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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Orlando


You have come to the right place if you're craving Sushi in Orlando. As unbelievable as it may sound, South Florida is home to the best Japanese restaurants and world-rated chefs. And if you want to wash it down with drinks, they have your back. This article aims to narrow your search for the best sushi in town. We'll provide specific addresses and give a sneak peek of what to expect the next time you're in Orlando for lunch or dinner. Here are the 20 best sushi restaurants in Orlando in 2022.

20. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: Who knew you could have your burgushi and eat it? (6000 Universal Blvd)

While the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is known for delicious sushi, it also serves internationally inspired dishes like lasagna pizzas, cronuts, burgushi, and capookies. The name of this restaurant might sound a little off, but its wide range of dishes justifies its existence and public image. Its décor is cowfish-themed with accents of eclectic pop art. If you're a conservative devourer who doesn't like mixing sushi and burgers on one plate, the restaurant will serve you a bento box with four roll pieces and a mini-burger. Choose any option mentioned above, and your tummy will thank you for it. Don't forget to order your favorite drink after your meal.

19. Shari Sushi: The wide array of drinks menu and affordable Happy Hour prices will wow you (621 E Central Blvd)

Shari Sushi is an upscale and sleek restaurant offering an intimate atmosphere for sushi diehards in Orlando. Besides sushi, the restaurant serves plates of seafood like crabs, tuna, and Sea Dragon. Depending on your devouring preferences, the chef will top up the seafood with hot sriracha sauce. There's also a pork belly bun on the menu. Sitting upstairs is the perfect way to enjoy an intimate dining time while there. The staff will offer personalized service to make you feel comfortable. Visit the restaurant during Happy Hour, and you won't regret spending your money.

18. Shin Japanese Cuisine: Sample the wide selection of sushi on their menu (803 N Orange Avenue)

Shin Japanese Restaurant was established in 2007 by chefs native to Japan. Their primary goal was to serve Orland locals and guests authentic Japanese flavors. Currently, the restaurant only has two chefs, but they've remained true to their original objective of serving traditional sushi and other seafood delicacies. One of the most significant selling points of Shin's menu is the Nigiri and Sashimi. Customers love these sushi varieties because of their nutritional value and meal presentation. So, if you want an authentic sushi meal, head to Shin Japanese Cuisine right now.

17. Tokyo Sushi: A one-of-a-kind dining experience you'll live to remember (8111 Vineland Avenue)

If you're visiting a sushi restaurant for the first time, the first that crosses your mind is if it serves fresh sushi. Worry not, as Tokyo Sushi's meals are fresh, authentic, and mouthwatering. It might not be a big place, but it's spacious enough to house many tables to eat in. Moreover, you can order takeout for side dishes like rolls, hibachi, or bento boxes. The next time you're there, sample the best delicacies like salmon roe nigiri, sushi lunch special, Tokyo special roll, and Sashimi combo.

16. Sushi Pop Restaurant: Make a brunch date during the weekend for Nigiri Specials and more (310 W Mitchell Hammock Road)

Sushi can never be sushi unless you sample Sushi Pop Restaurant's daily menu. The restaurant has a special menu influenced by the ingredients they intend to use daily. They aim to allow visitors to test their culinary versatility, so you know what to expect when you go there on a particular day. Also, their meals are fresh and Japanese authentics. Guests can attest to the most sampled meals are Roll Out, Happy Endings, Nigiri Specials, and Cold Tastings. Now you know what to order the next time you go there.

15. Mikado Sushi & Grill: Who knew sushi ingredients could be sourced from Japan and New Zealand? (6417 Raleigh Street)

Eating sushi at Mikado Sushi & Grill almost feels like being in Japan. According to Ichi Sushi, the restaurant buys its ingredients from Japan and New Zealand to make authentic dishes. Best of all, it's existed for more than 15 years, and they're open daily, giving you the chance to pop in whenever you feel like it. You can sample Japanese-focused specials like Mikado Boat, nigiri & sashimi combination, bento box teriyaki, lunch bento box, and toro.

