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The 20 Best Reactor Watches In The World

Gamma 2

Reactor is a watch brand that is favored by athletes and watch enthusiasts who enjoy an active lifestyle. The company has been in existence since 2003 adn since that time it has built a solid following of loyal consumers who appreciate the practicality, durability and attractive aesthetics of the brand. Style and quality are trademarks of the brand and here are the 20 best Reactor watches in the world for your consideration.


20. Reactor Einstein Men's Watch-Stainless & Gold-Tone Chronographs

Price: $749.95

This attractive model is a best-seller featuring a 45.5 mm wide case that is 15 mm in depth, made of stainless steel and gold-tone material. The bezel is a fixed type in gold-tone with a white skeletonized dial. This highly functional wristwatch is powered with a Swiss quartz chronograph movement with chronograph subdials on the face and a date window at the 4:30 position. Superluminova treatment on the hands and markers give the watch superior legibility in all lighting conditions. This watch is water-resistant up to 600 feet. The bracelet is matching gold-tone and stainless steel


19. Reactor Men's Atom Analog Watch

Price: $299.95

This model is a field watch that offers rugged yet handsome durability for use in outdoor environments. The case is made of stainless steel material and it is powered by a quartz movement. The crown is a screw-down type augmenting the water=resistance which is rated at 660 feet and is suitable for recreational scuba diving. The dial and movement are protected with a mineral crystal glass that is scratch-resistant and treated with anti-reflective coated crystal.


18. Reactor Melt Down 2 Watch (Men's)

Price: $239.99

The Melt Down 2 features a 43 mm case made of 316L stainless steel material. It is powered by a Swiss movement and is water-resistant up to 200 meters. It comes with a Gryphon strap that offers comfort during wear and the total weight of the watch with the band is just 4.2 ounces. The bezel is a unidirectional rotating timing type with a secure screw bar case to the band interface to lend superior strenth. The crown is a triple-o screw-down type which enhances water-resistance.


17. Reactor Men's Source Stainless Watch

Price: $549.95

The Men's Source Stainless features an oversized stainless steel case that measures 49 mm in width with a depth of 12.5 mm. The dial is an eye-catching red color with an analog display. It is powered by a dual quartz movement with a dual time design created with travelers in mind, or anyone who has the need or desire to track a second-time zone. The watch is covered with a mineral crystal glass with a silver bracelet. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters.


16. Reactor Unisex Atlas Analog Display

Price: $249.95

The Unisex Atlas Analog Display is a smaller dive watch that features a stainless steel case and bracelet with a black finish. Green accents give it an attractive fand eye-catching aesthetic. The case measures 41 mm in width and it is made for both men and women. The bezel is a unidirectional ratcheting timing type. The hands and markings on the dial are treated with Superluminova for superior legibility in all lighting conditions and this dive watch is water-resistant up to 660 feet.

Gamma 2

15. Reactor Gamma 2 Titanium Watch - Men's Black / Gold

Price: $600

The Gamma 2 Titanium features a case that is made of solid titanium material in a size of 45 mm in width. The bezel is a unidirectional rotating timing type with a screw-down triple 0-ring crown that makes it highly water-resistant and a Swiss quartz movement. This watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Critical Mass

14. Reactor Critical Mass Watch

Price: $450

The Critical Mass features a stainless steel case in a silver color that measures 40 mm in diameter. The bezel is also stainless steel in a unidirectional rotating timing style. The crown is a screw-down type with a triple o-ring for maximum resistance to water. The watch is powered with a Swiss quartz movement. It comes with a black leather strap.


13. Reactor Men's Titan Watch

Price: $500

The Tritan features a case that is made of forged 316L stainless steel core in a Nitroid polymer material that measures 45.5 mm in width and 14 mm in depth. The dial is a stealth gray color with Never Dark illumination. The inner bezel rotates with tritium tubes. The movement is high-torque Swiss-type quartz with a 10-year power cell. The Titan is a light weight of just 110 grams with a Stealth gray co-molded strap. This watch is water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet.


12. Reactor Men's Valkyre Classic Pilot Watch

Price: $749.95

This multifunctional Pilot watch is loaded with features and complications. The case is forged from a solid piece of 316L stainless steel in a size of 49.55 mm in diameter and 15 mm in thickness. The bezel is a functional E6B slide rule type and is made of stainless steel. The dial is a blue analog display with chronograph subdials to 1/20th second. The band is matching stainless steel with a deployment clasp with a push-button feature and the dial is covered with a mineral crystal glass. This watch is water-resistant up to 660 feet.


