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The 20 Best Things to do in Eureka Springs

Pay homage to Christ of the Ozarks

Eureka Springs is situated in the center of the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas. This quaint town is popularly known for its colorful art scene, exciting galleries, preserved historic buildings, famed eateries, and many other fun outdoor activities. According to eureka springs, this top northwestern location is situated entirely around a natural spring, providing plenty of appealing natural sceneries that can be easily seen wherever you are in the city. With so many amazing things to try out in Eureka Springs, it has grown to become one of the favorite tourist destinations. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the 20 best things to do in Eureka Springs.

Visit St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

20. Visit St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church was established in 1882 by a missionary priest stationed at Ford Smith, located just outside Eureka Springs. Since the church was built outside the military fort, it was famously known as a station with a church. The church was constructed using astounding stonework, while its interior is decorated with beautiful statues, gorgeous stained glass, and crystal chandeliers. Listed on the National Historic Register, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church is a must-visit location in Eureka Springs.

Visit Downtown Eureka Springs

19. Visit Downtown Eureka Springs

Your stay at Eureka Springs is not complete without visiting Downtown Eureka Springs. This downtown area has amazing restaurants, shopping malls, and entertaining nightlife. During the daytime, you can enjoy a stroll down Main Street and explore historical locations or enjoy a walking tour. The adjacent Spring Street is the perfect place to shop at unique shops, grab a tasty snack, and explore art museums/galleries. At night, you can visit the downtown area, which is packed with more than twenty pubs. You can be sure to find your favorite drink in any of these pubs. Moreover, there are some excellent cottages and hotels nearby where you can spend the night.

Explore Quigley's Castle

18. Explore Quigley's Castle

Do you enjoy learning more about the past? Then, you should make your way to Quigley's Castle. The Castle was constructed in 1943 and was the home of Elsie Quigley, an Italian immigrant with a passion for gardening. This explains the beautiful perennial gardens surrounding the Castle. Inside the Castle are fully matured tropical plants and trees growing from natural ground soil on the first floor. According to Planetware, Quigley's Castle is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as "The Ozark's strangest dwelling.". Quigley's Castle is usually open from March to November. All visitors are welcome to a self-guided tour.

Stop at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

17. Stop at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a family-friendly location situated in the lovely Ozark Mountains. The park is filled with plenty of fun outdoor activities such as; trout fishing, bird watching, wildlife tours, fantastic hiking trails, horseback riding, and many other activities. Measuring 10,000 acres, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park has many beautiful natural sceneries to explore, including; majestic waterfalls, babbling creek beds, and towering bluffs. The park also offers educational seminars to learn more about the park and its various natural surroundings. This is the perfect getaway location with your family to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities.

Enjoy tasty meals at Basin Park Hotel

16. Enjoy tasty meals at Basin Park Hotel

Basin Park Hotel is an upscale hotel that was built back in 1905. It is one of the favorite vacation tourist destinations and is located adjacent to the legendary Basin Spring. In addition to their mouthwatering delicacies, Basin Park hotel has plenty of modern amenities such as a lovely sundeck and a full-service spa. The hotel rooms are beautifully decorated and include on-site features such as whirlpool tubs and free Wi-Fi. This hotel is closely located in Downtown Eureka Springs, making it the perfect destination to spend a night after a day full of fun activities.

Explore Blue Spring Heritage Center

15. Explore Blue Spring Heritage Center

Blue Spring Heritage Center is a 33-acre, privately-owned park located along the Arkansas Heritage Trails System. Since its establishment back in 1948, Blue Springs Heritage Center has evolved to be one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Eureka Springs. According to Busy Tourists, the Center is a beautiful place to observe, appreciate and explore the towns; historical remnants, naturally occurring plants and flowers, beautiful artifacts, and many others. They also offer all visitors with pre-arranged guided and self-guided tours. Accommodation is $13.75 for adults and free for children aged five and under.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

14. Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

Are you a fan of trains? Then, you should visit Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway. The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway is a passenger railway system constructed in 1981. The railway has three tour options: a lunch train, dinner train, and an excursion train. A well-knowledgeable train conductor usually narrates excursion train rides, which last about one hour. Excursion train rides are along the North Arkansas and Missouri Railroad. The $30.00 dinner and lunch train rides offer similar tours, but with the addition of delicious meals served dinner-car style. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 Am to 5 Pm.

Overwhelm your taste buds at Keels Creek Winery

13. Overwhelm your taste buds at Keels Creek Winery

Keels Creek Winery is known for serving the best wine collection around Eureka Springs town. It serves as a winery boutique that uses grapes grown locally to produce and serve the most savoring wine menus. This upscale winery has about a quarter-acre of blackberry fields and grape fields equaling eight acres; their produce helps in making the best white, blush, red, and dessert wines. In addition to their quality wine selections, they also provide their visitors with an authentic wine experience. Within the tasting room, the walls are decorated with appealing artwork designed by local artists.

Stop at Inspiration Point

12. Stop at Inspiration Point

According to Touropia, Inspiration Point is the perfect location to view the amazing sceneries in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here you will have a better view of the valley 500 feet below with a White River at its Center. During the day, you can easily view the expanse of the sky above the valley and the gorgeous twinkling stars at night. You can make this experience more memorable by taking pictures and sharing a picnic lunch or snack with your friends and family. Inspiration Point is one of the accessible destinations you can visit in Eureka Springs.

