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The 20 Best Places to Visit in Maine

Acadia National Park

When you think of Maine, what comes to mind? The rocky coastline, the pine trees, the lobster? Although that's just a part of what makes Maine a special place, there's much more to see. There are plenty of attractive small towns, beautiful nature trails, and fun coastal towns to explore. In this article, we'll share our picks for the twenty best places to visit in Maine. So, shall we get started?

Ogunquit Beach

20. Ogunquit Beach

If you're looking for a charming beach to visit in Maine, then Ogunquit is the place for you. With its soft sand and sparkling ocean, it's easy to see why this place is so popular. Ogunquit Beach is also great for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. And if you're fond of adventures, you can even try surfing. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Maine today.

Camden Hills State Park

19. Camden Hills State Park

This 5,710-acre public recreation area overlooking Penobscot Bay in the town of Camden, Knox County, Maine, is worth checking out. Camden is definitely a go-to place with its well-maintained hiking trails and stunning views. If you're lucky, you might even see some of the wildlife that calls the area home, including deer, moose, and black bears. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Camden Hills State Park today.

Kennebec River

18. Kennebec River

This river is a popular spot for whitewater rafting, and with good reason. The rapids are challenging and exciting, and the scenery is beautiful. If you're looking for a more relaxed experience, you can also take a leisurely cruise down the river. Or you can explore the river on foot or by bike. No matter how you experience it, the Kennebec River is worth visiting.

Moosehead Lake

17. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, and for a good reason—it's absolutely beautiful. Mountains surround the lake, and it's a perfect place to go fishing, hiking, or just relaxing and taking in the scenery. There are several resorts and inns around the lake, so you'll have no trouble finding a place to stay. If you're fortunate, you may see a moose.

The Maine Maritime Museum

16. The Maine Maritime Museum

According to Cheap O Air, it’s one of the best maritime museums 0that you should visit. It is home to some pretty amazing exhibits. You'll see everything from a full-sized schooner to a replica of the Mayflower. Plus, there's a section of the museum dedicated to the history of lobster, and you can even go on board a real lobster boat. The museum is also home to the largest collection of scrimshaw in the world, and if you're into nautical history, you will love it. So don't miss out—visit the Maine Maritime Museum today.

Shawnee Peak

15. Shawnee Peak

If you want an adventure, head to Shawnee Peak. This mountain is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, and tubing. And the views are breathtaking. When you're done hitting the slopes, check out the restaurants and bars in the area. There's something for everyone, so you're sure to find something to your taste. And don't forget to take in the local culture—Maine is known for its charming small towns.

Aroostook County

14. Aroostook County

Aroostook County is worth checking out if you're looking for a place off the beaten path. This rural part of Maine is known for its rolling hills, pristine lakes, and rugged forests. What makes Aroostook County so special? For starters, it's the largest county in the state. And because it's so remote, it is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in all of Maine. So, what are you waiting for? Head down to Aroostook; I bet you'll love it.

Sebago Lake

13. Sebago Lake

When it comes to lakes, Sebago Lake is pretty hard to beat. It's located in the heart of Maine and is the largest lake in the state. What makes Sebago so special? For one, it's incredibly scenic. The views from the shore are simply breathtaking, and if you're lucky enough to catch it on a sunny day, the reflections of the trees on the water are stunning. But that's not all. Sebago is also a great spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. It's perfect for those who love spending time outdoors, and there's no shortage of things to do. So if you're looking for a little bit of everything, Sebago Lake is the place to be.

Farnsworth Art Museum

12. Farnsworth Art Museum

Have you heard about The Farnsworth Art Museum? That museum is among the leading art museums in the state of Maine. According to Farnsworth Museum, it is home to a renowned and best collection of American art. The Farnsworth also houses a significant collection of European art, spanning the Renaissance to the present day. In addition to its paintings and sculptures, the museum also features a library and research center, making it a chief resource for scholars and students. The Farnsworth Art Museum is truly a gem in Maine and is well worth visiting for anyone interested in the arts.

Coastal Maine Botanical

11. Coastal Maine Botanical

It is located in Boothbay; the gardens span over 200 acres and feature hiking trails, a picturesque waterfall, and an array of beautiful flowers and plants. The gardens are open year-round, and visitors can enjoy different activities and attractions depending on the season. The gardens come to life in the spring with colorful tulips and daffodils. Summer is the perfect time to take a stroll along the coastal tide pools or go for a swim in the on-site pool. And during the autumn months, the leaves of the trees change color, creating a breathtaking landscape. No matter what season of the year, there is always something to see and do at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Jordan Pond

10. Jordan Pond

It is a glacially-carved body of water located in Acadia National Park, Maine. Mountains and hiking trails surround the pond, and its clear waters make it a popular spot for swimming, canoeing, and fishing. Jordan Pond is also home to various wildlife, including loons, otters, beavers, and moose. In the winter, the pond freezes and becomes a popular destination for ice skating and cross-country skiing. It is one of the popular attractions in Acadia National Park, and its scenic beauty has made it a beloved destination for visitors.

