The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Augusta, GA


When dining out in Augusta, GA, you will have a diverse range of venues to choose between. You will find examples of both local cuisine and dishes from around the world, and there are both budget-friendly and fine dining options. A popular choice is restaurants specializing in seafood, and each of these establishments has something different to offer. Therefore, you will find the perfect restaurant to meet your tastes and needs. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Augusta, GA.

French Market Grill

10. French Market Grille

The central location of French Market Grille on Highland Avenue means that this restaurant is a popular option amongst the locals. Despite its name, which suggests that it serves French cuisine, the menu consists of Cajun and Creole fare. There is a diverse menu that predominantly features seafood dishes, although some meat and vegetarian options are available. Some examples from the menu include gumbo, crab cakes, soft shell crabs, and a variety of grilled or fried fish and seafood. It is a casual place to dine, with an indoor dining room and an enclosed patio area for those who enjoy alfresco dining. It is open from 11 am daily, except Sunday when it is closed.


9. Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar

For those who love oysters, one of the best places to eat in Augusta is Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar on Washington Road. The highlight of the menu at this casual eatery is the oysters, although there are plenty of other options on the Southern-style menu, including fried and grilled fish and seafood. Diners can choose to sit inside the restaurant, or outdoor at one of the picnic tables. This check-style venue serves its food on paper plates, so it is not a fine dining option. However, the standard of the food is excellent and the flavors are second-to-none.


8. DeShawn’s Seafood & Chicken

De Shawn’s Seafood & Chicken is a Southern diner on Atomic Road. It specializes in seafood dishes and serves all-you-can-eat crab legs. The menu also features various fried chicken options. Some of the popular options from the menu include gator bites, fried calamari, and clam chowder. There are four different flavors of fried shrimp, and a wide selection of fish cooked in various ways. Customers have said that the staff are excellent, and the cleanliness of the restaurant is exceptional.


7. Bonefish Grill

A contemporary chain restaurant, Bonefish Grill serves a seafood-centric menu that is complemented by a selection of steaks and other dishes. Therefore, it is ideal for dining out with a group of people with different preferences. Located on Washington Avenue, this restaurant is also known for its fun cocktails. From Monday to Thursday, it is open from 4 pm until 10 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, Bonefish Grill opens at 11 am until 11 pm. On Sunday, the opening hours are from 10 am to 9 pm.


6. Calvert’s Restaurant

Set within Surrey Center on Highland Avenue is Calvert’s Restaurant. This is an upscale and intimate restaurant that serves classic American seafood dishes and steaks. As the menu features both meat and seafood, it is a good option when you are dining out with a group of people with mixed tastes. It also serves mouthwatering desserts. One of the specials served at Calvert’s Restaurant is the seafood platter, which has received great praise from diners. Another element of dining in this restaurant that people enjoy is the attentive customer service.

Rae's Coastal Cafe

5. Raes Coastal Cafe

One of the best options for a quality seafood lunch is Raes Coastal Café, although it is just as good during dinner service. This casual eatery has a menu of American seafood dishes and salads. You will find Raes Coastal Café on Wimbledon Drive, Augusta. There are also some non-seafood options on the menu for meat lovers, such as prime rib and jerk chicken. Former diners say that the meals served at this eatery are full of flavor.

Juicy Crab

4. The Juicy Crab

Three Best Rated lists The Juicy Crab as one of the three top seafood restaurants in Augusta, GA. This popular casual restaurant on Washington Road is known for serving delicious comfort food, such as fried shellfish, hush puppies, snow crab legs, clams, and much more. This restaurant prides itself on always using fresh and locally sourced seafood.

Big T's

3. Big T’s Seafood Restaurant

Known for its generous portions and extensive menu, Big T’s is a casual eatery on Wrightsboro Road. The various fried fish options are some of the most popular options on the menu, as are the crab legs. Former diners have praised the delicious food and excellent customer service. The ambiance is also welcoming, which adds to the overall dining experience. It is open from 11 am until 9 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

Abel Brown

2. Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Located on Highland Avenue, Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar is a fantastic option for those who want an intimate, romantic dinner. There is a sophisticated main dining room as well as private dining rooms that you can book in advance. The menu consists of polished interpretations of New American fare, and the oyster bar is a popular feature of the restaurant. Another positive feature of this restaurant is the extensive wine list, which means you will find the perfect wine to complement your meal.


1. Beck’s

According to the reviews and ratings of the former customers, the best seafood restaurant in Augusta, GA, is Beck’s. A seafood-centric menu is served at this rustic-chic eatery on Kings Way. The interior of the restaurant is inviting with brick and wood-clad walls that create and warm ambiance. There is also an oyster bar and a good selection of wine and beers to accompany your meal. If you only go to one seafood restaurant in Augusta, this is the one to try. The opening hours are 5.30 pm to 10 pm from Wednesday to Saturday.

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