14. Maguro Sushi: Who said sushi doesn't go with Puerto Rican-themed rolls? (1311 Florida Mall Avenue)

Maguro Sushi is a Latina-Asian fused restaurant owned by Chef Joubert from Puerto Rico. The chef serves sushi with "Jibaro Soy," a Puerto Rican-themed roll. You can expect other assortments like chimichurri aioli, avocado, skirt steak, cheese, and sweet plantains. Vegans shouldn't feel left out because Maguro Sushi also has "El Vegano," a combination of marinated soy, garlic, avocado, and sautéed vegetables. Fried rice bowls, tapas, and bao buns don't also miss on the menu. With these finger-licking dishes at your disposal, it's evident that Asia phenomenally meets Puerto Rico.

13. Jade Sushi & New Asian: Give a one-day notice for the "Chef's Omakase Box" (2425 Edgewater Drive)

Whether you like Himachi truffle or tuna kobachi, Jade Sushi & New Asian is at your service. The restaurant has a one-day notice, allowing you to sample their signature nine courses, dubbed the "Chef's Omakase Box." Their chefs came up with the idea to allow sushi lovers to enjoy food in Japanese wooden boxes. Don't forget to sample their shoyu duck or pork chashu ramen.

12. SusHi Eatstation: A husband-wife-owned restaurant serving sushi dojo (4693 Gardens Park Blvd)

SusHi Eatstation combines nine quick service takeout locations sprawling across Orlando. It is owned by Robert and Teresa Ly, who welcome ninja-loving customers to try their fresh sushi dojo, rice bowls, and salads.

11. Ootoya Sushi Lounge: A delectable menu to make you appreciate value for your money (621 E Central Blvd)

Downtown Orlando seems popular with sushi these days. We wouldn't be surprised if you find at least four in that region, one of them being Ootoya Sushi Lounge in Thornton Park. The restaurant welcomes all sushi and seafood lovers to taste their bluefin tuna, conch, freshwater eel, and sea urchin. They have a special menu called "Clam Chowder Croquette," a potato-bread pocket with creamy clam chowder. "Truffle Fries" is also another special meal they prepare.

10. Japango: Finger-licking sushi and dessert for every fan (1212 E Colonial Drive)

According to Florida Vacationers, Japango is one of the best restaurants serving fresh sushi in downtown Orlando. The only downside, which can be advantageous to people with busy lifestyles, is it's a takeout restaurant. The staffers will serve you sushi boxes, flavored boba tea, and other fan favorites. Its signature whipped-out Mochi ice cream and Macaroons are the icings on the cake. Best of all, you can choose your nigiri with or without rolls. There are side dishes like seaweed salad or watermelon.

9. Sushitomi: Small but big on meals (8463 S John Young Pkwy)

Sushitomi might look small, but don't underestimate the Japanese classics you will find there. The restaurant serves sushi, tempura, ramen, sashimi, and rolls. Its interior décor is Asian-themed, mainly artful. Going by reviews, it's easy to conclude that there are more privileges you will appreciate while there, like the friendly staffers. Do you have the location at your fingertips? How about going there for lunch any day of the week?

8. Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi: Come for mouthwatering sushi pizza, burritos, nachos, fries, and donuts (301 N Baker St#106, Mt Dora)

Sushi pizza; yes, you heard that right. Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi is a fast-food sushi restaurant with other meals like donuts, nachos, burritos, and fries on its menu. Did you know they serve giant-sized donuts that can feed ten people? It is no wonder they're trending. Moreover, its second floor overlooks Lake Dora, allowing you to enjoy the stunning sunset view.

7. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi: Good timing of the Happy Hour specials for drinks and food is worth your savings (7972 Via Dellagio Way)

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi is known for its exceptional service and cuisine, making it one of the go-to restaurants for sushi lovers in Orlando. Whether on a date night or business meeting, this restaurant will offer the best place to suit your needs. Apart from sushi, the menu offers sashimi and open-fire grilled robatayaki. If you want to save money, be there during happy hours.

6. Shakai Sushi Lounge: Get ready for tantalizing desserts on their martini Sunday or tempura key lime pie (43 East Pine Street)

A warm meal and cool drink while dancing the night away is all you need after a long day of work or vacation. Shakai Sushi Lounge welcomes any person from lunch hours to dusk for contemporary sushi dinner. Top on their menu features meals like captain crunch roll, sonic bomb, rock & roll, mango madness, and many others. All their signature dishes are balanced and diet-focused, so you can be sure that nutrition is their top agenda. Also, they have a happy hour menu, saving you tons of cash.

5. Seito Sushi: From tuna hosomaki, and spicy tuna, to dragon skin, you will find anything sushi-related here (8031 Turkey Lake Rd)

Craving sushi is one thing. Finding a place to serve it as per your preference is another. It doesn't take a genius to know that preparing sushi from scratch is an art. That's exactly what the chefs at Seito Sushi want you to experience upon placing your order. According to 10Best, the restaurant serves authentic seafood like tuna hosomaki, spicy tuna, dragon skin, and signature roll- tropic thunder. Visit Seito during Happy Hour for cocktails and mouth watering dishes for a low price.

4. Takumi: For the budget-conscious sushi lover (8933 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee)

Takumi is family-owned at West Colonial Drive, Orlando. Besides sushi, they serve budget-friendly delicacies such as ramen bowls, soups, and salads. They also have spicy tuna roll, Takumi roll, volcano roll, and monster roll, all prepared from scratch. Moreover, if you're looking for a place to hang out with your friends for a drink, the restaurant is ready to offer beer, wine, soft drinks, and boba teas.

3. Kabooki: Discover why it's an award-winning sushi restaurant (3122 E Colonial Drive)

Whether going on a date night or a solo trip in Orlando, a meal like sushi never grows old. Kabooki is one of those restaurants you want to dine at as you hold a one-on-one conversation with the chefs. It's like taking a break from eateries with kitchens at the back, so you can't see what's happening. Another thing about Kabooki is the specials. They serve spicy tuna, a combination of kobachi sauce, Masago, chives, and tuna. The Hamachi Carpaccio comprises yuzu tobiko, thai kosho, serrano peppers, kaffir lime oil, and Japanese yellowtail. Don't forget to sample their Hokkaido.

2. Kadence: 12 years and counting since it transitioned to a forever home from a sushi stand (1809 Winter Park Road)

According to Florida Hipster, Kadence is one of those restaurants with chefs who settled in Orlando after training from Michelin-star restaurants. The most ordered meals and sushi and sake. Remember, the restaurant only serves guests who make reservations via their website. Once you arrive, try out their sashimi party of fish, Japanese Cod, and tempura fried Uni.

1. Morimoto Asia: Come one, come all for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean flavors (1600 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista)

Are you visiting Lake Buena Vista and want to sample authentic sushi plus other Asian delicacies? Devouring Master Chef Masahuru Marimoto's sushi while savoring at the gorgeous Morimoto Asia is all you need to feel like you have just taken a trip to Asia. Imagine being in a restaurant with intimate dining spaces donning stunning chandeliers on its ceiling. The two-storied lounge with Asian-themed décor is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't get us started on the meals served at this restaurant.

While there, try out the mouthwatering tofu flavors, Morimoto Gomoku fried rice, and (of course) crispy popcorn shrimp tempura. The Hamachi tartare, a combination of wasabi, dashi soy with shallot, will make you beg for more. Don't forget to sample the spicy Japanese yellowtails and salmon. Everything about this restaurant gives value for money, so don't forget to head there for lunch or dinner.

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