Baxter State Park

9. Baxter State Park

Have you heard about Baxter State Park? That large nature preserve located in Maine? It also homes several mountains, according to Britannica, including Mount Katahdin, the highest point in the state. The park was created in 1931 by Governor Percival Baxter, who donated more than 200,000 acres of land to the state. Today, Baxter State Park is a popular destination for hiking, camping, and fishing. It is also home to wildlife, including moose, black bears, and white-tailed deer. The park's diverse landscapes offer something for everyone, making it a special spot for residents and visitors.

Nubble Lighthouse

8. Nubble Lighthouse

According to Visit Maine, the picturesque lighthouse was built in 1879. Today it is a popular spot for fantastic picnics, fishing, and hiking. The best time to visit Nubble Headlight is in the summer when the days are long, and the weather is warm. However, visitors should know that the area can be crowded on weekends and holidays. There are also a few restrictions to protect the delicate ecosystems around the lighthouse. For example, dogs are restricted on the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Despite these restrictions, Nubble Headlight is still an incredibly beautiful place to visit, and it is well worth a trip for anyone looking to enjoy some of Maine's natural beauty.

Bass Harbor Headlight

7. Bass Harbor Headlight

Are you looking for iconic lighthouses in the United States? Look no further than Bass Harbor Headlight. It is situated on the southern tip of Mount Desert Island and has been guiding mariners since 1858. Today, the Bass Harbor Headlight is still an active aid to navigation and a popular tourist destination. Visitors can tour the lighthouse, enjoy the views from the nearby hiking trails, or relax on the beach and watch the boats go by. No matter how you choose to spend your time at the Bass Harbor Headlight, there is no doubt that it is a truly special place.

Portland Museum of Art

6. Portland Museum of Art

Did you know that the Portland Museum of Art is Maine's largest and oldest art museum? According to Portland Museum, it was founded in 1882, and it homes a collection of over 18,000 works of art, spanning a wide range of genres and periods. The museum is particularly noted for its extensive holdings of American art, which include works by Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, and George Inness. European paintings by artists such as Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir are also featured. In addition to its paintings collection, the Portland Museum of Art also houses many sculptures, photographs, prints, and drawings. With its rich and diverse holdings, the Portland Museum of Art offers something for everyone.

Mount Katahdin

5. Mount Katahdin

According to The Maine Highlands, Mount Katahdin is the tallest mountain in Maine and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. The mountain is located within Baxter State Park, which covers over 200,000 acres of wilderness. Hikers can take one of several trails to the summit, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Mount Katahdin is also a popular destination for camping, fishing, and hunting. In addition to its natural beauty, Mount Katahdin also has a rich history. It was a sacred site for the Penobscot people and is home to several important archaeological sites. Today, Mount Katahdin is an important part of Maine's identity and a popular destination for visitors worldwide.

Sunday River

4. Sunday River

Sunday River is a beautiful place to visit all year round. The slopes are covered in snow in the winter, and the air is crisp and cold. The frozen river is the perfect place to go ice skating or hiking. In the spring, the snow melts, and the flowers bloom. The river is full of fish, making it a great place for fishing or canoeing. And in the summer, the sun shines, and the days are long. Sunday River is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a peaceful day in nature, Sunday River has something for everyone.

Cadillac Mountain

3. Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain on the East Coast of the United States. The mountain is named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac, who founded Detroit in 1701. The summit of Cadillac Mountain is 1,530 feet above sea level, and it offers stunning views of Mount Desert Island, the Atlantic Ocean, and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can reach the summit via several different hiking trails or take the Cadillac Mountain Road, which winds its way to the top of the mountain. Regardless of how you choose to get there, a trip to Cadillac Mountain is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Portland HeadLight

2. Portland HeadLight

It is one of the most iconic lighthouses in the United States. Located in Maine, this lighthouse has been guiding ships since 1791. Standing nearly 100 feet tall, the Portland HeadLight is striking. The light is powered by a rotating lens illuminated by a series of oil lamps. The light keeper lights these lamps every night and sets the lens in motion. As the light rotates, it casts a beam out over the ocean, warning ships of the rocky coast. For centuries, this beacon of light has kept sailors safe from harm. Today, the Portland HeadLight is a popular tourist destination, and many people come each year to see this historic landmark.

Acadia National Park

1. Acadia National Park

According to National Geographic, Acadia National Park is one of Maine's most popular tourist destinations. Every year, thousands of people enjoy the park's stunning scenery, which includes towering mountains, pristine lakes, and rocky coastlines. It is also home to various wildlife, including coyotes, deer, and foxes. In addition to its natural beauty, Acadia National Park is also home to several historical sites. These include the homes of former presidents John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush and the site of the notorious shipwreck of the Titanic. Whether you're looking for breathtaking views or a chance to learn about American history, Acadia National Park is sure to disappoint.

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