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How Did Bradley Martyn Amass His Impressive Net Worth?

Bradley Martyn

Over the years, Bradley Martyn has made a huge name for himself in the weightlifting world and served as a major inspiration for millions of people. However, all that success was hard-earned and has come not only on the back of lifting and coaching but also on smart investment opportunities. 

In this article, we’ll show potential fitness gurus how a genius of the art made his millions. We’ll highlight Bradley Martyn’s early life, examine how he’s made his wife, discuss some accomplishments and achievements, and provide insight into his unique ability to make money.

Net Worth$2 million to $20 million (some dispute)
Age34 (as of 2023)
FromUnited States
Primary Income SourcesYouTube, BMFit, Zoo Culture Gym, sponsorships, fitness coaching 
YouTube Channel3.21M subscribers, 1.7K videos, 640 million total views
Social Media Following4.5 million Instagram, 3.3 million TikTok
Asset OwnedLuxury home, gaming area, pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor fireplace, several luxury vehicles

Early Life and Career

Bradley Martyn was born in Winnetka, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, on May 22, 1989. Martyn had an early love of fitness and was a sports competitor and weightlifter at a young age. He went to high school in Los Angeles, attended California State University-Sacramento, and completed a one-year business-oriented course here to prepare for a career in business.

Finally, he earned a business management degree in 2011 from California State University-Fullerton. 

Brief overview of early life, including where they were born and raised. However, he was already building his empire at an early age, as he started mastering key weight training and nutrition skills when he was 15 and, later, began the training program that helped build his success: BMFit. 

Lifting Competitions

Martyn then went on to compete in several lifting competitions, getting a 2011 NPC Southern California Championship win. He placed second in the NPC USA Championship the same year, 10th in the same competition in 2012, and won a championship at the 2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic. In 2013, he placed eighth in the NPC USA Championships before mostly retiring from competition to focus on his career. 

Since 2014, he started building a reputation for excellence on his YouTube channel, Bradley Martyn. It was here that he shared various lifting and fitness routines, and his viewership continued to grow. With 3.12 million subscribers and over 640 million channel views, Martyn has achieved a level of success few other lifters have and is likely to continue building on it. 

Film and Television

Interestingly, Martyn has also had a small Hollywood career, appearing in “Boo! A Madea Halloween” in 2016 and in its sequel the next year. Martyn also appeared in “Coded Court” in 2019 and appeared on television shows “Caught” and Caught: The Series.” Martyn is no Marlon Brando or Leonardo Dicaprio, but his appearances here highlighted his increasing popularity. 

Martyn’s Lifting Success 

Martyn typically lifts five days a week, resting his body on Saturday and Sunday to minimize strain. He focuses on his chest on Monday, his back on Tuesday, his shoulders on Wednesday, his legs on Thursday, and his arms on Friday. Routines include barbell bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, machine chest presses, wide-grip lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, cable pulls, and barbell shrugs.

Martyn also follows an intermittent fasting schedule, fasting up to 16 hours a day to keep his weight under control. This approach also helps give him more energy for his workouts and provides a unique source of workout support. In this way, his lifting routine has helped him stay in great shape and provide a unique guide for his many fans to follow in their lives.

How Did Bradley Martyn Make His Money? 

Over the years, Bradley Martyn net worth estimates have continually increased to the point where he’s clearly a millionaire and very well off as a person. Earning this money has been a steady process and requires working through many steps. Let’s take a look at how Bradley Martyn gradually built his fitness empire and, when possible, examine the exact worth of each of these investments. 

While exact numbers weren’t always available (earnings estimates can be notoriously hard to track down or inaccurate), we did a lot of research to ensure that everything was as accurate as possible. You’ll see a lot of links here that highlight where we got our information. In this way, you can validate our working methods and do your own research, if necessary. Here’s what you need to know.

