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The 20 Best Things to Do in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis

Neuilly-sur-Seine, which is sometimes referred to as Neuilly, is a commune in France that lies just west of Paris. Although it is a city, Neuilly-sur-Seine feels more like a village, as it has quiet residential streets, historic buildings, and open spaces. Some travelers choose to stay in Neuilly-sur-Seine rather than Paris due to its quieter nature, yet they can still easily access everything the capital offers. Even if they choose not to travel into the capital, visitors will find plenty of things to see and do in this location. Here are the 20 best things to do in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Bel Canto

20. Dine at Bel Canto

For many people, food plays an important role in enjoying a vacation. Neuilly-sur-Seine has many fantastic restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. According to Things to Do Post, one of the best places to eat in this location is Bel Canto. It has a menu of Italian, French, and Mediterranean dishes and a wine list that consists predominantly of Italian wines. While the food is excellent, the entertainment makes this venue stand out from the rest. The servers are students from the Paris-Conservatoire, and they suddenly spring into song and dance throughout the evening.

Go to the Ile de la Jatte

19. Go to the Ile de la Jatte

The River Seine has several small islands, and one of these is the Ile de la Jatte. There is a bridge connecting Neuilly-sur-Seine, the island, and Paris, so you can get there by car, public transport, bicycle, or on foot. The island's name translates as the Island of the Bowl, and it has approximately 4,000 inhabitants. Most of the island is tree-covered green space that you can explore, and there are also some interesting monuments and structures to see.

parc Lebaudy

18. Enjoy the Outdoors at the Parc Lebaudy

A pleasant place to spend some time outdoors while visiting Neuilly-sur-Seine is the Parc Lebaudy on Hauts-de-Seine, one of the small islands in the river. Parc Lebaudy is one of the prettiest spots in the area, as the green lawns are surrounded by mature trees and dotted with colorful flowerbeds. The various water features add to the tranquil vibe of the park, making it a great place to sit in peace if you want to get away from the heavily trafficked tourist attractions and busy streets.


17. Visit the Aquarium at Naturoscope

An unusual activity in the area is visiting the aquarium at Naturoscope. It is an environmental education structure on the island of Puteaux in the River Seine. The aim is to educate the public about the surrounding natural environment. The highlight of this attraction is the aquarium, which houses an array of colorful tropical fish in one large tank while another houses fish from the River Seine. There are various exhibits and interactive activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Musee Gaumont

16. Go to the Musee Gaumont

Gaumont is the world's oldest film company, as it was founded in 195 by Leon Gaumont. It was first established right at the beginning of cinema and has continued to play a role in cinematography's history ever since. The museum is devoted to the company's history and the history of filmmaking. A large section of the museum is devoted to the life and work of French actor Louse de Funes. Exhibits in the museum include photographs, drawings, and personal letters. There are also films and film extracts that depict some of the highlights of the actor's career.

Saint James Paris

15. Stay at the Saint James Paris

Choosing the right hotel for your stay in Neuilly-sur-Seine is essential to your overall enjoyment of a stay in this destination. There are plenty of options to suit all tastes and budgets. One of the top hotels in the area is Saint James Paris. It is one of the area's most luxurious hotels, as it is set in an 1892 chateau on stunning grounds. The hotel's amenities include an on-site spa, a bar, a library, and an outstanding grand restaurant.

Le Musee de Montmartre

14. Visit Le Musee de Montmarte- Jardins Renoir

The Montemarte Estate houses a museum and is set in landscaped grounds, both of which are open for visitors to explore. In the museum, there is a permanent collection that is devoted to the artistic life in Montemarte. A temporary exhibition space changes twice yearly, and this houses art from the 19th and 20th centuries, along with pieces by artists with a link to the area. Furthermore, the estate includes the reconstructed studio apartment of Suzanne Valadon, Andre Utter, and Maurice Utrillo.

Parc de Becon

13. Stroll Around the Parc de Becon

Parc de Becon sits on the opposite side of the River Seine from Neuilly-sur-Seine, and it is one of the most pleasant outdoor spaces nearby. Its riverside location means that visitors can enjoy water views from the seating along the riverbanks. It is also one of the best places to enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower. If you are visiting the area, this park is one of the best places to take the kids for a couple of hours, as there are several playgrounds.

Roybet Fould

12. Go to the Roybet Fould Museum

The Roybet Fould Museum is one of the best museums to visit close to Neuilly-sur-Seine. The building that houses the museum was originally built in 1878 for the Paris World Fair to accommodate the Pavilion of Norway and Sweden. An aristocrat's adopted daughter left her wealth and personal collection to the museum, and her collection now forms the main part of the exhibition. After viewing the artifacts in the museum, head outside to the Par de Brecon that is right next door.

La Defense

11. Shop at La Defense

La Defense is Paris's business district, and it sits on the opposite banks of the River Seine to Neuilly-sur-Seine. The district was a planned development constructed in the 1960s, and the aim was to retain the historical nature of Paris and to keep modern architecture to the outskirts of the city. La Defense is probably the best place to enjoy some shopping during your visit to Neuilly-sur-Seine, and it is also a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat, as there are many eateries in this district.

