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The Five Best Tour De France Watches of All Time

Bravur Grand Tour La Corsa Rosa

The Tour De France is the most spectacular cycling competition in the world. It is also one of the oldest, established in 1903, and occurring annually. It's a grueling 2,000-mile competition that is parsed into three weeks among 21 stages with a few rest days thrown in. Several major watchmakers have designed timepieces to commemorate this very special event for cyclists and those who admire the race that is more than a century old. If you're in the market for a new watch and you're a fan of the event, here are the five best Tour De France Watches of all time for your enjoyment and consideration.

Tissot Supersport Chrono Tour De France 2020 Men's Watch T1256171705100

5. Tissot Supersport Chrono Tour De France 2020 - Price: $450

The Tissot Supersport Chrono Tour De France 2020 is one of the brand's most iconic pieces in the collection of timepieces dedicated to honoring the oldest and most beloved cycling competition in Europe. The second hand has a racing bike with fine details for eye appeal. It's one more adornment that thrills cycling enthusiasts. The watch is decorated with the Tour de France logo. It comes with a special commemorative box and two interchangeable straps of rubber and leather. The case is large that measures 45.5 mm in width and 11.9 mm in depth. The case material is high-quality 316L stainless steel. It also comes with an engraved solid stainless steel case back. The bezel features a tachymeter of aluminum materials. The dial is black. It presents a dark background with wonderfully contrasting hour markers and indices that are highly legible. The indices receive a treatment of Superluminova that gives them a brilliant glow when the lights go down. The hands, also treated with luminous material, glow brightly in the dark. The movement is a Swiss-made quartz ETA G10-.212 with 4 jewels. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and a 60-second subdial, with a third subdial placed at the 6 o'clock position on the dial. It also provides a date function. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers the dial. This watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. You can find the Tissot Supersport Chrono Tour De France 2020 at the Time machine plus website.

Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France 2020 Chronograph

4. Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France 2020 Chronograph - Price: $269-$495

The T-Race Cycling Tour de France 2020 is a slightly smaller commemorative watch featuring a 44 mm case made of 316L stainless steel. This model was made in celebration of the 2020 Tour de France featuring a Swiss-made quartz movement and a rotating tachymeter bezel. Other functions of the movement include a chronometer with two subdials placed on the dial of the watch, a date window, hours, minutes, and seconds. The case back is solid stainless steel with a coating of grey and black PVD and silicone. The dial is protected with a sapphire crystal lens and the watch is water-resistant to 10 ATM. You can find this special edition chronograph on the Nordstrom Rack website. this is an exceptional value offered by the high-end luxury watch brand in celebration of the grand Tour de France event.

Bravur La Grande Boucle

3. Bravur La Grande Boucle - Price: $2,495

The La Grande Boucle is one of three special edition watches in the Grand Tour chronographs collection by Bravur. This sporty example commemorates the iconic cycle endurance race with a smaller case size of 38 m in width. It's made of stainless steel featuring the colors of the famed are with accents of yellow and green polka dots on the dial. The dial features three subdials in white that provide an exceptional contrast against the dark background. This watch is powered by a Sellita SW511b automatic movement with a power reserve of 62 hours. This is a limited edition that is strictly held to just 50 pieces made for distribution throughout the world. You can find the remaining stock of the Brevur La Grande Boucle on the Bravur website.

Bravur Grand Tour La Vuelta

2. Bravur Grand Tour La Vuelta - Price: $2,495

The Grand Tour La Vuelta is another limited edition timepiece with just 50 pieces made by the Swedish watchmaker. The case is made of 316L stainless steel with a width of 38.2 mm with notable variances in the finish including polished and brushed surfaces for an elegant aesthetic. The movement is a Swiss-made Sellita SW511 automatic with chronograph functions, and a 62-hour power reserve, a 60-second chronograph, 15 minute counter, and a 12 hour counter. It affixes to the wrist with a genuine leather strap with a pin buckle. All Grand Tour watches are made in Bastad, Sweden. This example offers a vintage look with modern features. You can find the remaining stock of this limited edition timepiece on the Bravur Watches website.

Bravur Grand Tour La Corsa Rosa

1. Bravur Grand Tour La Corsa Rosa - Price: $2,495

The third member of the Bravur Grand Tour collection is the La Corsa Rosa. This is an automatic chronograph with a stainless steel case measuring 38.2 mm in diameter. The dial is laid out with three subdials for the 12 hour counter, the 15 minute counter, and the 60 seconds display. This unique example is powered by a Swiss-made Sellita SW511 automatic movement. It comes with a genuine leather strap with perforations that gives it a sporty personality and greater breathability against the skin with its vintage appeal. the La Corsa Rosa pays tribute to the Tour De France annual competition with this limited edition with unique numbering on each case back. only fifty of these models will ever be produced. Each of the Grand Tour watches is hand made a the headquarters for Bravur located in Bastad, Sweden. You can find the remaining stock of the Bravur Grand Tour La Corsa Rosa on the Bravur official website.

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