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The 10 Best Things to do in Cacapon State Park

Capacon State Park

If you've got a taste for adventure and a love for the great outdoors, don't miss a visit to Cacapon State Park. Located in the foothills of the highest mountain in the eastern portion of West Virginia, the park boasts 6000 acres of breathtaking scenery that's ripe for outdoor adventure. Hiking, biking, running, golfing, fishing, swimming...whatever activity you're into, there's a good chance you can do it here. Without further ado, here are the 10 best things to do in Cacapon State Park.

10. Bike the trails

If hiking around Cacapon State Park is too tame for your tastes, why not bike it instead? The park offers a huge network of challenging single-track paths that will let you test your wits (and your brakes) against the mountain switchbacks and varied terrain. It goes without saying that as well as enjoying the ride, you'll also get to enjoy the awesome wilderness views over the park and surrounding landscape too.

9. Enjoy some tasty food

There's nothing like a day of outdoor adventure to give you an appetite. Fortunately, you won't have to travel far to enjoy some good eats at Cacapon State Park. The park's lodge is home to a year-round restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu focuses on traditional American classics like crab cakes, chicken and biscuits, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and more besides. There's also a good selection of Italian dishes, including lasagne, pizza, spaghetti with meat sauce, and fettuccine alfredo. The prices are affordable, the portions are generous, the service is friendly, and there are even special menus available for occasions like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

8. Stay overnight

If one day at Cacapon State Park isn't enough for you, you're in luck. The park offers numerous accommodation options to cater to every budget and taste. If you're looking for a little luxury, try the newly renovated lodge, which boasts relaxing, comfortable accommodation with fireplaces, lounges, TVs, and board games in its 124 rooms. For visitors looking for more privacy, the park offers 31 cabins scattered throughout a secluded woodland area, each loaded with all the comforts and conveniences you'd expect of a first-rate hotel. If you'd prefer to camp, check out the upscale camping experience on offer at the park's Tentr campsites. Each tent is comfortably furnished with a queen-size memory foam mattress, side tables, propane tent heater, portable toilet, solar shower, and wooden deck platform, along with a picnic table and fire pit with grill.

7. Organize a work retreat

If you're looking for the ideal venue for your next work event, Cacapon State Park could be it. The resort offers everything you'll need to ensure a productive and pleasant work retreat, including 13,120 square feet of conference and meeting space stocked with all the audio-visual equipment you'll need for presentations and brainstorming sessions. Dinner and refreshments are supplied via the Cacapon Dining Room, while a multitude of opportunities for team building await you in the great outdoors.

6. Hunt for treasure

If a hike around the park isn't enough to sate your need for adventure, why not add some excitement with a treasure hunt? The park is loaded with caches from all around the world, each of which offers the finder a variety of rewards. All you'll need to participate in the hunt is a smartphone, a sense of adventure, and something to leave for each cache you take.

5. Hike the trails

As writes, it's impossible to get bored at Cacapon when there are 23 miles of hiking across 9 different trails to be explored. Each trail is geared to a different skill level, meaning no one needs to be left out of the fun regardless of their fitness level. Although each trail offers its own unique rewards, highlights include the Ridge Trail, a 1.5 mile, moderately challenging trail that passes through wildflower meadows, sandy outcroppings, and pine forests, and Ziler Loop, a 5-mile loop that leads you to the peak of Cacapon Mountain, the tallest point in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle.

4. Take a horseback ride

If you want to experience the beauty of West Virginia's scenery from horseback, Cacapon State Park is the ideal place to do it. The resort offers guided horseback riding that lets you explore Cacapon's nature and wildlife from a very different vantage point. For a truly romantic experience, take advantage of the sunset tours to enjoy the park by moonlight.

3. Indulge in a spa treatment

If all the outdoor adventure has left you in serious need of some rest and relaxation, head to Cacapon Resort’s Healing Waters Spa for a pampering session. Offering a full suite of massages, treatments, facials, and nail services, it's the perfect place to restore your glow. If you're happy to push the boat out, the $129 Trail Therapy Treatment (a specially designed treatment to relieve aching muscles in the back, legs, and feet) will leave you chomping at the bit to get back on the trails.

2. Enjoy a round of golf

According to, Cacapon's Robert Trent Jones-designed golf course was added to the park in 1973, thus elevating it to the status of a resort park. Ideal for both novices and experienced golfers alike, the course features 73 strategically placed sand bunkers along with a 100-yard wide double green. If you're looking to improve your game, be sure to take advantage of the private lessons offered by the park's team of professional instructors.

1. Fish the lakes

As writes, Cacapon State Park is perfect for families or serious anglers looking to catch their lunch. The park boasts two huge expanses of water - a lake near the park entrance that's stocked with trout in spring and which also offers bass, catfish, and bluegill, and a reservoir that's not stocked but that still offers a good selection of freshwater fish. Hobby fishers and kids will have a great time casting a line while wading around the calm shores of the lake, while those with some serious fishing in mind can take a boat out onto the water. Before you head out for a day on the lake, be sure your permits are in order. Kids up to the age of 15 don't need a license, but they'll need to be accompanied by an adult with a West Virginia fishing license. Licenses can be purchased online. Short-term fishing licenses can also be picked up at the park lodge.

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