Musee Marmottan Monet

10. Enjoy the Art at the Musee Marmottan Monet

The Crazy Tourist recommends a trip to the Musee Marmottan Monet for art lovers. It is just outside Neuilly-dur-Seine through the Bois de Boulogne. Originally, the museum was devoted to art and furniture from The First Empire. In the 1960s, the focus of the museum changed when Claude Monet's son, Michel, donated his private collection of his father's paintings. Following the donation, the museum boasted more works by Money than any other museum or gallery in the world. Donations from other people added to the museum's collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, and they now have more than 300 on display. These include works by Sisley, Gauguin, and Renoir.

Arc de Triomphe

9. See the Arc de Triomphe

One of France's most iconic landmarks is the Arc de Triomphe. While this is often listed as a Paris attraction, it is on the east side of Neuilly-sur-Sein on Avenue de la Grande Armee. The arch is modeled on the Arch of Titus, which is a notable structure in Rome, Italy. Construction of the Arc de Triomphe began in 1806, and thirty years later, it was inaugurated in honor of those who had died during Napoleon's campaigns and the Revolutionary War. The Arc de Triomphe is decorated with reliefs featuring various battles, and it houses the tomb of the unknown soldier. If you climb to the roof, there are spectacular views across the streets below.

Chateau de Neuilly

8. Visit the site of the Chateau de Neuilly

A former landmark of Neuilly-sur-Seine was the Chateau de Neuilly. It was Louis-Philippe I's favorite residence. Unfortunately, the chateau was destroyed in a fire in 1848 during the French Revolution. Instead of replacing the structure, the grounds were divided into seven boulevards and nine streets. The one remaining wing of the chateau on Boulevard d'Argenson was integrated into a convent in 1907. It is an interesting area to wander around and consider the changes that have taken place.

Folie Saint James

7. See the Folie Saint James

The Folie Saint James sits along the Rue de Longchamp, which is just one street away from the river. It is a symbol for the excesses of the Ancien Regime, and it was built in the late 1770s. During Louis XVI's reign, Claude Baudard de Saint James, a treasurer for the French Navy, commissioned the mansion and the surrounding park. Architect Francois-Joseph Belanger planned the mansion, and his instruction from Saint James was to do whatever he wanted as long as it was expensive. The park sits behind the mansion, and it includes a Doric under a grotto. Both the mansion and the park recently underwent a revamp to restore them to their former splendor.

Enjoy a Boat Trip Along the Seine

6. Enjoy a Boat Trip Along the Seine

Due to Neuilly-sur-Seine's position right on the banks of the River Seine, it makes sense to take the opportunity to spend some time on the water. There are various boat trips available, including both day and night options. If you opt for a day boat trip, it is a fantastic way of viewing the sights and landmarks along the river's banks from a different perspective. On the other hand, the evening boat trips give you the chance to see the spectacular sight of Paris lit up at night.

Take a Wine Tour

5. Take a Wine Tour

France is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world. No matter where you stay in this country, you will find activities that focus on wine production and tasting. If you head outside Neuilly-sur-Seine, then you can visit vineyards and wineries. There are also wineries and tasting rooms if you head into Paris. Wine enthusiasts may enjoy embarking on one of the many wine tours, each of which offers a different experience, but all include opportunities to taste some top-class wines.


4. See a Performance at the Theatre Du Petit Parmentier

For those who enjoy the performing arts, one of the top venues in the area surrounding Neuilly-sur-Seine is the Theatre Du Petit Parmentier. There is a varied program of performances throughout the year, ranging from dance shows, drama productions, comedy nights, and operas. If you want to watch a performance during your visit, then it is best to check out the theater's website before you visit and book your tickets in advance.

Center aquatique

3. Have Fun at Centre Aquatique Neuilly-sur-Seine

Trip Hobo says that one of the best places for a fun day out in this location is the Centre Aquatique Neuilly-sur-Seine. It is an excellent attraction for people of all ages, and it is a particularly popular attraction during the summer months when people want to cool down. The waterpark consists of several pools and slides across different levels, and there are also landscaped gardens.

Eglise Saint Pierre

2. Go to the Eglise Saint Pierre

If you find historic religious buildings interesting to visit, then you should see the Eglise Saint-Pierre. It is dedicated to the apostle Peter, and it has been included in the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage since 1993. The church was designed by architects Alfred Dauvergne and Louis Devergne, and it was constructed between 1883 and 1914. However, there are some later additions to the chapel, such as the high school chaplaincy. Some parts of the exterior décor were never finished. One of the highlights of the interior is the large Mutin-Cavaille-Coll organ that was installed in 1900.

Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis

1. Visit the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis

According to Inspirock, the best thing to do in Neuilly-sur-Seine is to see the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis. It is just outside Neuilly-sur-Seine in another Parisian suburb, and it is one of the area's most striking buildings. The former medieval abbey church was completed in 1144 and is considered the first building to use all the elements of Gothic architecture. Over the years, the cathedral has had various sections reconstructed, and there are also some later additions. Within the cathedral, some of the highlights include crypts, a beautiful knave, stunning stained-glass windows, and artwork.

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