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Why The Black Rolex Milgauss is the Best Rolex Milgauss

Rolex Black Milgauss

Horology can have an exceptional allure for the casual wristwatch wearer bitten by the bug of enthusiasm. It only takes one unique experience with an outstanding feature to spark a fire that turns into a fascination with design, function, and aesthetics. Once you enter into the halls of knowledge and experience an in-depth understanding of how fanatics develop innovations in form and function, you enter a new world of discovery that pulls you deeper inside. It goes beyond the desires of the average collector in search of investment treasures. It's about a deep resonation with a mechanical device that you understand. You come to admire. An ongoing debate between two of Hodinkee's staff members exemplifies how this phenomenon occurs. The subject of their contention and friendly disagreement is over the Rolex Milgauss and which version is better, the black dial or the white dial. You can find the debate at the website Hodinkee if you want to know more about their friendly but passionate argument. The persuasive article piqued my interest because I also have my druthers. I prefer the black dial over the white. It's refreshing to leave a well-written piece with a new understanding, the moral of the story being, you never talk down someone's favorite watch, especially when it's a Rolex Milgauss of any kind. I'm not one to take sides and prefer to take a lighter approach to focus on the advantages of the Black Rolex Milgauss, limiting defamatory narratives about the white version, also an exceptional timepiece with merit.

Overview of the Black Rolex Milgauss

The first glance at the Black Rolex Milgauss is not a casual experience for everyone. You're immediately captivated by the orange lightning bolt second-hand. It stands out as a unique feature against the black background. White indices inset with their silver boxes, with orange squares running along the hour edge, calling greater attention to the hour markers add color variation and a design element that works visually. The Black Milgauss is a member of the Rolex Oyster Collection. It's a subset of a beloved family of Rolexes. The line operates somewhat independently with its family line. It takes center stage. When you get into the fine details that the differences emerge, whichever side of the fence you land. The Milgauss comes in three variants. You'll find it in a white dial and a black dial with a green sapphire crystal, and the black dial with a clear sapphire crystal.

A closer look at the Black Milgauss

Watch Box reviewers point out the Black Milgauss dispenses with the extraneous features to deliver a classic style that adds a splash of uncomplicated color as their outstanding aesthetics. They don't interfere with telling the time, which is the primary function of setting fashion elements aside. The classic styling offers sophistication with a straightforward approach that gives the Black Milgauss a sporty vibe for the best of both worlds. You can wear it every day. It fits in under various social settings, from a football game in jeans and a sweatshirt to the office with business attire. Let's get down to the brass tacks now. Black Milgauss features the Rolex Oystersteel case with a width of 40 mm and a 13 mm depth. A small Faraday cage composed of soft iron materials sits within the case and movement. The design creates a shield that gives it anti-magnetism qualities. It prevents interference from electronics and environmental features that can magnetize a timepiece and render it inoperable. No demagnetization will be necessary. They enhance the protection through elements of the movement, including a Parachrom hairspring. The bezel is thin and classic, but it offers a lovely departure from the norm with a slight cliff drop at the bottom portion. Look closely to notice. The Black dial offers a choice of a clear sapphire crystal bezel or an alluring green crystal with a green bezel accent on the inner rim. We hesitate to put the label whimsically on the green and orange version of the dial. However, its personality seems to be more fun and interesting, if not more outgoing and less subdued.

The movement

The Black Milgauss operates by an in-house caliber 3131 movement that is both antimagnetic and shock-resistant, thanks to the blue Parachrom Bleu hairspring. Other components made of materials that repel magnetic fields further enhance magnetic resistance. The movement is automatic, and COSC certified chronometer. Functions are hours, minutes, seconds, no date, and a power reserve of 48 hours. Water-resistance is 330 feet.

Comparing the differences

With the white dial, you get a clear sapphire crystal, but the black version offers a choice of an eye-catching green band running against the base of the bezel, with a striking green sapphire crystal. The colors are magnificent against the matte black background. They add dimension to the personality of the timepiece. The green and orange accents make the second iteration more fun, but if you're going after more stark sophistication, you have the choice of opting for the clear crystal without the green accent on the bezel. It's worth noting that the Black Milgauss with the clear dial, along with the white dial, is discontinued. In time, it will increase in rarity and value if kept in pristine condition.

Final thoughts

We must concede that the differences are strictly aesthetic, but we don't discount the value of attraction. Functionally, the white and black dials we understand are the same, but there's something about the novel use of color that makes us gravitate toward the black dial. The green crystal with a matching bezel running band gives it a stellar personality. They set it apart from the more vanilla and sterile aesthetic of the white dial. Both are winners, but we get to choose, and perhaps that's what makes the difference.

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