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How Long Do Breitling Watches Usually Last?


Breitling is considered a luxury watch brand. Unlike some brands that seem to rely on their high prices to be perceived as a luxury, the price points of this brand are justified by several factors. They include high-quality materials, finish, fit, levels of perfection, strong aftermarket support, and in-house developments. Leon Breitling created this brand in 1884 in St. Imier, before he relocated to La Chaux-de-Fonds. According to GQ Magazine, Leon passed away in 1914, and his son Gaston inherited the brand. Gaston is credited with introducing the separation of a clock’s time-measuring functions from an all-purpose crown to one initially and then two separate pushers later. All sports derived chronograph producers in modern times favor the second configuration. Gaston handed down the Breitling brand to his grandson Willy, who kept the family brand running. Ernest Schneider took over the brand in 1979, and he retained the established name that people know and respect. As a well-recognized luxury watch brand, many consumers wonder if Breitling watches last long and hold their value. The fact is that these watches retain their value way higher than the industry standard. Potential customers covet Breitling watches because of their reliability, innovation, strong designs, and levels of endurance.

Another question you might be asking is if their price is worth it. All items on the market are only worth as much as consumers are willing to pay for them. Since Breitling sells many expensive wristwatches every year, it is reasonable to say that they are worth their price. Many Breitling owners who are happy with their purchase for many years give this statement integrity. Now, the other common question among consumers is how long do Breitling watches usually last? According to the statements we have come across on a number of forums, these watches can outlast the owner. For instance, AMJ Watches claims that Breitling automatic watches can last forever as long as the owners service them regularly, based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Another person answered the question in a similar manner. He said a Breitling watch can last forever as long as the owner maintains it well and gets it serviced about once every five to seven years. A person who placed a comment on said the Breitling watches can last indefinitely if well maintained. The brand keeps parts for up to twenty-five years, after which it discontinues the watch. Yet, it is possible to keep a watch in excellent condition and operation for many years. Many people own Breitling watches that were handed down to them either by their parents or grandparents. Some have 100+-year-old pocket watches that are still operational. The battery in Breitling watches lasts for about two to eight years. This depends on the watch’s particular movement, and how much one uses the features. A Breitling watch can last for as long as you want as long as you maintain it well. So how do you achieve this? These watches need particular care in terms of their maintenance and use. Let’s look at some tips on keeping a Breitling watch in great condition, and prolong its lifespan, preserve its beauty, as well as ensure optimal functioning:


Perspiration, cosmetics, and dust can get deposited on a metal bracelet or watch case, and this can cause skin irritation. Over the years, the steel can oxidize. You can prevent these deposits by using liquid soap and a toothbrush to clean the metal bracelet periodically. Rinse the bracelet under a thin, gentle stream of water and use an absorbent cloth to dry it. You can clean the watch case using a humid cloth.


Any time you immerse your Breitling watch in salty or chlorinated water (if your model is designed for aquatic activities) rinse the watch-head and metal bracelet carefully under a thin, gentle stream of water. After that, use an absorbent cloth to dry it. Leather straps are not suitable for use in very wet or humid environments. If water splashes on the leather, use a cloth to absorb the liquid immediately.

Leather straps

If your watch has leather straps, take care of them well to maintain their beauty over the years. Protect them from perspiration, water, grease, damp, cosmetics, perfume, and chemicals. Also, make sure they do not get too much exposure to the sun. It is advisable to use a Breitling’s care kit (brand retailers sell it) to increase the lifespan of the leather straps and maintain their supple feel and look.

Choice of bracelet/strap

Water ruins leather over time. If the climate in your area results in frequent perspiration or is humid, it is better to choose a Breitling watch with a rubber strap or metal bracelet. Similarly, choose such as watch if you intend to use it for aquatic activities.

Pros and cons of Breitling watches

Although Breitling watches are long-lasting, they do have their upsides and downsides.


  • They are reputed for being professional watches such as the Breitling Navitimer 01, which is designed for astronauts, pilots, search and rescue operations, and military personnel.
  • Breitling has several smartwatches designed with smart features for aerospace professionals and pilots.
  • Breitling watches are more cost-effective than Rolex watches.
  • You can choose from thousands of models.
  • Few limited edition and special edition Breitling watches are available.
  • Different rubber strap options are available, and you can have them on any Breitling watch.
  • Quartz models are available, and they provide more precision than mechanical models. They also require less maintenance.


  • They do not hold the same resale value as other popular brands such as Rolex.
  • Breitling watches are a major watch brand but they are not as well-known as Rolex.
  • Breitling does not produce as many high-priced blingy models as Rolex does.

Some watch enthusiasts tend to prefer brands that offer purely mechanical watches. This is not purely a con, but it is worth mentioning. Breitling is a unique product line, and the company has positioned itself in the luxury watch market as a manufacturer of watches for professionals. According to, some Breitling watches have special features designed for specific situations. The watches are competitively priced and usually last many years. Therefore, any watch connoisseur can find them appealing to buy.

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