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The Five Best Porsche Concept Cars of All Time

Best Porsche Concept Cars

Since 1931 Porsche AG has designed and produced incredible luxury sport cars, sedans, and SUVs that are loved al over the world. Everyone (well, pretty much everyone) is familiar with at least a couple different models, like the infamous 911, an unforgettable sport car…or the Cayenne, an SUV for the ages. Loaded with all kinds of features, extras, and other comforts, the vehicles produced by this infamous automobile manufacturer have stood the test of time while maintaining a reputation for being the best. The fact is, if you’d ever heard of Porsche to any degree you likely have a favorite model, or at least one you would definitely buy for yourself if you could afford it.

But many fans who are more unfamiliar with the history of the brand have never had the opportunity to experience their concept cars. What’s a concept car? According to Wikipedia, a concept car is a “car made to showcase new styling and/or new technology”. Typically, concept cars are put on display at motor shows and similar events; some of them end up going into mass production, while others only see two or three (or even one) actual concept vehicles made. Then there are those that never made it past the model stage. Regardless of where each of the cars below came in the developmental process, it is still considered a concept of Porsche, and therefor eligible for discussion. After all, there is a great likelihood that many Porsche fans haven’t seen, or even heard of, some of the coolest cars that bear the brand name (or nearly bear it).

Let’s change that, shall we? Here we’ve decided to give you a look at five of the best concept cars Porsche ever designed and built. We’ll number them from number five to one, with one being the finest of the five. So, buckle up and get ready for a fresh new look at some of the coolest car ideas Porsche as ever had.

5. 2019 Porsche Vision 920

2019 Porsche Vision 920

According to Net Car Show, the 2019 Porsche Vision 920 is sort of a cross between a prototype race car and a sport car build for the road. Considered an ‘extreme hypercar’, the Vision 920 features and incredibly aerodynamic body and a cockpit that is ideal in just about every way. This car is slung low and very sexy and is able to pull off 1000hp with its electric/gasoline hybrid engine. Hold your hopeful horses, however; the Vision 920 is only a model…it doesn’t run. Therefore, any changes that may be made are completely conceptual. But the fact is, in a perfect world, this would be a perfect car.

4. 2016 Porsche Le Mans Living Legend

2016 Porsche Le Mans Living Legend

Motor1 called this particular Porsche concept “The Cayman with the split rear window we never got”. With much of its spirit being derived from the 550 Spyder and the Boxter, it is also considered a predecessor to the 718 Cayman GT4. It has an eight-cylinder engine that sounds completely stunning, and Porsche designed it with a retro look that only flatters the power beneath the hood. Other features include a front mounted center fuel cap, quad round headlamps, a modern LED light strip taillight design, and a center-mounted single exhaust tip. Other cool characteristics include front and rear bonnets that open up in opposite direction, and the fuel feed is actually a center nozzle that is located at the front of the car. With this particular model, Porsche implemented some excessive sound technology with helps with the noise output from the eight-cylinder engine, which is located at the rear of the vehicle. An incredible car indeed.

3. 2005 Porsche 906 Living Legend

2005 Porsche 906 Living Legend

This particular Porsche concept s a 1:1 model that was inspired by the 906 that came out in 1966; incidentally, that particular model won the Targa Florio that same year. Based on its ancestor but futuristic looking nonetheless, the 906 Living Legend differs in other ways as well. Designers actually tinkered around with ideas regarding air intakes that can operate in relation to light sources, and a body that is actually two pieces which have been inserted into, and support, each other. Design-wise, the car would have been ideal for driving on curvy streets and roads, and it also would have made for the right handling for the job. Very intense looking and exuding the air of a race car, this is one of the coolest ideas to never really get off the ground for the company, unfortunately.

2. 2017 Porsche 919 Street

2017 Porsche 919 Street

Here is yet another hyper-car concept, this one done in 2017. Basically, with this particular concept Porsche decided to explore what a road-worthy version of the 919-hybrid race car would look like, and this particular model is what they came up with. The issue with this one, however, is that Porsche felt staying true to the original race car would simply result in the 919 Street being too much car for the driving public to handle. It featured the same carbon monocoque that the 919 Hybrid had, which took that particular model to victories at Le Mans and is also responsible for the power that kept the concept off the road. Interesting facts, to say the very least.

1. 2019 Porsche Vision E

2019 Porsche Vision E

Here we are at the number one spot for the best concept car by Porsche. Here is the 2019 Vision E, and it is the third hyper-car concept on our list, but certainly it is not the least. Looking like an oversexed Batmobile, the Vision E is actually only at the 1:1 scale model stage, this car is a study in how far the very best technology can be pushed when it comes to performance. Based on the Porsche 99X Electric, this car would have been a single-seat ride for private racers who love the very best. This is a great idea that is still in the making, so maybe the future will be good to Porsche fans. The Vision E slides into the number one spot on our list with both speed and ease.

There they are: Five concept cars by Porsche that are considered the very best, even if they are still at the drawing board development-wise. Just checking these models out gives many of us big hopes for the future of Porsche. As you can see, they are at no loss when it comes to ideas and state-of-the-art design and development. With so much creativity available to them, who knows? Perhaps we WILL be fortunate enough to see these models come to fruition…we can always keep our fingers crossed, right?

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