Lifting Competitions

Early in his career, Bradley Martyn focused mostly on weightlifting as a competitive experience and focused heavily on his training programs. Starting in 2006 (at a mere 16), he started BMFit, though this concept didn’t catch on for several years. It wasn’t until he built up experience in competitions after college that he was able to push himself to the next level as a competitor. 

While the exact earnings he made competing in events like the NPC South California Champion, NPC USA Championship runner-up, and NPC Phil Heath Classic Event aren’t certain, it’s clear that they were a helpful way for him to build his brand and compete at a higher level. During these early years, Martyn was still recovering from the early suicide death of his father and trying to manage his emotions.

However, he has also stated that this experience helped him learn independence and personal accountability at a young age. He has said, “Against all odds, no matter what you are chasing…remember that (it) isn’t going to be easy; in fact, it’s going to be difficult.” By not shying away from such realities, he could build a personal career focused on excellence and competitive superiority.


The biggest splash Martyn made to kickstart his earnings was starting his self-titled fitness channel. Unlike other fitness gurus who use clever names and intense branding to stand out, Martyn knew that the biggest advocate for his method was himself. By focusing on using just his name, he connected his YouTube channel to his personal experience and struggles and also made it easier to remember: a smart marketing decision. 

Since its debut in 2014, Martyn’s channel has earned 3.21M subscribers, created 1.7K videos, and gathered 640 million total views. The exact amount of money that he makes on his channel will vary heavily based on viewership numbers throughout days, weeks, and months. Social Blade provides a unique metric system that highlights these earnings on a day-by-day basis, constantly updating based on new views. 

Looking at these metrics, it’s clear to see that Martyn makes solid and consistent money off of the YouTube platform. Daily averages are between $53 and $853, while his weekly earnings vary between $373 and $6,000, monthly earnings from $1,6000 to $25,600, and yearly earnings between $19,200 and $307,000. That might seem like a large variance, but there are a lot of factors at play here. 

For example, on days when Martyn uploads a new video, his earnings will obviously jump heavily and make him more ad revenue. There are some days when he gets no views, as well as days when he gets a relatively low amount. Regardless, it’s clear that he has a consistent and effective money-making approach with YouTube, one that’s helped him stay financially solvent for years. 


A big part of Martyn’s success is his concept of BMFit, which he came up with in his teen years. Also known as “The Coach,” this idea focuses heavily on working directly with Bradley Martyn to improve your fitness. The goal is to not only handle your physical fitness but also to provide nutrition and training support that makes your progress easier to track. It treats you like a real person with individual goals and needs. 

For just $9.95 a month, people get access to a variety of fitness lessons and nutrition plans created by Bradley Martin. They tap into his unique and personalized workout routine, one that focuses heavily on muscles and major gains. There are short- and long-term workout programs for both men and women, including bulking and cutting options. There are also meal plans to help boost your health. 

Furthermore, there are regularly weekly articles posted nearly daily and videos of Bradley doing the workouts himself to provide tips on posture and much more. Though the exact earnings he gets from this isn’t clear, it obviously helps improve Bradley Martyn's net worth estimates. It’s a program that has helped inspire other fitness experts to integrate similar options that help their clients gain continually and improve their physique.

Origin Supplements 

Martyn also helped co-found Origin Supplements, a company that focuses on high-quality supplements at reasonable prices. Martyn’s stated goal is to break the bad reputation that these products have in many markets and to sell only things he believes in or would use personally. Though Origin Supplements isn’t one of his best-known businesses, it has had plenty of success. 

For example, Zoom Info states that it has an annual revenue of under $5 million per year, which means it makes a steady and strong income through sales. While it’s true that Origin does offer refunds for its customers, it’s clear from this profit projection that it also continually makes good money and likely mostly provides its customers with a great product that satisfies their supplemental needs. 

Note that revenues of several million dollars don’t mean that Martyn himself is getting all that money. Instead, it just indicates that the company itself earns that much cash. As a co-founder and spokesperson for the business, Martyn likely gets not only a regular salary but royalties from each of his product sales. That ensures that he continually earns a strong and consistent income.

