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20 Things You Didn't Know about Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational speaker and writer of numerous books who was born on January 5th, 1944 in Prince Edward's capital, Charlottetown. The Canadian-born self-made millionaire is also a businessman who runs his own company that trains organizational and individual development. His main goal is to assist individuals and organizations in accomplishing their objectives faster than they had anticipated.

1. He has his own company called Brian Tracy International

Brian Tracy International is a company that has an outstanding reputation for helping people become more confident, as well as nurturing future business people. Brian serves as the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company he established in 1984. The company whose headquarter is in San Diego, California, specializes in coaching key factors crucial for one to achieve success to people and organizations. In the last 35 years, Brian Tracy International has been focused on teaching people how to manage their time, set their goals, and develop self-esteem. It also has taught them leadership skills and how to be the drivers of their creativity.

2. He is the President of three companies

It is worth noting that before founding his own company, Brian Tracy worked as a Chief Executive Officer of a development firm worth $265 million. His successful career has prompted people to trust him with their organizations, and he is currently the President of three multi-million dollar companies. The companies which are based in Solana Beach, California, engage in educating people on sales, leadership skills, success psychology, and business strategies.

3. He is an acclaimed speaker and seminar leader

In the last four decades, Brian has dedicated his life to public speaking and pioneering business conferences all over the world. The C.E.O. who boasts of having consulted for more than a thousand companies is one of the world's most-sought public speakers as he talks to an average of 250,000 individuals annually. In his forty-plus years' career, Brian has organized and attended more than 5000 summits with a total estimated audience of more than 5,000,000 individuals in more than 70 countries globally. According to Productive Magazine, Brian Tracy said that the more he speaks, the more he perfects on it. He added that people should also learn to develop on what they love to do. He has an online college that provides courses which educate new businesses on how to achieve success.

4. He is the author of more than 70 books

Unless you are an avid reader, 70 books are probably more than what you have read your entire life. The business mogul has written more than 70 top-selling books which have been translated to more than seven languages. His global best-selling book called "Psychology of Achievement" has been interpreted to more than 28 dialects to date. His books have sold more than 10 million copies and he also a New York Times Bestselling author for his book 'Eat That Frog' which was a massive success.

5. He once vied for a gubernatorial post

The San Diego entrepreneur was part of the 135 candidates that were eyeing the governor's seat in California's October 7th, 2003 recall election. The motivational speaker who ran as an independent candidate said he was seeking to make California the most business-oriented state in the country. Brian also aimed to revive integrity in the governance of the state. He had the vision to rectify the severed and dysfunctional health system of California, which did not match the high taxes the state was collecting from the people.

6. He has no intention of retiring

The 75-year-old public speaker has recently said that he is not planning to take a break from the world of speaking. He said that he loves speaking and gets paid handsomely for doing it. Therefore he does not see why he should retire from being a motivational speaker. However, he admitted that he plots to slow down soon due to his age, but cannot stay at home all day when he could be inspiring thousands of people.

7. He is a high school drop-out

During his upbringing, Brian never had the pleasure of enjoying any luxuries. His family had continuous money problems because his father could not sustain working regularly. Brian and his three brothers never had the luxury of wearing good clothes, and they mostly depended on charity. This situation forced Brian to quit high school and start working hard labor jobs to put food on the table and sustain his family. According to, Brian states that the more you think about success, the more there is a likelihood of you becoming successful. He adds that coming from a low-income family, the only thing he thought about is how to be successful and provide his children with the life that he never had.

8. He loves traveling

Even before he could afford the luxurious travels that he can afford now, Brian Tracy enjoyed traveling and touring around the world. When he was 20 years old, Brian moved out of Canada and started journeying via North of America towards England. He traveled for a total of eight years while passing through France, Spain and to the Sahara Desert where he almost died due to acute weather conditions. Brian, however, did not stop there; he toured South Africa and stayed there for two years. He left South Africa and headed to Europe and then to the Middle East where he passed through Singapore and settled in Thailand for two years. Brian Tracey has visited more than 80 countries in his lifetime.

9. He has a black belt in 'Shotokan Karate.'

After leaving Vancouver Canada, Brian started getting involved in martial arts. He sought an expert who taught him Karate skills, and after more than 30 months of training, Brian earned his first black belt in Shotokan Karate'. In his book "Martial Arts Professional", Brian discusses how martial arts have taught him discipline, self-control, and patience. The virtues have played a key role in achieving the success he has attained in his career.

