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20 of the Best Things to Do In Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay Segway Tour

Whether you travel often or just fantasize about jumping headfirst into the newness of a strange place, you realize there are countless options when it comes to seeing what’s out there. Perhaps you’ve been to Green Bay for a visit in the past, maybe you haven’t. The information below was mostly compiled for the latter group, those who have never actually been to that state in the northern United States. Famous for the Wisconsin Dells, Green Bay Packers, and cheese, Wisconsin is really never truly without things to do, especially if you’re living in a city like Green Bay, home to the football team mentioned above. Now is the time, and here is the information you need to have a great vacation, either as a family or flying solo. Check out what Green Bay, Wisconsin has to offer those who want to check things out up close and personally.

Lambeau Field/Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

20. Lambeau Field/Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Lambeau Field is Home of the Packers, and any die-hard Packers fan knows that it is the equivalent to a temple on some level. Whether you’re a fan or not doesn’t matter; taking a tour of Lambeau Field is a pretty cool thing to do while in Green Bay. While you’re there you can also take a tour of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. Both can be scheduled by clicking the link above. Anyway, with Green Bay being such an iconic team, fanaticism (or lack thereof) aside, it’s a great opportunity so check out the history of the team and see some of the great memorabilia they have on display. I thought this was a great choice, especially if you have football fans in the family.

Neville Public Museum

19. Neville Public Museum

The Neville Public Museum actually started out in the basement of the public library as an exhibition of important items from the Green Bay/De Pere area in 1915. In the last century since then it has been ‘an accredited cultural institution that champions history, science, and art’. Since it’s located right in downtown Green Bay it’s easy to find and convenient (if you’re staying in the city, that is). With offerings loaded with educational value and culture, Neville Public Museum was my choice for number two.

Titletown District (Titletown Park)

18. Titletown District (Titletown Park)

Just west of Lambeau Field is the Titletown District, a newer area community development with great locale. There is a public park there which is large and spacious, with fitness activities, outdoor games and competitions, and during the winter offers downhill tubing and an ice-skating area. Also found in Titletown, in case you want lodging there, is the Lodge Kohler, a ‘four-diamond’ hotel. Visitors will also enjoy Hinterland Restaurant and Brewery if they’re looking for a good bite to eat.
Fox River

17. Fox River

This river in eastern Wisconsin is actually in the area of the Great Lakes and is the primary contributor to the Bay of Green Bay. Here the outdoorsy type will find the Fox River State Recreational Trail and the Wiouwash State Trail, so there’s plenty of beautiful hiking to be found. Visitors will also be thrilled with the fishing opportunities at the Fox River, with award-winning fish being caught there, including Northern Hogsucker, Striped Bass, and Shortnosed Gar. If you’re someone who loves the outdoor life, Fox River at Green Bay is an awesome choice during your vacation.

Bay Beach Amusement Park

16. Bay Beach Amusement Park

This park was one of the entertainment venues that suffered during the pandemic, with the bumper cars and waterslide being closed. But there are other awesome attractions there that you will just love, and admission is free (only the tickets for rides and attractions come with a charge, and they’re only a quarter apiece and have no expiration date). Parking is free at Bay Beach Amusement Park, and you have a variety of dining options to choose from (or pack a picnic lunch!). This park is owned by the city of Green Bay, and it is situated next to Kastle Park, which has go-carts. With so many nature displays and fun things to do, Bay Beach Amusement Park is a great place to visit that has something for the entire family.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

15. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Also alongside Bay Beach Amusement Park is Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, a wonderful place to take the kids to feed the ducks, visit the animals, and learn a bit about the wonderful world of wildlife. There is also a tunnel slide located in the main building, and cool animal displays are enough to keep any youngster’s attention. If you decide to hit the amusement park, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary should definitely be on the list.

National Railroad Museum

14. National Railroad Museum

This museum is currently open to the public and has a mask wearing policy so patrons can feel and keep others safe. The museum dates all the way back to 1956 and was opened by area locals in order to honor railroad history in America. The National Railroad Museum hosts a variety of special events, like the family-friendly Festival of Trees and the PAW Patrol PAWpalooza. For a more adult time out you can enjoy the Beer City Cannonball event, or check out the Rails & Ales Brewfest. This is educational, fun, and very, very cool by all accounts. Definitely should be on your Green Bay itinerary.

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

13. NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

The NEW Zoo and Adventure Park has a vision to ‘inspire appreciation and stewardship of wildlife and the natural world’, with a mission to ‘connect the community with wildlife and nature through engaging, interactive experiences. You may ask, “How do they do that?” Well, though Adventure Park itself is currently closed due to COVID precautions, the NEW Zoo is open. NEW Zoo features Zip to the Zoo, a zip-lining experience that takes you to the zoo area, a rope course, climbing tower, the Cellcom Kids’ Course, and much, much more. Adventure Park does hope to be open soon, and if you get to Green Bay after that you’ll be surprised at what the park has to offer. It’s a great amount of fun and perfect for kids of all ages, so check it out if you ever get the chance.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

12. Green Bay Botanical Garden

With nearly thirty different gardens and structures, and a magnolia collection to boot, Green Bay Botanical Garden is a place you won’t soon forget. Walk around and check out the Mabel Thome Patio, the Lux Foundation Upper Rose Garden, gorgeous cottages, along with other structures. While you’re there you can take the time to simply enjoy the quite beauty cultivated there. There are COVID-19 practices in place, so be sure to check everything out ahead of time.

