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A Closer Look at The 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0

2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0

When Car and Driver first tested the 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0, they did so after receiving six inches of snow dumped into their state, making this a prime opportunity to test one of the latest designs from F. Porsche AG as a daily drive that can handle any road condition.

With this particular review group, Cayman earned its sixteenth straight nod of approval as one of the best picks due to its performance level and long-term reliability. Once again, the automotive manufacturing group from Germany demonstrated why some of the best engineers in the industry of vehicular design come from this nation.

About the 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0

The Cayman is a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive (RWD) two-door coupe that seats two passengers inside. Designed as a sports car while performing with the capability to drive year-round, this member of the Porsche family features a DOHC twenty-four valve flat-six engine, along with aluminum block and heads, as well as direct fuel injection.

The displacement measures 244 cubic inches. At 7,000 revs per minute, the horsepower pushing the Cayman is 394. The torque, at 5,000 revs per minute is 309 pounds per foot.

This six-speed manual transmission automobile is situated on Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tires where the front measurements are 235/35ZR-20 and the rear is measured at 265/35ZR-20.

The front brakes use a vented cross-drilled disc measuring 13.8 inches while the rear brakes are the same but at 13.0 inches. Cayman's wheelbase measurements are 97.4 inches with the overall vehicle length measured at 173.4 inches.

Additional Features

The width is 70.9 inches while the height is 50.2 inches, and the passenger volume has a cubic foot measurement of forty-nine. With a five-cubic-foot cargo volume measured in the front and twice this amount in the rear, the Cayman also has a curb weight of 3,185 pounds.

While on the road, it was observed that Cayman's fuel economy saw a seventeen miles per gallon performance level while driving in the city, a twenty-four miles per gallon performance level on the highway, and a nineteen miles per gallon performance level combined.

Performance tests have also demonstrated it takes 3.9 seconds to go from zero to sixty miles per hour while it was 8.8 seconds to go from zero to one hundred. The top speed of the 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 was registered at 182 miles per hour.

Designed as a racier version of the four-cylinder 718 models designed by Porsche, the Cayman GT4 has twenty more horsepower compared to its sibling and is rumored to be a better ride experience.

According to Reviewers

When visiting Edmunds, Cayman was given a five-star review to the 2022 718 Cayman GTS RS, thanks to the impressive handling and steering feel, as well as the performance level of the six-cylinder engine and the lengthy range of customization options.

The only negatives the reviewers gave were the exhaust noise, the price, and a lackluster roster of tech-related features. What was impressive about the Cayman GTS 4.0 RS edition was the aero performance tweaks that went into the vehicle, causing it to weigh less while at the same time performing better in a racetrack setting.

The extensive history of Porsche Cayman has been regarded as one of the best sports cars in the industry, thanks to a high performant engine.

At first, the Cayman didn't have the level of power to truly impress the critics, not to mention long-time Porsche enthusiasts. Over time, improvements were made to this particular model that saw a 2020 718 Cayman GT4 put forth a six-cylinder engine that was capable of putting out 414 horsepower.

The 2022 model has since boosted this to 493 horsepower, at least with the RS version of this Porsche Cayman GTS series. The version Edmunds drove was loaded compared to the normal GT4 models that are so far the consumer favorite as trim options, at least according to the information provided by their website.

The GT4 RS model featured the PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission, as well as a large rear spoiler, as well as specialized suspension tuning, and weight-reducing interior materials. Although Edmunds did give this vehicle a five-star review, it did not give this particular car ten out of ten reviews.

Highest Score

The best score went to the vehicle's performance level at eight and a half out of ten, followed by an eight out of ten scores for its interior, and fuel economy performance.

The lowest score was six and a half out of ten as the storage capacity of this Cayman model as it seemed to fall a bit short in this category.

For technology and value, Edmunds scored it at a seven, pointing out Porsche falls slightly short on keeping Cayman up to snuff as a luxury vehicle that can easily measure up with other brands such as BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz. According to Edmunds, the best of the 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 series is actually the basic model.

In the YouTube video provided by KHTV, the narrator demonstrated Cayman's performance level, giving a thorough review of whether or not this 2022 GTS model really deserves the distinction as the best of the Porsche series on the road or not.


The base price of the 2022 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 has been registered at $88,750 USD. As options, there is the opportunity to upgrade to leather seating, as well as LED headlights, as well as other cosmetic, infotainment, and performance-enhancing features upon order.

Included in the base price is a four-year warranty, allowing up to 50,000 miles driven, that extends from bumper to bumper. The same warranty is given to the Cayman's powertrain. As for the vehicle's corrosion protection warranty, that is a twelve-year unlimited miles feature.

There is also a four-year, fifty-thousand-mile roadside assistance agreement in the deal, along with a one-year, ten-thousand-mile scheduled maintenance schedule that's taken care of by the warranty package.

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