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The 20 Best Restaurants in Alaska


What are the best restaurants in Alaska? Unfortunately, some people think that there just aren’t that many to choose from, largely because Alaska is often thought of as little more than some remote outpost where there is virtually nothing to do. The truth is, there are plenty of places where you can sit down to a meal and enjoy some genuinely delicious food. Here are 20 of Alaska’s best.


20. Spenard Roadhouse, Anchorage

Enjoy a rather eclectic menu here. Their cuisine ranges from burgers and pizza all the way to some of the best Thai food you can find in the entire state. They also serve beer and cocktails, making them the perfect place for a casual night out on the town. They offer dine-in and delivery. However, you can’t order take-out at this establishment.

Thai to Go

19. Thai Food 2 Go, North Pole

The little trailer where this food is prepared doesn’t look like much, but the food is absolutely delicious. Located on the grounds of the Moose Creek Lodge, they offer truly outstanding, traditional Thai food that will leave you wanting more.

Jack Sprat

18. Jack Sprat, Girdwood

The food served here is considered more or less American fare. That said, this establishment definitely puts their own twist on things. In fact, they like to come up with creative dishes that are based on some of the more traditional American cuisine. At the same time, they never let anything get stale because they’re always open to new dishes and new experiences. The atmosphere is comfortable and roomy, and the nearby mountains provide a glorious backdrop.

Glacier Brewhouse

17. Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage

This restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere and some of the best steak and seafood you will likely ever eat. They also have another claim to fame. They brew all of their own beer in-house. If you like the idea of eating out where you can have fun, watch some sports, and eat some of the best wood-grilled food around, all while enjoying unique hand-crafted beer that you can’t get anywhere else, then this is the place to be.

Moose's Tooth

16. Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria, Anchorage

Do you like going to a restaurant where you don’t have to dress up or sit there quietly all night long? If the answer is yes and you just happen to love pizza, this place is hard to beat. They make all of their own pizza from scratch and they don’t mind getting creative with the menu. There’s no doubt about it, the pizza there is outstanding, but that’s not where the surprises stop. They also pride themselves on making their own hand-crafted beer, giving you the chance to sample an almost endless combination of delicious food and drink.

Pump House

15. The Pump House Restaurant, Fairbanks

The only thing that rivals the food here is the way the place is decorated. The entire establishment is decorated with relics from Alaska’s gold rush days, and it’s all topped off with an ornate (and very big) bar made from hand-carved mahogany. As far as the menu is concerned, you can enjoy some of the best surf-and-turf on the planet. This is a restaurant that will definitely leave you wanting to come back for more.

Club Paris

14. Club Paris, Anchorage

There are a lot of things about this restaurant that make it stand out from the competition, not the least of which involves its rather unique style. It’s an establishment that offers fine dining, to be sure. That said, it’s also one that looks and feels like it would be just as much at home if it were a bar. That’s because it is both things, in its own unique way. You can get some of the best cuts of meat here you’ve ever tasted, but you also have the opportunity to simply sit back and enjoy a drink or two if that’s what your heart desires.

Kincaid Grill

13. Kincaid Grill, Anchorage

If you want some traditional American Cuisine in an atmosphere that offers a bit more class, then this is probably a restaurant that you are going to love. In addition to providing their regular menu, they also have fresh game that is available, depending on both the season and its availability.

Crow's Nest

12. Crow’s Nest, Anchorage

This is definitely one of the more high-end restaurants in all of Alaska, and certainly in Anchorage. They have a combination of cuisine ranging from New American to more traditional French options. Come prepared to enjoy something you simply can’t get just anywhere. They also have one of the most impressive wine lists of any establishment in the state. If you can’t get the wine you want here, you probably can’t get it anywhere in Alaska.


11. Kinley’s Restaurant & Bar, Anchorage

This restaurant has a lot of good options for anyone that truly enjoys dishes that are a bit more high-end. Typically, they offer a lot of New American cuisine along with a few more traditional dishes. They also have a rather extensive wine list and more than a few different types of lager from which to choose. As a result, almost everyone can find something there that suits their taste buds, no matter what type of food they tend to enjoy.

Haute Grill

10. Haute Quarter Grill, Anchorage

They definitely have something for everyone here. Enjoy contemporary steak, hamburgers, or various seafood dishes. Better yet, you can pair these dishes with your favorite wine or cocktails in order to create a truly magical evening. Of course, you can dine in but you can also order takeout and even have the food delivered right to your door. The restaurant also offers easy online ordering that you can complete and only a matter of minutes. They definitely seem to have mastered both quality and convenience where eating out is concerned.