Visit Thorncrown Chapel

11. Visit Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is one of the main tourist attractions in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The chapel displays unique architectural work never seen anywhere in the world. The walls are constructed of glass, giving a spectacular view of the Ozarks. Like most churches and chapels located throughout the United States, all visitors are welcome to the Thorncrown Chapel seven days a week. If you visit the chapel on a Sunday, you can enjoy the Biblical readings and inspirational music. If you plan to visit the Thorncrown Chapel, you do not need to make a reservation as entry is free, and you can visit at your leisure.

Meet the Resident Animals at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

10. Meet the Resident Animals at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary for abused, neglected, abandoned leopards, cougars, tigers, lions, and other large animals. The wildlife refuge also hosts several special events annually, such as blues weekend, kite-flying festival, and other educational programs that provide the needed funds to take of the animals. Here, you will be able to interact with the animals and get to learn more about their different species. The sanctuary also offers guided tours to their habitat and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours on weekends, open all days of the week from 8.30 Am to 5 Pm.

Visit Lake Leatherwood

9. Visit Lake Leatherwood

Lake Leatherwood is a popular summer destination for enjoying your favorite water sports activities such as sunbathing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The Lake was formed back in 1940 by a limestone dam. Lake Leatherwood is also home to excellent campsites, where you can spend the night with your friends and family. The Lake is also surrounded by a gorgeous forest that offers breathtaking views and allows for a serene environment.

Visit Aviation Cadet Museum

8. Visit Aviation Cadet Museum

The Aviation Cadet Museum was established to celebrate the country's military services and accomplishments in the air. Located in the Ozark Mountains, the museum is on the stunning Silver Wings Field property. According to Vacation Idea, the Aviation Cadet Museum is packed with many fantastic tourist attractions such as historical and decommissioned planes such as a T-29 training plane nicknamed the "flying classroom" among many other military planes. Aviation Cadet Museum is the perfect destination for all history and plane enthusiasts.

Have fun at Holiday Island Marina

7. Have fun at Holiday Island Marina

Are you looking to enjoy fun water activities? Then, it would be best if you made your way to Holiday Island Marina. Holiday Island Marina is located on the beautiful Table Rock Lake, and visitors can rent one of the Marina's many watercrafts such as triton boats, jet skis, and pontoon boats. Holiday Island Marina also guarantees your safety by providing freshly sanitized life vests, standard fishing equipment, and other vital equipment needed. This is the perfect location to enjoy with your friends and family, especially during summer.

Visit Eureka Springs Historical Museum

6. Visit Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Eureka Springs Historical Museum was established in October 1971 and is located in Calif Building. The Museum construction perfectly displays the Victoria Era architecture and the unique history of the town and its people. The museum also houses a vast collection of rotating and permanent exhibits, some highlighting topics such as the Ozark Folk Festival, Native American history, and many other topics.

Stop at Crescent Hotel

5. Stop at Crescent Hotel

Famously known as America's most haunted hotel, the Crescent Hotel is one of the fun places to visit in Eureka Springs. The hotel offers the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour, where you will be inducted into the building's creepiest corners. You will also hear diabolical stories about a girl in the mist, the Victorian woman in lingerie, a fatal nurse, and many other scary tales. There is a gourmet pizza spot on site where you can enjoy your favorite pizza and other tasty snacks.

Enjoy amazing plays at Intrigue Theater

4. Enjoy amazing plays at Intrigue Theater

The Intrigue Theater is the perfect location for couples to enjoy a family fun play or a great date evening. The theater is home to amazing local talent and professional animal trainers, magicians, escape artists, and even mentalists. In addition to these outstanding performers, the shows have appealing effects, incredible surprises, and fantastic stage illusions. The plays are frequently modified to ensure all visitors to the theater remain fully entertained.

Stop at Beaver Lake

3. Stop at Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is an artificial reservoir that is located at the heart of the Ozark Mountains. The Lake has over 500 miles of beautiful shoreline perfectly trimmed by limestone bluffs, stunning foliage, and caves. Measuring 28,000 acres, Beaver Lake is the ideal location to enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing, and swimming. The Lake is also surrounded by a calm and serene atmosphere, making it the perfect location to relax after a day full of fun activities.

Enjoy Ozark Mountain Ziplines

2. Enjoy Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Ozark Mountain Ziplines is the ideal destination for high-octane experiences as you enjoy the incredible natural sceneries of Ozark Mountain. The zipline cables are placed at the height of about 300 feet and extend up to 2,000 feet. The Ozark Mountain Ziplines entail ten interwoven zipline cables and a canopy bridge, all passing through the dense forest of the mountains. The adventure usually lasts for a maximum of two hours.

Pay homage to Christ of the Ozarks

1. Pay homage to Christ of the Ozarks

According to Family Destinations Guide, Christ of the Ozarks is of the most iconic tourist attractions in Arkansas. Christ of the Ozark is a 67-foot-tall Jesus Christ statue erected back in 1966. It is also one of the most visited locations in Arkansas, where many tourists worldwide have traveled to pay homage to Jesus' effigy. You will enjoy the $10.00 Holy Land Tours that emulate theatrical presentations and Biblical scenes. Watching over the town of Eureka Springs, Christ of Ozark is a fantastic achievement of architectural brilliance.

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