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The Five Best Vodkas For A Screwdriver


A Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that contains a simple list of ingredients. It consists of 1.5 ounces of vodka, 6 ounces of pulp-free orange juice, and ice in a glass, but there are subtle differences in the flavor and the quality based on the quality of the ingredients. It's essential, to begin with, the best possible ingredients, and this means finding the best vodka label. We've taken the liberty of providing our picks for the five best vodkas based on their characteristics that influence the overall character of the drink.

5. Square One Cucumber Vodka

They distil square One Cucumber Vodka in Marins County California. It is the product of Allison Evanow's creation. This vodka is an organic distillation that features an infusion of organic cucumbers into the process. Each ingredient is chosen carefully, such as rye grains from North Dakota, for their climate that produces the highest quality of flavor. On the nose, the essence of cucumber with its clean and light scent is in the background, adding high notes with a faint sweetness. On the tongue, it is smooth with a mild bite and flavor of cucumber with a tinge of chlorophyll that comes close to rating minty, but not quite. This is a dry vodka that develops an earthy grain flavor that maintains its smoothness with a full-bodied flavor and light traces of vanilla, spices, and nuts. The layers of flavor add subtle notes when mixed with orange juice that results in a unique signature screwdriver.

4. Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is a vodka label known for its premium qualities and distinction in the industry. It is a product of France made with a unique filtering process that begins with premium wheat and a limestone filtering process using spring water. This smooth vodka has a clear and aromatic nuance. on the nose, it is grainy with essences of black pepper and almond. on the tongue, notes of rye and star anise emerge with a distinct peppery flavor and a perfumed essence. It has a long finish with a creamy note that is spicy and warming. This smooth vodka is one of the most popular ingredients chosen by mixologists for making screwdriver cocktails because of its clean yet aromatic qualities.

3. Absolut Elyx Vodka

Absolut Elyx Vodka is unique among the hundreds of vodkas on the market today, with its flavor becoming more full-bodied when served warm versus chilled. It's a puzzling vodka for aficionados who take pride in labeling the various aromas on the nose. It's aromatic, yet with subtleties not easily separated or identified on the nose. When it hits the tong there is neutrality with a pure and silky texture that has a creamy and richness. It's an exceptional choice for screwdrivers because of its neutral flavors. It is best described as a luxury spirit with versatility for sipping warm as a neet. While some do not recommend diluting its richness with mixers, its sweet finish and warming qualities add richness and a bit of personality to the common screwdriver. We encourage its use in cocktails for this reason.

2. Kalak Vodka

Kalak is a vodka label with an unusual flavor. It is distilled in Ireland through a unique process that begins with traditional Irish methods, not commonly used today. The distillers charred Virgin oak casks over a fire of Irish peat, a traditional fuel source from ancient times. This gives the final product an earthy aroma that, on the nose, is barely discernable as peat and straw. Once past the nose, it develops of full-bodied flavor that is rich on the tongue. A slight nuance of smoke with espresso, mocha, and the sweetness of vanilla emerge in layers. It is a single malt vodka that maintains a distinctness with hints of lemon and brioche as added flavor nuances with a smooth finish. When mixed with orange juice and serve on the rocks, you have a signature screwdriver with an earthy personality and the fun layers of flavor that emerge as you sip the cocktail.

1. Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere is a vodka label distilled by Moet Hennessy at the Polmos Zyradow Distillery in Poland. They released it in 1993 with 80 proof strength. It is an award-winning vodka taking the Gold t the 2021 International Spirits Challenge. Belvedere is a rye-based vodka. It emerges in savory nuances that fade gracefully into the background. On the nose, the subtle essence of toasty grassiness with notes of almond with a hint of sweetness, yet light freshness combines its elements in a refreshing aroma that is decidedly light and clean. On the palate, Belvedere offers a complexity of layered experiences and sensations. It comes off with an initial hint of sweetness. It is light but detectable. More full-bodied notes of spiciness follow this with overtones of rye. The alcohol delivers a moderate bite around the edges of the tongue that push the flavor notes, with a consistency of spice with grassy notes throughout the experience. The finish is clean and smooth with a moderate length that ends in the satisfaction of a few subtle layers that give it a complexity that remains uncluttered. Belvedere is an excellent choice for screwdrivers because of the complementary notes that combine well with the citrus flavor of the orange juice.

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