason why it is such a desirable location. You can become a citizen of the island either by applying for approval for citizenship or by contributing as little as $100,000to the National Economic Fund as part of a Citizenship by Investment program.


11. Curacao

USA Today lists Curacao as one of the top places to live in the Caribbean for retirees. The year-round sunny weather is just one of the appealing features of this Dutch island. Located 35 miles north of Venezuela, Curacao can offer a variety of different lifestyles.

For those who prefer an urban vibe, the capital city of Willemstad has a diverse community of ex-pats, stunning beaches, fantastic amenities, a vibrant art scene, and flights connecting the city to the mainland. Those who prefer a quieter lifestyle can live in one of the smaller towns or villages on the island.


10. Bonaire

One of the Dutch Caribbean islands, Bonaire boasts sparkling beauty. It is known as being a haven for diving and snorkeling because of the reefs surrounding the island. The vibe on this island is laid-back, and it is a location that evades many people’s radar as it is so understated.

The advantage of its low-key reputation is that the property prices are low compared to properties on other islands in the Caribbean. This means that Bonaire is one of the most affordable options if you are considering a move to the Caribbean. As this island belongs to the Netherlands, it means that you can expect access to high-level healthcare. It is the healthcare that attracts many retirees to this island.

British Virgin Islands

9. British Virgin Islands

Considered some of the safest islands in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are known for their breathtaking beaches and stunning national parks. The capital of the British Virgin Islands is Road Town, which is located on Tortola.

This is the largest of the islands, and it is home to the Sage Mountain National Park. It is a popular yachting destination, and it has reef-lined beaches. Life in the British Virgin Islands is ideal for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos

8. Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos

When people move to this cluster of islands, it is the beachfront properties that are the most popular option as the islands boast some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. There is already a well-established ex-pat community in Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos.

This means that many people who move to this location find it easier to make the transition, settling into their new environment and making friends quickly. Something else that people enjoy about this location is the fantastic culinary scene.


7. Barbados

For many people, crime rates are an important consideration when choosing somewhere to call home. According to The Top Villas, one of the safest places to live in the Caribbean is Barbados.

This independent British Commonwealth nation is also a fantastic place to live for families, due to the wonderful beaches and family-oriented activities on the island. The biggest industry in Barbados is tourism, so this is the industry with the most job opportunities.

St. Barth

6. St. Barth

Officially called Saint Barthelemy, this French-speaking Caribbean island is often called St. Barth or St. Barts. One of the most appealing features of life on this island is that it is one of the safest places to live in the Caribbean. There is a strong French influence on this island, which is something that many people enjoy.

Like all the Caribbean islands, St. Barth boasts stunning beaches. The downside of moving to St. Barth is that the properties are some of the most expensive in the Caribbean. However, this high cost is somewhat counteracted by the fact that there is no income tax.

St. Kitts

5. St. Kitts

In recent years, there has been a lot of development on St. Kitts. Despite this development, much of the island still boasts untouched landscapes. It is this combination of developed areas and beautiful natural environments that many people who are relocating to the Caribbean find so appealing.

It means they have access to all the modern amenities and conveniences they need, while still enjoying beautiful surroundings. Residents enjoy an old-school Caribbean ambiance and a relaxed pace of life. St. Kitt’s has one of the oldest Citizenship by Investment programs in the Caribbean.

Antigua and Barbuda

4. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda boast 364 beaches, so it is little wonder that this location appeals to people who want to retire somewhere that they can spend time on the beach. It is a popular place for people who enjoy sailing and water-based leisure activities. Like on any of the islands, residents enjoy an amazing climate. Many people who buy property in Antigua and Barbuda do so to enjoy vacations in a second home.


3. Aruba

Those who want to live an active lifestyle and benefit from modern amenities should consider moving to Aruba. This island is one of the most modern and developed of the Caribbean islands, and it boasts great shopping and a lively arts scene. The island also has a growing tech startup sector, so it will appeal to those working in tech industries. Some people have described Aruba as being like California with a Dutch twist.

U.S. Virgin Islands

2. U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands consist of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. These are a good option because it is quick and convenient to travel from the U.S. mainland. Similarly, you do not need a passport or a work visa, so it is a logistically good option.

Each of the three islands has something different to offer. St. Croix is predominantly residential, and the house prices depend on the proximity to the waterfront. This island has some nice golf courses, so it will suit golf enthusiasts.

For a livelier lifestyle, St. Thomas is a good option as it has a vibrant nightlife and tax-free shopping. St. John is known for its award-winning beaches and nature, so it is the perfect choice for people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Grand Cayman

1. Grand Cayman

According to Caribbean Journal, the best place to live in the Caribbean is Grand Cayman as this is the most liveable island. There is a vast array of real estate options, so there is something to suit a variety of needs, tastes, and budgets. In terms of lifestyle, there are amazing beaches, an interesting culture, and a fast-growing art scene.

An interesting point to note is that Grand Cayman has some of the fastest Internet anywhere in the Caribbean. This island is a fantastic option for business owners as there is a new program called the Cayman Enterprise City Program.

This is focused on startups and is aimed at encouraging people to move their businesses to the island. As part of the program, people benefit from permanent residency and tax mitigation.

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