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Five Companies Leading the Way in Biometric Surveillance

Biotmetric Surveillance

Rising crime rates and nationwide riots have spurred a need for increased surveillance of government and private businesses. Thefts are up with more break-ins, vandalism, and other invasions of privacy due to shutdowns with more people at home with less to do. This has been a positive trend for companies that provide surveillance. On the digital front, the scenario is similar, pushing the need for increased security and surveillance. Biometric surveillance blocks entry to digital files as well as to physical locations, requiring authentication of identity before access is granted. It uses advanced technology systems such as facial recognition, retinal scans, fingerprints, voice recognition, or other types of identifying people based on biological uniqueness. The competition is fierce with hundreds of new startups and dozens of older companies churning out new and upgraded systems for changing demands in safety and security. Changes to adapt to the new security threats emerging almost daily have been factors affecting the need for innovative strategies and solutions in the field. Investors are also eyeing some of the more prominent companies emerging as some show tremendous potential for profitability. Here are five companies leading the way in biometric surveillance for 2021.

5. YITU Technology

YITU Technology is a pioneer in artificial intelligence research used for powering some of the top products in the biometric surveillance industry. The company was established in Singapore in 2018. It specializes in the development of facial recognition technologies for partners in business throughout the world. The core business of YITU Technology centers around technology that powers Intelligence services for cities, for the healthcare industry, and for businesses, to provide more secure biometric surveillance systems.

4. LumenVox

LumenVox was formerly Voice Trust until a merger brought the two together. It's been in operation at its San Diego, California location for more than 18 years. It's a provider of speech recognition technology that provides multifactor and multimodal biometric technology for its clients. LumenVox is certified as among the most accurate solution providers in the biometric surveillance industry currently. It serves a massive number of Call Centers deploying speech-enabled applications. Since the merger, LumenVox has become a more notable presence in the biometric surveillance industry with its focus upon the provision of natural sounding and accurate solutions. It's one of the more popular providers because of its proven track record for improving the Call Center return on investment and CX. Most recently, LumenVox entered into a partnership with Interactive Northwest for the development of a voice biometric speech attendant. It's on the cutting edge of technology in this industry. Another notable innovation is LumenVox's automated taxi dispatch service. The company serves businesses in the online and physical environments with innovative technology that is complicated in its configuration, yet it provides the end-users with an easy-to-use and seamless system of enhanced protection.

3. Unisys

Unisys is a leader in the biometrics surveillance industry with over 25 years of biometric technology development to its credit. The company serves clients all over the world with adaptable biometric systems that are scalable and customized to meet the individual needs of the clients with affordable costs that make them a popular choice for companies throughout the world. With a proven track record of more than 25 years of biometric technology innovation and large-scale implementations throughout the world, Unisys delivers scalable, affordable, and adaptable biometric systems to meet our clients’ mission requirements. Unisys recently offered an innovative update to its Stealth platform's biometric capabilities with a passive liveness detention feature. Unisys continues to research and develop the latest useful features for enhancing the protection of its clients with cutting-edge technologies that provide the most effective and efficient biometric surveillance and security features. It's known for its innovations and continual upgrades. Unisys is an established company that has made significant contributions to the advancement of surveillance technology. They've trusted partners for helping companies across the globe in managing their global security risks. Services extend to physical and online environments.

2. Trueface

Trueface is a computer vision company that specializes in the deployment of facial recognition technology its leading biometric product. It also produces systems that provide age verification and weapon detection. Its leading product is the Fairface facial biometrics dataset that features innovations that now quantify bias factors through the latest TFV5 facial recognition mode. It employs the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in a complex system. Camera data is obtained and converted into actionable intelligence for surveilling and protecting environments in a new smart technology system. Trueface is a leader in the industry with recognition for the development of systems that achieve high standards of biometric accuracy as scored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Face Recognition Vendor testing. It's coming in second in the industry.

1. pdActive

pdActive is a company that has been making the news recently with its latest innovation in facial recognition intelligence that provides periocular biometrics for masked faces in the current era of the coronavirus pandemic. The company developed the new technology to compensate for the massive number of people who must now wear face masks in the work environment. pdActive provides the world with artificial intelligence-powered computer vision in products that allow for frictionless access to spaces while providing solid protection and security from unauthorized entry into accessible areas through its technology. The company specializes in providing the latest cutting-edge technology in risk and energy management systems with biometric surveillance and access systems. pdActive is an artificial intelligence developer that provides clients with upgrades for surveillance systems to a biometric facial recognition system for biometric identification in harsh environments with the claim of the lowest TCO. It serves clients throughout the world with technology for physical and digital environments. Some of the other innovations in pdActive technology include the known history of persons identified in a space, name and employee ID number, and their internal body temperature.

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