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20 Things You Didn't Know About AnyClip


AnyClip is a tech startup that specializes in the production of tools to help media companies in the production of videos. The business offers a platform for luminous video content data that streamlines the video creation processes with insights and solutions to help companies make them more unique. If you've not yet heard about AnyClip, here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about the enterprise that will bring you up to speed.

1. AnyClip is an Israeli company

According to Crunchbase, AnyClip is a tech company that was established in Tel Aviv Israel. The startup was founded in 2008 by its two co-founders Aaron Cohen and Nate Westheimer. The business is entering its thirteenth year in operation.

2. AnyClip is listed under four major industries

The offerings of products and services that AnyClip provides are diverse and versatile. It provides a few different benefits for media companies. It falls under the category of digital media as it provides modern technology that helps media companies manage their video assets. It is a video provider that gives clients the necessary tools to create and manage videos. It is also an analytics company that provides insights into the art of video making with tools for improving older traditional processes throughout the use of technology. The analytical insights are valuable for videomakers to improve their current processes for a more satisfying outcome. Finally, AnyClip is listed as an artificial intelligence company because this is the technology that lies at the core of the products.

3. AnyClip has an executive leadership team of 10 members

There are 10 members in the leadership team at AnyClip. Gil Becker is the president and chief executive officer. Vadim Balannik is the chief technology officer. Yossi Amir is the chief financial officer. Asaf Dan is the chief operating officer. Sasch Weis is the vice president of global sales. Naama Sapir is the vice president of human resources. Alex Baker is the senior director, enterprise sales and Melissa Hart is the global vice president of marketing.

4. AnyClip has a 4-member board of directors

The board of AnyClip provides advisement for the strategic planning and forward movement of the company. It is comprised of four members. Erel Margalit is the founder and executive chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners. He currently sits on 10 board and advisory committees. Michael P. Schulhof is the chief operating officer and a general partner at GTI Capital Group. He is credited with 1 portfolio company and currently sits on 4 board and advisory committees. Joy Marcus is a venture partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners and sits on 2 board and advisory committees. Gil Becker is the CEO of AnyClip and president. He serves on 1 board.

5. AnyClip uses complex combinations of technology products to power its website

Users of the AnyClip website enjoy a seamless experience while visiting and using the site, but behind the scenes is a complicated array of different technologies. 35 active technologies are powering the site. These are distributed through 63 different technology products and services. Among them are jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Meta, and several others.

6. AnyClip maintains uniqueness over its competitors

One of the things that make AnyClip different than other companies in its sector of the industry is its patented technology. The technology is patented under the electric communications techniques, and the company also maintains one registered trademark in the scientific and technological services category. This patent and trademark prevent any of AnyClip's competitors from using the same type of technology. You can only receive this type of service from them.

7. Interest in AnyClip is growing

AnyClip is receiving a heavy amount of web traffic to its website. This is a positive indication that there is more interest in its products and services from the general public and businesses. The average number of monthly visits is 33,138. This number gives it the ranking of 603,812 out of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

8. Interest in AnyClip is the highest from the United States

The analytics for AnyClip shows that there is growing interest in the products and services provided by AnyClip from visitors from the United States. This is the country that makes up 80 percent of the web traffic on the site and the number of monthly visits has grown by 0.54 percent. Two percent of the web traffic comes from the United Kingdom, 2 percent from Australia, 2 percent from Canada, and 2 percent from El Salvador.

9. AnyClip is a venture capital-backed enterprise

AnyClip has participated in 4 rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round closed on May 25, 2021, and was led by Jerusalem Venture Partners. The total amount raised through VC funding rounds is $71 million. 8 investors are funding AnyClip.

10. Investor confidence inAnyClip is high

Other investors have seen the high potential for AnyClip to be a profitable enterprise that will deliver a good return on investment. In addition to Jerusalem Venture Partners, AnyClip is also backed by Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, La Maison Compagnie d'Investissement, Limelight Networks, GTI Capital, Millhouse LLC, and Michael P. Schulhof. Together, these venture capital firms have backed the firm with tens of millions of dollars for developing its infrastructure and for growth and expansion. Many of them have representatives from their companies sitting on AnyClip's board of directors to provide advisement for the strategic planning and direction of the company.

11. AnyClip has grown exponentially in the past 12 months

According to Techcrunch, The last year has been a very successful one for AnyClip. The report explains that the $47 million in venture capital that it received in its latest round of venture capital funding. The funds were designated for the growth of the company. AnyClip developed a set of tools that improves video production and to discover the ideal content. The products were so well received that they caused the growth of 600 percent in the company, which is an astronomical figure that gave AnyClip a huge boost in profitability.

