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How Do You Send Mass Emails Using Gmail? Let’s find out

Mass emailing is the new way of email marketing. You no longer need to select every participant and send emails in hours. You can send bulk emails at once to several people, like a reminder to a coupon or informational stuff regarding your services.

Although it's the best way to approach numerous people, but, in recent times, mass email marketing has been a bit risky. Most of the emails land in spam folders, plus, they need to be more personalized for every user to capture their eye for which you’ll have to use an html email editor for effective marketing.

Google offers two methods to send mass email in Gmail. Let’s see which one suits you the best.

Free Accounts:

  1. To send mass emails, you can utilize the method.
  2. Organize prospects into groups.
  3. Use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to manage daily sending limits.
  4. Write your email content and enter contacts.
  5. You can send 500 emails a day with this method.

The free method involves sending emails like a normal email. However, here, you’ve to do a different action which is to target mass members. Another thing, you can only send 500 emails but by utilizing the mass email sender, your emails will be marked as spam or Google may terminate your account if you exceed the daily quota.

Google Workspace Method:

Your business can reach a larger audience without getting banned or landing in the spam folder with Google Workspace.

  1. Sign up for Google Workspace and get a subscription.
  2. Now, you can send 1500/day emails with customized campaigns, and you can merge spreadsheet data as well.
  3. For a better experience, you can use the Mail Merge solution to connect spreadsheets. Also, you can use YAMM to track email open rates and receive behavior-based reports, it allows you to send mass emails from Gmail.

Sending Mass Emails via Google Workspace:

  • After signing up for a Google Workspace subscription, start your email delivery process by clicking on compose.
  • Select your recipients directly, or you can use a spreadsheet of contacts for customization.
  • Use the Mail Merge extension to personalize emails by filling in addresses, names, and related terms to the user so it looks more personalized.
  • Ensure you don’t exceed the daily quota, or you may face account termination or landing in the spam folder.

Benefits of Gmail for Mass Emails:

Ease of use. Gmail offers an easy-to-go interface for small businesses and newbies who are not tech enthusiasts to craft emails. The mass email sender Gmail is as easy as sending a normal email. No high-tech or coding experience is required.

Another thing, you can easily learn how to create an email blast in Gmail within minutes. It comes in as a cost-effective way of email marketing. Mass email through Gmail 

Best Practice of Mass Email Through Gmail:

Though you can send bulk email Gmail directly, there are still some legal requirements required to adhere to email hygiene to tackling any lawsuit.

  • Ensure you’ve asked for permission from the user before sending commercial emails.
  • Keep a record of how and when consent was recorded. It will help you adhere to the law.
  • Always create an opt-out option in every bulk email you send. In easy words, create an unsubscribe button at the end of the email so people who don’t want to follow can easily leave.


Mass emailing via Gmail is an easy and cost-effective way to your new marketing campaign. However, you need to be a bit careful while planning and executing plus you need to comply with the law of consent to avoid any future complications.

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