10. He has a master's degree in business

Even though he did not finish his high school education, Brian Tracy has a master's degree in the field of business. At the age of 30, Brian decided to set his goals straight and went back to school; he applied for a learning position at The University of Alberta. He was accepted and studied a master’s in Business Administration degree and developed his first coaching program shortly afterward.

11. He has more than 300 audiovisual learning programs

Brian has thirty-plus years' expertise in the world of business and has created more than 300 audio and video configurations. The configurations help people gain insights on how to maximize their potential and achieve success. His audiobook called "Advanced Selling Strategies" demonstrates the difference between average salespersons and premium salespersons. His best-selling "Psychology of Achievement" audiobook lays out tricks on how one can achieve the most regardless of how dire the situations and become prosperous.

12. Brian Tracy speaks four languages

It seems like Brian loves speaking and is always working on expanding his talking boundaries and capabilities. According to his book, "Speak To Win", Tracy believes that speaking with certainty and delivering high morale presentations can earn one respect. Consequently, it speeds up the rate in which one's career picks. Perhaps this is the reason why the commended motivational speaker is fluent in four languages, and his objective is to learn 72 languages.

13. He has read over 7000 books

Tracy is thirsty for knowledge since he has read more than 7000 books on various topics such as economics, history, and psychology. He previously stated that he starts his days by doing some spiritual reading and spares about four hours a day to reading his favorite books. Brian admits that most of his intelligence can be credited to reading books and advises young people who wish to be successful to read more often. According to Brian Tracy International, numerous people have gone from rags to riches just from reading one of these books: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, "Power of Positive Thinking "by Vincent Peale and "Maximum Achievement" by Brian Tracy.

14. He does not believe in luck

In recent years, Brian Tracy's critics have been quoted saying that the millionaire's achievements are primarily due to chance and not hard work. Brian, however, refuted these claims and stated that luck does not exist; only probabilities do. He emphasized that working hard and mastering your art increases the likelihood of achieving what you desire and luck does not have anything to do with being successful. Brian's track record shows that he worked so hard to get to where he is.

15. He is a cancer survivor

In 2010, Brian visited his doctor for a nasal drip only to find out that he had developed a cancerous tumor measuring the size of a line in his throat. After a deep scale diagnosis, the doctors ascertained that Brian had a stage three cancer despite him not feeling any soreness or blockage in his throat before. He immediately began chemotherapy, and after seven weeks of attending chemo sessions, the tumor responded well to treatment and shrank significantly. He recalls wearing a pump that injected in him cancer-killing medicine after every 90 seconds for four days and led to his hair dropping. Five days after completing his chemotherapy sessions, Brian started touring in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

16. He is married with four children

Brian met his wife Barbara Tracy in The University of Alberta when he was doing his master degree. The two have been married since 1979 and are blessed with four children. In one of his audiobooks called "21 Great Ways to Meet and Marry the Woman of Your Dreams," Brian provides listeners with justified techniques and approaches that can help one meet the right partner. He assures buyers that they will meet the women of their dreams by applying his strategies, and if they do not, he will refund their money.

17. He has a Lifetime Achievement Recognition

On September 9th, 2011, The National Academy of Best Selling Authors honored Brian Tracy with a Lifetime Achievement Award due to his development efforts and training of over 2.5 million people. N.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton founded the event which took place in Hollywood California. It recognizes best-selling authors who are leaving a significant impact in society but are not applauded as they should be.

18. His documentary won a Gold Telly

During the 39th Annual Telly Awards, "The Brian Tracy Story" was declared the Best Documentary Film and was awarded a Gold Telly. The film documents the life of the world's greatest coaches of all time. It also shines a light on how Brian made it his primary objective to be successful and to help others attain their goals too. Richard Tyler, the film's executive producer, expressed his pleasure with the recognition. He stated that making the film was an honor since Brian Tracy is someone he admires a lot.

19. He received a FocalPoint's recognition

During the event that took place in San Diego California, the proprietor received FocalPoint's Awards for Salesman of the year 2017. The event which applauds individuals who have been on the front line in using methodological sales practices exemplified Brian's efforts as a salesperson. According to Brian Tracy International, the key to becoming a successful salesperson is protecting your integrity and credibility.

20. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million

Throughout his career, the Canadian businessman, author, and public speaker has amassed a reported net worth of $15 million. A majority of his wealth can be attributed to his well-known seminar training called "The Phoenix Seminars" which airs on household Media Channels such as Fox and N.B.C. He also earns from his consultancy firm 'Brian Tracy International' and his role as the President of three other companies. Apart from making money from his books, the distinguished speaker is also a real estate negotiator who has done businesses with multi-billion dollars agencies.

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