Zoo Culture Gym

In 2023, Bradley Martin set up a new location for Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, upsizing its scope to expand its operation and provide a bigger workout space. In a poll discussing where new locations should open, over 2,500 people participated. If that number indicates the general success of the gym, it’s clear that Martyn is likely going to make a steady supply of income for the foreseeable future. 

This franchise has been something of a lifelong dream for Martyn, especially when building his empire one YouTube video at a time. It’s likely his biggest money maker beyond YouTube, though he also has sponsorships and partners that likely bring him good money (more on that below). As a result, it’s a good idea to break down this investment as much as possible to highlight his earnings. 

What is He Making?

The exact amount that Martyn makes from this gym is hard to estimate. That’s because it’s such a new gym that it’s tricky to gauge how much of an impact it's made in the market. There are currently no earnings estimates for it available online. On its official website, its memberships include a $60 day pass, a $125 monthly membership, and a $1,380 yearly membership option available. 

That likely seems like a lot of money to many people, especially compared to more budget-based gyms. However, Zoo Culture focuses on providing easy accessibility to workout equipment, no long-term contracts, and access to not only high-quality lifting tools but also personal trainers that can make your gainers easier to maintain. It’s an option that may not work for everybody interested in fitness.

Its official website also links directly to Raw Gear, which is Martyn’s BMFit line. It features products like tactical gear bags, t-shirts, and various training programs that provide help with a myriad of training needs. In this way, they provide lifters (both beginner and advanced) the help needed to create great gains.

Estimates Based on YouTube Videos 

Zoo Culture Gym has a pretty active YouTube account that regularly gets a large number of views from customers. It includes training videos, updates, personal connections with Bradley Martin, and more. It’s nowhere near as popular as his channel (87,100 subscribers), but it’s still earned 56 million views based on 329 videos. How much money does that translate to via views? 

Well, estimates a channel's net worth to be between $21,400 and $128,000 based on a myriad of factors. It states that the channel makes about $4,500 in a month or up to $9,700 every 30 days. The month counts will vary heavily based on several factors. For example, in February 2023, the channel made just $199 because it was quite new. That more than doubled the next month. 

By April 2023, though, the channel had taken enough to earn $5,200 in that month alone. Numbers have vacillated between $3,760 to $7,150, though July saw an all-time high earning of $11,500. Given that this channel is not even a year old yet, that’s a decent income for Martyn. Note that this money may go to multiple sources, including anyone who helps keep the channel updated. 

Guest Appearances/Fitness Coaching

Over the years, Bradley Martyn’s net worth has also been boosted by regular guest appearances and his online fitness coaching. He is known for appearing at various training facilities and events, particularly weight-building competitions, and is known to collect decent fees. The exact amount of each fee is uncertain, but Celeb Doko estimates that he makes about $200,000 from these sources. 

That’s a decent yearly income that’s likely made it easier for Martyn to live a comfortable life. However, it’s also clearly not the biggest way that he makes money. It’s probably akin to what the modern generation calls a “side hustle,” i.e., an extra gig that, while not a person’s main source of earnings, is still good enough to earn a consistent and worthwhile bit of extra cash that can add up over time.

In fact, these types of events are not just great for Martyn’s pocketbook but his branding as well. Appearing at these events gives him a reputation as a fitness expert and spreads his name beyond its initial base. That’s a significant benefit and one that simply can’t be ignored. It ensures that Martyn’s website and merchandise continue to reach a broader group of potential buyers.

Merchandise Sales 

Bradley Martyn’s merchandise is another major factor in his success. His gear and supplements have provided him with a strong and steady source of income. Through various agreements with his vendors and suppliers, it’s estimated that Martyn earns a minimum of $500 for the supplements and gear that he sells. Just how much is that, and how much higher could it be for him? 

If he makes just the minimum amount of money for these sales, he’s still earning $182,500 every year from this source. However, there are likely days when sales might be higher. During peak workout seasons, such as during the winter when it’s harder to get outside, he might make even more in sales. It’s hard to gauge because sales numbers for his merchandise aren’t readily available. 