El Dorado

9. El Dorado Mexican Restaurant, Anchorage

This is one of the few Mexican restaurants in the state of Alaska. As you can imagine, it’s a popular option for those who have traveled north and desperately miss the types of dishes that can be enjoyed in such an establishment. There is no doubt about it, they offer almost all of the traditional dishes one might expect in a Mexican restaurant, and it’s all delicious. They’re also located directly in the center of the mall, meaning that you always have easy access whenever you’re in the mood for something south of the border.


8. Ginger, Anchorage

This is one of the more expensive restaurants in the state, but it’s also worth the cost. They serve some of the best fresh seafood you can even imagine, specializing in dishes from the Pacific Rim. They also have more than their fair share of beer on tap, many of them local brews. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, they can also do a microbrew based on your request.


7. Jen’s Restaurant, Anchorage

This establishment specializes in various Continental dishes and they pride themselves on their ability to prepare some of the freshest food there is. They also have a full wine bar. Last but certainly not least, the atmosphere in the restaurant is astounding, thanks in large part to the fact that they have so much fine art on the walls, you almost feel like you’re taking a trip through a renowned art museum that just happens to also serve delicious food.


6. 229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern, Denali National Park and Preserve

This restaurant has all of the things that you might imagine they have when it comes to the atmosphere of the building itself. It’s wide open with plenty of space to spread out and have a good time. After all, it is located in a national park. As far as the menu goes, they tend to change things up a lot, so don’t expect your options to involve the same thing twice in a row. Another plus is that they ensure that everything they serve is sustainable, making it a great option for anyone who is conscientious about the environment.


5. Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant, Anchorage

This restaurant does things the old-fashioned way. They don’t even have a working website at the moment. When you walk in, it feels like you’ve entered a bygone era where things were done with a little more care. The establishment offers all the home-cooking you can eat and they serve a full breakfast menu all day long. When you’re finished eating, take the time to stroll through the restaurant and look at the old photos they have on the walls. It’s full of local history that you won’t find anywhere else.

Fast Eddy's

4. Fast Eddy’s Restaurant, Tok

This is one of the few establishments in Tok and it’s the only one where you can get all kinds of traditional American dishes. In fact, you can get practically anything that is considered traditional American cuisine. Even if it’s not printed on the menu, you can ask and the staff will make it if at all possible. If you just want a quick bite to eat without a lot of fanfare, this is the place for you. The food is delicious and the staff are prompt and courteous.

Seven Glacier's

3. Seven Glaciers Restaurant, Girdwood

This is definitely one of the more exclusive restaurants in the entire state. It's dine-in only, and you can only get to it by going to the top of the mountain. Once you get there, you have a number of options available to you, not the least of which include fresh game. If that's not something you're really into, you can also choose from various dishes with steak or seafood. Of course, the view is nothing short of spectacular, as you might have already guessed from any restaurant that is virtually encased in four glass walls which sits on top of a mountain. You'll have to shell out a few dollars if you want to eat here, but it's also worth it, especially if it's not something that you have access to on a regular basis. Of course, they have a comprehensive wine list. For some, it might even be considered something more akin to a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you factor in the cuisine with the accompanying atmosphere.

Dirty Skillet

2. Dirty Skillet, Hope

Regardless of the specific type of food that you're interested in, they probably have it here. This is especially true if the food in question is fried or grilled, as that is their specialty. Think about traditional American fare that you would find in one of those old-school diners. That's the type of food that you're likely to find here. As such, they have hamburgers, french fries smothered in bacon and cheese and other types of menu items that are similar to these options. It may not be the healthiest thing, so it's probably not a good idea to eat here everyday, but you'll likely want to after you give them your first visit. It's definitely an experience that will stay with you for all the best reasons.


1. Davon’s Place House of Soul, Anchorage

If you're surprised at the idea of being able to get soul food in Alaska, you shouldn't be. After all, it's not really that much different than being able to get Mexican food in the state. There certainly aren't a lot of restaurants that offer soul food within the state of Alaska, but this particular one does an excellent job of hand- preparing all of your favorite types of soul food and they do it to perfection. Even if you've never had soul food in the past and you're a little bit shaky on the idea of doing it, this is a decision that you won't regret. The truth is, you'll never understand just how good this restaurant really is until you try it for yourself.

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