11. Reactor Men's 55507 Poseidon

Price: $575

The Poseidon features a stainless steel case measuring 48 mm in diameter. This is a dive watch reinforced with a screw-down crown to enhance water-resistance with a 2nd crown for turning the inner bezel. The dial features a readout of the day and date and is yellow in color. It's powered with a Japanese quartz movement that includes a 10-year lithium power cell. This model is a deep diver watch that is water-resistant up to 3,280 feet and it features 24 hours luminosity for clear legibility in low light conditions. The bracelet is stainless steel and is designed with a wet suit extender. The back of the case is 17 mm in thickness to withstand the pressures of deep-sea diving.


10. Reactor ION

Price: $1,000

The Ion features a case measuring 26 mm x 32 mm in width with a depth of 12.3 mm. It is made of 316L stainless steel material with a polished finish. The dial is an attractive black mother of pearl. This is a very special edition that is made with a self-charging kinetic quartz movement, with more than 1 carat of precision set quality diamonds, and a 3D contoured crystal glass.

Atom Battleworm

9. Reactor Men's Atom Battleworn

Price: $350

The Atom Battleworn features a stainless steel case in black finish with a stainless steel fixed type matching bezel. The dial is also black with day and date windows at the 3 o'clock position. The hours and minutes markers and hands are a wonderfully contrasting white color for high legibility. The bracelet is a matching black metal type. This watch is resistant to water up to 200 meters.


8. Reactor Men's Oxide

Price: $500

The Oxide features a case that is made of Stainless steel and ceramic material with a fixed bezel. It is powered with a chronograph movement with three subdials located on the interior of the dial with a date window at the 4 o'clock position. The dial is black with large sized white contrasting numbers making it easy to read. This watch has been tested for water-resistance at a depth of up to 200 meters.


7. Reactor Men's Fallout 2


The Fallout 2 is an attractive and sporty field watch that features a round case made of 316L stainless steel Nitride plated material in black color. The bezel is fixed with a unique stamped pattern that lends texture to the aesthetic, in matching black. accents of vibrant green make the dial of this watch pop with indexes running on the inner portion of the bezel. Functions include day, date, hours, minutes, and seconds. This watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meters.


6. Reactor Men's Mx

Price: $299.00

The Mx is a unique model that is reasonably priced and loaded with special features. The round case is made of 316L stainless steel with a notable Black Never Dark Dial with Tritium. This type of illumination makes the watch highly legible in all lighting types. It comes with a rubber strap and is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Reactor Ladies

5. Reactor 615 Spectrum Mid Watch (Women's)

Price: $450

This lovely and vibrant women's wristwatch features a case of 316L stainless steel material that measures 38 mm in diameter and 12.5 mm in thickness. The dial is blue with black with a day and date display. This comfortable watch is light and weighs just 130 grams. The orange color is a real eye-catcher that gives the watch a novel appearance. The bracelet is made of matching black links in metal.

Reactor Women's

4. Reactor Quark (Women's)

Price: $400

This unique women's model features a lovely mother of pearl dial with lovely pastel green accents. It is powered by a quartz movement and the dial and inner workings are protected with an anti-reflective coated mineral crystal. The screw-down type crown enhances the water-resistance which is rated at 660 feet making it suitable for recreational scuba diving use.

Proton 2

3. Reactor Men's Proton 2

Price: $550

The Proton 2 is another of the Reactor brand's best-selling watch models. This watch features a world time bezel and Never Dark dial technology. The case is 45 mm in diameter and made of stainless steel material. This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Curie Ice Blue

2. Reactor Curie Ice Blue Dial

Price: $499.95

The Curie Ice Blue is a lovely women's watch that features a dial that is made of mother of pearl material with ice blue overtones and a myriad of subtle pastel colors. Gold-toned index markers and hands lend a lovely contrast with good legibility. The case is made of stainless steel material with a polished finish and the bracelet is made of link rows in stainless steel.

Two Tone Crystal

1. Reactor Crystal Two-Tone Women's Watch

Price: $400

This model was designed to be the sister watch to the Oxide model, titled Crystal. It is a more petite watch that comes in at 7.5 mm smaller in diameter for the case measurements in accordance with customer requests. The dial is made of mother of pearl in a lovely navy color with a case made of rose gold material and navy colored ceramic for the bezel. The bracelet is a matching two-tone made of the same materials.

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