Sponsors and Partners 

Bradley Martyn sponsors and partners with a variety of different companies to make strong money and a steady income. We’ve already discussed BMFit, Origin Supplements, and Zoo Culture Gym. These are typically counted as his biggest partners and sponsors and make him a strong and steady income. However, Raw Gear is also worth exploring in more depth due to its impact on his earnings. 

Raw Gear is a clothing apparel brand that focuses less on mass production and more on quality. All items in this line are carefully designed and constructed for quality and reliability. Martyn’s line includes hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, workout gear, compression shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and more. Partnership with Raw Gear has helped him create the consistent income mentioned in a previous section.

Martyn also partners with various podcast companies to host Rawtalk, a podcast that discusses various topics, typically fitness support. This popular podcast includes N3on and Sam Frank, two of Martyn's best friends and collaborators. Though not a major money earner (podcasts rarely are hugely profitable), it keeps his name and branding consistent.

Real Estate and Other Investments 

Currently, Bradley Martyn owns a luxury apartment right in LA, where he spends most of his time. Given that it can cost anywhere from $3,650 to $11,500 just to rent an apartment in Los Angeles, it’s likely that this apartment is a multi-million dollar investment. Furthermore, Martyn owns a large house in LA, a place where he collaborates with his many teammates on various projects. 

Furthermore, Martyn also owns multiple luxury vehicles, including the Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes G-Wagon, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Rolls Royce Phantom, Audi R8, Rolls Royce Wraith, and Ford F-150 Raptor models. These cars are mostly collector’s items, and Martyn is known to drive in other vehicles to get to his gym and move about Los Angeles throughout the day. 

Bradley Martyn’s Net Worth 

There does seem to be some confusion over Bradley Martyn net worth estimates in some sectors. Most sources, like Wealthy Gorilla, believe that it’s about $2 million to $3 million. However, Finty claims that Bradley Martyn is worth $20 million, which is much more than other articles. Which of these ranges is accurate? Well, examining his earnings, it’s probably closer to the former than the latter. 

Why It’s Probably Closer to $2 Million 

Bradley Martyn has steadily built up a strong empire in the fitness world, but looking at the earning estimates mentioned above, it seems more likely that he’s worth $2-3 million. Just examine the Zoo Culture Gym earning rates as one example. This gym earns several thousands of dollars each month, or around $120K every year. A lot of that probably goes right into Martyn’s pocket. 

However, it’s important to note that this indicates gross earnings rather than net profits. As a result, costs for operating the gym, paying employees, keeping equipment safe, and renting the facility don’t come into play. It’s fair to say that all this costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s likely that Martyn has to pay these bills from his potential earnings, cutting into his net worth. 

The same goes for each business and sponsorship he has developed. Furthermore, he also has to pay mortgage costs, luxury car bills, and much more. However, it’s clear that Martyn has continually found new ways to advance his earnings and is likely to boost his net value in the future. Let’s take a look at the slow and steady way that he’s built his profits over the years. 

The Martyn Method 

Martyn cleverly built a name for himself by winning or placing very well in various lifting competitions. His appearance typically caused awe due to his chiseled body and genial personality. The best advertisement for fitness success is simply to show the results, and people who were in this field could see that whatever Martyn was doing led to a strong body and excellent fitness. 

Once he built a reputation for excellence, Martyn could then start building his YouTube channel, reaching out directly to fans and interacting with them as a person. This smart move showed that he was a skilled personal coach and fitness expert. Furthermore, it built strong connections to a loyal fanbase that has, for the most part, stuck with Martyn throughout his many ventures. 

After creating a strong fanbase to which he could market himself, Martyn then focused on investments and businesses that made sense for his brand. Branding is everything when it comes to success, and Martyn was able to produce a consistent and effective brand as a fitness guru and exercise expert. Doubling down on this reputation has continually expanded his success and influence.

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