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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Austin


Austin, although it has an image of being a barbeque and tex-mex capital of the world, it is not a one-trick pony. The capital city of Texas has advanced beyond smoky brisket and queso dip, adding a bevy of globally inspired innovations to its delectable culinary scene. Visitors now can eat contemporary takes on traditional South Asian dishes, omakase prepared using smokehouse grilling methods, and Texas-sized portions of French cuisine.

Basically, everything you need for a memorable encounter doesn't stress, the classics are still around, and one can absolutely keep eating until your waistlines tell you to quit, from taco counters all the way up to warm tacos that serve with utensils. The flavors are always bright and the spectrum is enormous. You can get whatever you're in the mood for, in any design or budget range. In addition to this, for one looking for a specific cuisine, one may check out the best sushi in Mexican, Japanese, and Italian restaurants.

20. Comedor (501 Colorado St)

This contemporary Mexican restaurant in the city center was created by Chef Philip Speer, former head Uchi, and a group of top chefs. The Mexican cuisine of Mexico City is reflected in the menu's use of regional items. However, there is a Texas influence, which produces notable dishes like huauzontle fritters, tacos with bone marrow and hoja santa-pecan gremolata, and masa spaetzle. In addition to over 100 agave-based spirits, the excellent bar menu offers traditional cocktail variations such as the mole Old Fashioned.

19. Justine's Brasserie (4710 E 5th St)

The majority of Austin residents like to hang around the east of where Justine's situated. However, as soon as you step inside, you'll feel as though you've been transported to another location, one with emerald-green velvet, deep red accents, and vintage chandeliers for lighting. It's a terrific after-bar spot for indulging in food that is unmistakably classic French, so if you love the atmosphere, you'll love that your supper will last for a few hours. The steak frites, salade de crabe, escargot Bourguignonne, and one or three Sazeracs should all be ordered.

18. Komé (5301 Airport Blvd#100)

The goal of Komé was to give Austin's sushi scene a cozy, at-home feel. The service is friendly, the menu is extensive, and the restaurant is comfortable with reasonable costs (particularly if you go for lunch).

17. Neighborhood Sushi (1716S Congress Ave)

According to Open Table, Neighborhood Sushi is a restaurant on South Congress that offers premium dining despite having a casual moniker. They have such a great assortment of grilled and uncooked food, as well as unusual meals (the egg custard was really enjoyable). They also have a lot of sake options. The employees genuinely go above and beyond to ensure customers get a wonderful eating experience. They are extremely amiable and knowledgeable.

16. Soto (1100 Lamar Blvd Ste 2115)

Soto originally opened in Cedar Park, but it now also has a site on South Lamar. Visit this restaurant for a lovely, high-end eating experience, handmade drinks, and many innovative takes on Japanese cuisine. It's elegant enough to warrant dressing up for a special evening out, but it's also unpretentious enough that you could get away with a stylish outfit for a weeknight meal out.

15. Uroko (1023 Springdale Rd Bldg 1 Suite C)

The creators of Komé came up with a really creative idea here! Firstly, they provide both public and personalized sushi-making lessons so that you may truly understand the techniques required to produce superb sushi. Along with a greater assortment of Tamaki (hand rolls) in tastes including bbq eel, raw beef tenderloin, and Japanese pickles, they additionally serve an omakase menu. One could even buy a DIY Temaki kit now and create it yourself!

14. June's All Day (1722 S Congress Ave)

For even over ten years, master sommelier June Rodil has served as a mainstay of the Austin dining scene (and is now in Houston!). We, therefore, knew June's All Day would provide the most comprehensive cocktail menu downtown when it initially launched.

What we were unaware of was the fact that cuisine would've been excellent and worthy to earn the prestigious "Best Original Café in States" accolade from Food and or Wine in 2017. This has been clearly illustrated by Camillestyles.The incredibly cool South Congress bar has developed into a true neighborhood hangout where you can run into Austin celebrities, power figures, and cool kids on any given night. Order one of our favorites, the fried chicken sandwich or the matzo ball caldo, and enjoy the warm, lively ambiance

13. Nixta Taqueria (2512 E 12th St)

There's really no mistaking that you've arrived in Nixta thanks to the maize tortillas with Aztec influences and the murals of the corn god. It hums with upbeat music, a glittering gold disco ball, and shockingly brilliant colors like Coyocan blue (like Frida Kahlo's house). Whereas the interior is quite cramped and lacking in elbow room, it makes up for these shortcomings with a dynamic atmosphere and inventive tacos like marinated yellowfin tuna with furikake and duck confit with salsa cruda. Unusual for a taco restaurant? One could remain for dessert, which has two popular options: strawberry paleta with rose and lime or the acclaimed Persian rice pudding.

12. The Peacock Mediterranean Grill (600 W 2nd St)

To establish the mood for your grilled tasting menu on the bottom level of Austin's Proper Hotel, smoky, roasted meat wafts over you as soon as you approach the lively venue. Begin off English pea and feta hummus with mint and redfish crudo, which is presented with charred grapes, conserved lime, and serrano pepper. A unique, elegant, and pleasant lunch can be made by combining Aleppo and garlic gulf shrimp, oak-fired beef tenderloin seasoned in harissa, mujaddara with curry, and hot sticky toffee date dessert.