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

11. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

While closed for the winter season, Heritage Hill certainly has much to offer when in full swing. The park holds educational events, concerts, and can be used for private events and weddings and receptions. The park sits snugly along the banks of the Fox River and sits on 56 acres of land. A deep appreciation of history drives park advisors and organizers. There are four separate park sections, each one representative of a different period in Northwest Wisconsin’s history. Anyone who loves learning about history, or just wants to have a good, clean time will love visiting here. Make sure to check out their website in the open season.

Anduzzi’s Sports Club

10. Anduzzi’s Sports Club

Here is something to do in Green Bay that is definitely adult based. Great food, beverages, and good times are offered here, and there are four different locations to choose from: Kimberly, Wisconsin, Green Bay West, Green Bay East, and Howard in Green Bay. If you’re with the kids, you can still enjoy adult beverages, and if your alone check out some of the entertainment. Anduzzi’s offers life music at all its locations, Tailgate Central, which focuses on viewing just about any sporting event you desire on nearly 40 available high-definition televisions, and the Party Tent, where watching takes place. One of Anduzzi’s locations is only a single block from Lambeau Field, so stop for a beer after the game if you’re there to see one up close and personally…a very good time by all accounts.

Richard Craniums

9. Richard Craniums

This particular bar is a favorite spot of locals, so chances are you should check out the action there, too. Located at 840 Broadway Avenue, Richard Craniums offers ‘Fun Stuff All the Time’, according to their website, and offers bar sports, cell phone charging docks, high-definition projectors, free Wi-Fi, pool, darts, and much more. Obviously, another place for adult-only entertainment, you can get cool t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the like to take home for personal souvenirs or for friends. This local hotspot makes our list easily so visitors can enjoy a drink or two amongst adults…and love it.

Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center (PAC)

8. Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center (PAC)

This is a 730-seat non-profit center for the performing arts located in Ashwaubenon, a suburb of Green Bay, and is only ten minutes from the city itself. Here you can experience a variety of events, from a variety of entertaining series performances all the way to shows like Frank’s Tribute and the All-Star Band, Four Guys in Dinner Jackets, the comedian Bill Engval, and much more. If you love to see live performances of wide variety, you will definitely enjoy Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center.

Green Bay Escape

7. Green Bay Escape

Located only 3 blocks from Lambeau Field on Ridge Road, Green Bay Escape is a ‘five-star escape room experience’…yes, you heard that right, escape room. Green Bay Escape is for the adrenaline junkie in you. Featuring a wide variety of experiences which are in rooms designed to be escaped from, you have to figure out how to get out. Rooms like ‘Asylum’, ‘Exit Protocol’, ‘Grail Quest’, and ‘Shipwrecked’ can be booked by you so you can experience your most intense adventure.

Green Bay Axe

6. Green Bay Axe

Technically called ‘Green Bay Escape & Axe’ because it is available through Escape, Axe is an axe throwing venue that will knock your socks off (if not your head). Located at Escape, you can get out your aggression throwing axes as much as you want, either by appointment or during their regular open hours. There are also leagues, combo packages with Escape, a gift shop, and ‘Hammer-Schlagen’, a competition to see who can drive a nail the fastest (and we’re not talking about the kind you hand pictures with at home. You’ll have a great time and be able to deal with some emotions while you’re there.

Civic Symphony of Green Bay

5. Civic Symphony of Green Bay

This is an orchestra that puts on some of the coolest shows ever. Basically a ‘community of musicians’, the Civic Symphony of Green Bay puts on a variety of themed-based performances that you can enjoy all year around, like Doctors in Recital, The Northwinds Quintet, and much, much more, including seasonally-based performances. While the pandemic has affected their live performance schedule, they will be open in the future, so if you’re around be sure to stop and check them out.

Ashwaubenon Historical Society

4. Ashwaubenon Historical Society

Here is another location in Ashwaubenon, ten minutes outside of Green Bay. This particular place houses works of tramp and hobo art that is representative of Ashwaubenon’s past. It is all very beautiful and insightful and will provide you with a clear picture of the suburb’s colorful history. The non-profit also features plant and bake sales, a vintage wedding dress exhibit, a Treasure Tour, and more. Fun for the entire family, this will definitely be an enriching and interesting place to visit in Green Bay.

Hagemeister Park

3. Hagemeister Park

Hagemeister Park is a restaurant housed in a 9,000 square foot building with an outdoor dining patio that measures 4,000 square feet (with igloos and a heated canopy for winter. It also has more than 20 televisions for sports viewing, and it has some of the best views of the water that you’ve ever seen. Typically, there are events scheduled, but the events of the last year has put that on temporary hold; however, they will be back. In the meantime, if you’re in Green Bay you should definitely pay Hagemeister Park a visit for their incredible food, views, and other experiences.

Kegger’s Green Bay

2. Kegger’s Green Bay

Kegger’s is a bar, of course, which means you likely want to visit when the kids are otherwise occupied. Part of Kegger’s is The Lyric Room, which features a variety of events and can be used for private parties, conferences, and the like, and there is also a great beer garden that’s sure to make an impression. Events in the Lyric Room change, of course, but recent events include the band Electric Six and Slim Cesna’s Auto Club with the Bellrays. Great sounds and drinks with a great time is exactly what Keggar’s Green Bay has to offer.

Green Bay Segway Tour

1. Green Bay Segway Tour

Finally, another great thing for first timers to engage in is a private Segway tour of Green Bay. This is a ride along the Fox River that shows you the heart of Green Bay, including the historic Broadway District, Downtown Green Bay, and the Astor Park neighborhood. These exclusive tours are pretty amazing and will give you a view of Green Bay you never expected to see…you may even want to stay longer when your done. This unforgettable lead-through can be booked online, so be sure not to miss out!

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