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The Five Best Vince Camuto Watches Money Can Buy

Vince Camuto's Men's Goldtone and Black Chain Link Watch

The timepiece we choose for either day or evening wear, can be said to be a reflection of both our taste and lifestyle. The designers at Vince Camuto appear to gauge both very well. Their designs range from the cutting edge, to the chic and stylish. For instance, their faux snake skin print watches exude a statement of power and decisiveness, while their Swarovski Crystal accented designs convey timelessness of the contemporary and classic. Then, there are those designs which appeal to those who seek the purity of function above all else. No matter what design you select, you can be sure with Vince Camuto, you'll own a piece which boldly expresses your individuality, style and taste. Our list of the top 5 best Vince Camuto watches includes watches from their various best seller lists. Each watch represents the exquisite attention to detail and high quality performance that Vince Camuto timepieces are known for.

Vince Camuto's Woman's Wrap Around Faux Snake Print Watch

5. Vince Camuto's Woman's Wrap Around Faux Snake Print Watch

When you pay a visit to the Vince Camuto website, you'll see that both their new arrivals and best selling watches for the season all have one thing in common: Snake skin print. This is an unusual, and rather fun timepiece design, so it's easy to see why it's one of their best sellers. This model comes with an eco-friendly, vegan leather strap with a snake skin print design. Described on it's site as being fashion forward, we couldn't agree more. The black dial is accompanied by simple, gold markers to relay the time, giving it a cutting edge, contemporary design, just made for those with an adventurous soul, willing enjoy new experiences and do so without fear. Crafted with both style and function in mind, the features of this watch include a 26mm goldtone, stainless steel case, mineral crystal, Japanese Quartz movement, and splash proof rating.

4. Vince Camuto Women's Swarovski Crystal Accented Mesh Bracelet

If you're in the market for a chic, stylish and dressy timepiece, one that won't overpower your ensemble, but rather accent it, then Vic Camuto's Swarovski accented watch is a timepiece you should definitely consider adding to your dress accessory collection. Made specifically for dress wear, this stainless steel timepiece is both functional and durable. Crafted with painstaking detail by master craftsmen, this watch boasts a total of 345, clear Swarovski crystals, 55 around the bezel and 290 set on the dial. The dial itself is minimalist in design, with only 4 markers, Vince Camuto logo and silver-tone hands, and mineral crystal window. The adjustable, stainless steel silver-tone mash bracelet is designed for comfort, and closes using a sliding buckle. Features of this timepiece include precision Japanese Quartz Movement, a 26mm stainless steel case, and water resistant depth of 100 feet. This refined and stately timepiece is suitable for both a bride, and an evening out on the town.

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3. Vince Camuto's Women's Crystal Bezel Dress Watch

Trendy, smart and with an upscale sense of being, this exquisite timepiece by Vince Camuto just exudes understated elegance. Perfect for a hike in the park, or for a casual night out on the town, Vince Camuto's Crystal Bezel timepiece is that one accessory that can suit almost any occasion. Crafted from high quality stainless steel, its round case houses a dial with minimalist markers, each with their own Swarovski Crystal, all surrounded by a bevy of Swarovski Crystals applied to the bevel. The stainless steel, brown adjustable chain link bracelet comes in a polished brown, and closes with a double, push button, fold over clasp. Water resistant up to 165 feet, this timepiece comes with precise Japanese Quartz movement, and a durable, mineral lens crystal.

Vince Camuto's Men's Goldtone and Black Chain Link Watch

2. Vince Camuto's Men's Goldtone and Black Chain Link Watch

Vince Camuto's goldtone and black, chain link watch represents what most men want in a watch. This timepiece is crafted for the man who appreciates the exactness of precision time keeping, functionality, as well as style and comfort. This watch houses three subdials or auxiliary dials, which represent date, day and time. Each of the subdials are designed to be easy to read, and are placed on a minimalist, black clock face. The dial has three hands, with the hour and minute hands expressing a bold, masculine sword design. The shiny, chain link, stainless steel band with the fold over buckle closure, is designed for comfort, allowing you to put the watch on at 8am, and wear throughout the day, with nary a pinch of discomfort. Features of this watch include 3-hand Japanese Quartz movement, 42mm stainless steel case, and water resistant to 165 feet. This is a versatile, bold watch, with a masculine design, suitable for day and evening wear.

1. Vince Camuto Women's Rosetone Mesh Bracelet Watch

Elegance, style and a breathtaking design, make this timepiece by Vince Camuto one that will spark a light in the heart of that special lady. This best selling timepiece comes in a glossy, polished rosetone, one of the more favored finishes for women's watches of any make or model. But that's not all, as this rosetone, stainless steel watch has been painstakingly detailed with clear Swarovski crystals. Here, the Swarovski Crystals are placed on the bezel, enhancing the rosetoned dial. They've also been placed on the minimalist markers. The dial itself contains three a rosetone hand movement, an outer minute track, and is covered by a durable, mineral crystal lens. The stainless steel, rosetone mesh bracelet retains its comfort all throughout the day, and closes via an adjustable, sliding buckle. Precision time keeping is provided by high quality, Japanese Quartz movement.

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