12. AnyClip provides feedback for videographers

Video creators enjoy an edge when using the products and services provided by AnyClip. The analytics part of the platform uses standard search tools along with artificial intelligence technology to help analyze the content for improvement in use and viewing. It functions as an analytical tool that can help video-makers to make better choices for content inclusion and presentation through artificial intelligence-powered analytics.

13. AnyClip is vague about its valuation

As with many growing VC-backed companies, AnyClip is not sharing specifics about its current valuation. It is believed that an agreement with investors to not disclose this information is the reason why it's hard to find the exact figures for the current worth of the company. It has not yet achieved unicorn status but it is believed that there's a strong likelihood that it will shortly. Reliable sources did reveal that the current valuation of the company is in the neighborhood of $300 million. If the current rate of growth continues, it won't be long before it reaches the required billion-dollar valuation to join the elite unicorn companies.

14. AnyClip is an Israeli/American company

Although AnyClip was founded in Israel, it has moved its headquarters to the United States. It is now located in New York. This makes it both Israeli and American. New York is a hub for video activity along with other aspects of the media and performing arts industries. It is a wise choice for being in the center of the action for the best possible exposure to those who are the most likely to find the services useful.

15. AnyClip provides intensive search tools

Another benefit of using AnyClip to find content is that it conducts deep searches of all available searchable sites on the internet. It helps users to find some of the most obscure video content that has ever been produced. In short, it helps to search every venue effectively to find video content that is hidden from the view of most. This is where the unique technology of AnyClip comes into play. It searches based on deep learning models along with patented keyframe detection, closed captioning for reading content in videos, OCR, NLP, speech to text, and computer vision. This technology can analyze video content to build taxonomies based on millions of keywords, actions, brands products, and people. Users can request searches based on content category, brand safety, or other filters. It's one of the fastest super readers and indexers on the market today with a speed that is ten times faster than real-time.

16. AnyClip offers multiple uses

AnyClip's products and services work on a high level of technology. It can help users to better monetize video, to identify themes, moods, language, and objects with supreme efficiency. The potential uses for the platform are nearly limitless. The most commonly used feature is its ability to mine

17. Some of the largest brands in the world are AnyClip clients

Some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world are clients of AnyClip. We learned that Heineken, Discovery, Microsoft, Samsung, AT&T, Amazone with its Prime Video, Warner Media, Google, Internet Brands, Tencent, and others are among their growing client base. AnyClip is growing in size and reputation and it's practically become a staple for some of the larger companies. It's a useful tool for retrieving content from anywhere in the world.

18. AnyClip is Hiring

According to its LinkedIn page, AnyClip currently employs a workforce of 138 employees. The New York-based visual intelligence company has listed thirteen job openings. It is hiring workers for its offices in Tel Aviv, Isreal as well as at its American headquarters in New York, and also one opening in Los Angeles, California. This leads us to believe that it is possibly looking into further expansion in the US, but this has not yet been confirmed by AnyClip one way or the other. While this is not a large number of new jobs, it does amount to nearly ten percent of the current workforce, which represents significant growth and expansion of its current workforce.

19. You can't find AnyClip stock for sale or trade

While AnyClip sounds like a good company to invest in, the general public does not yet have an avenue to do so. AnyClip is still a privately held enterprise that has not yet filed for its initial public offering. It still depends on venture capital funding to provide the necessary funds for continued growth and expansion. So far, there has been no public discussion about the possibility of taking the company to a public trading status, so you won't find any available stock shares for sale for AnyClip. This is a business that has not been heavily involved in VC funding either, with just $71 million raised over four rounds. AnyClip does well enough on its own because it offers a product and services that are currently in high demand.

20. AnyClip offers a multi-solution video platform.

According to Israel Defense, AnyClip is an overall solution for video customers in one convenient platform. It allows for streaming and video performance analytics for those recording live events. It also provides comprehensive searches to find data in any event, meeting, or training with contextual targeting. It provides video performance analytics for online videos as well as centralized reporting and tools for monetizing and merchandizing videos. It even allows users to identify andy content that could be harmful. It harvests data from videos for analysis at a speed that is ten times faster than real-time and the platform offers a data-rich business solution that is scalable, applicable to all industries, and available in all languages. It's a next-gen video solution that does so much in one platform.

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