11. Odd Duck (1201 S Lamar Blvd)

Previously a food truck, according to Food Gps, Odd Duck is best renowned for its pork belly sandwiches, which are made with locally milled bread. Don't quit there though. Chefs can make unconventional changes to typical Texas meals because the diet is determined by what components are readily available in Austin or the area around it. Try the goat chili Frito pie, which is served in a pan and topped with avocado cream, or the quail al pastor, which is served with shishito mayo, peaches, and cashews. Finish the meal off with an Old-Fashioned cocktail made with your choice of liquor.

10. Guero's Taco Bar (1412 Congress Ave)

The self-service salsa bar is a popular gathering place for people to spend time while awaiting a table on weekends. Family members have been visiting this Tex-Mex staple for years. (Place a standard order and receive a classic margarita, frozen or on the rocks; they're potent and contribute to the exciting mood around.) Most people go for the combo platters of tacos, enchiladas, or burritos with a side of refried beans and rice, along with chile con queso to start. If one goes on Saturdays or Sundays, one should try to find a seat on the patio to enjoy the frequent great performances.

9. Franklin Grill (900 E 11th St)

Franklin attracts queues as vast as its famed brisket, making it a distinct star in Austin's robust barbecue sector. Follow the advice of the regular customers and arrive early, hungry, and with a foldable chair (you wouldn't want to be on your feet for three or four hours if you can help it). The best part is that you could always place preorders up to six weeks in advance, provided you're prepared to purchase at least three pounds of meaty delicacies. Just make sure not to leave the soft enough to cut with a spoon juicy oak-smoked brisket with its recognizable peppery skin. Competing for the title of most renowned brisket in the world The mood barbecue wish list the mass Fanatics The beverages local artisanal beer the meal delicious meat cooked slowly.

8. Lenoir (1807 S 1st St)

This restaurant's 60-dollar prix fixe is the best deal in the town for a multitude of reasons, the majority of which are the particular meals that rotate each week. The dishes on the list, which use fresh, regional components, may include charred orange-glazed cauliflower with herb purée or a delicately roasted beet crêpe folded with hazelnut pesto. Other standout dishes include poached shrimp in tomato curry and fish tataki with apple matcha ponzu. The professional selections from the primarily European selection should convince you to purchase the wine pairings. Because the room is so small, you should just invite a few buddies or simply your partner because the intimate setting is very lovely.

7. The Justine's Brasserie (4710 E 5th St)

This brasserie has a moody, romantic atmosphere that gets louder as the night wears on. In addition to serving French classics at the bar and at your table, Justine's is renowned for its delayed supper preparation. Find your perfect clothing because this area's high fashion is unmatched in Austin. The hotel's early morning sessions are the perfect way to end a night out.

6. Contigo (2027 Anchor Ln)

Contigo, which is located just north of much of Austin's bustle, was designed to feel like a Hill Country ranch. The restaurant attracts family members on the holidays with kids who enjoy running around its outside. The steaks, burgers, and special drinks are all well devoted to the project. Spending some time together by the fire pit the appearance of a contemporary patio bar the mass Local kinds. The beverages Texas drinks. The program is amiable and expert.

5. TenTen (501 W 6th St)

In terms of Austin's sushi sector, this midtown eatery is pretty recent. It's a wonderful and trendy spot. It's best to taste delicious hot and cold appetizers and craft cocktails. They have sashimi, and grilled dishes. This is all in an urban Austin date night atmosphere. However, it's not quite on the same level as Musashino or Uchi.

4. Musashino (2905 San Gabriel St)

One of Austin's top sushi restaurants is Musashino. Takehiro Asazu (Komé), Tyson Cole (Uchi), and Kazu Fukumoto (Fukumoto) all had their training there. So, if you love sushi in Austin, you must go there! The globe's tastiest seafood is delivered every day for creative cuisine that is always changing. According to Four Square reviews, Musashino is a go-to spot for authentic and freshest Sushi in Austin.

3. Lucky Robot (1303 S Congress Ave)

Whilst also buying on South Congress, drop at this trendy, vibrant location for brunch or lunchtime. They offer a wide variety of warm/cold appetizers. They have large bowls of ramen. Also, they have a lot of nigiri, sashimi, and maki rolls. Each is prepared in the manner of sidewalk cuisine found in Tokyo.

2. The Clarks Oyster Bar (1200 W 6th St)

This café is constantly busy, particularly on the patio. There are many reasons to drop by, including business lunches, dates, family outings, and late hours. Oysters from the East and West Coasts, shipped in daily, are the star attraction. After a dozen of them, split an Austin legend: a pan-roasted black Angus hamburger with gruyere on top.

1. Otoko (1603 S Congress Ave)

According to Time Out,To explore this hip omakase scene in South Austin, you must purchase a ticket (instead of making reservations). It's probably the most distinctive sushi restaurant in Austin, with only 12 seats, and it serves a special dinner list. In addition, Otoko provides a multi-course omakase. It combines Kyoto-style kaiseki and Tokyo-style sushi into a special tasting list. It is carefully chosen and prepared by the best chefs in the place considering the ingredients available.


After an investigation concerning Austin's culinary scene, sushi places are an amazing treat. Austin, Texas is a highly isolated city with statistics portraying a small population in comparison to Houston and Dallas, yet it is known to have a remarkable amount of excellent sushi food outlets run by great cooks who dedicate their days to learning and mastering the art of Japanese sushi.

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