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What is California Debt Relief?

Debt Relief

The Covid-19 pandemic has added to the problem of overwhelming debt for Americans. Millions of workers were laid off from their jobs. Some companies and landlords suspended mandatory rent and monthly payment installments during the worst part of the nationwide shutdowns of businesses as people were asked to stay at home to curb the spread of the sickness. Utility companies were directed to avoid discontinuation of power, water, and other services for customers. Those out of work lived off their credit cards to pay necessary bills. The situation has created massive debt on the shoulders of citizens without steady employment due to massive business closures. California Debt Relief emerged to provide residents of the state with a means of getting back on track financially. If you're a resident of the state here is everything you need to know about California Debt Relief, to decide if it represents a solution for your situation.

What is California Debt Relief?

California Debt Relief is an organization that opened its doors for business in 2009. According to the official website for the organization, the company administers debt relief programs for people who are residents of the state of California. Those in debt may apply for programs that allow them to enroll multiple debt accounts in the program to combine up to $150,000 in debt for consolidation. The company contacts the lenders to secure an agreement for reduced payment amounts. The payments are made in one lump sum by the debtors to California Debt for disbursement to the creditors every month. This is a hardship program to provide debt relief that may help some debtors to avoid bankruptcy or repossession of homes and other assets for which they still owe money. California Debt Relief is a free online resource. California residents can access the do-it-yourself tools on the website. A free account relief evaluation is provided to determine which bills are eligible for relief that is offered through state-approved organizations.

Account Resolution Plans

ARPs are available for California residents who were forced to use credit cards or personal loans to satisfy business or personal expenses. Those who have fallen behind in payments may apply for the program. It's available for persons of all income levels and there is no credit approval required.

Help For California Residents

Account Resolution Plans (ARP) are providing a vital lifeline for California residents who are struggling to keep up with minimum payments, those who have fallen behind, or those who are being forced to use credit cards or personal loans to take care of personal or business expenses. Eligible accounts include personal loans, medical bills, store cards, credit cards, and unsecured debts that are not backed by debtor collateral. The company also provides the latest information on Covid-19 debt relief programs as they become available.

Is California Debt Relief legitimate?

Not all debt relief programs are beneficial for all people struggling with debt. There are plenty of scams active during this time of worldwide financial crisis. We consulted with Finder for a comprehensive review of California Debt We discovered that California Debt Relief is a legitimate firm that helps to connect California residents with a debt relief company that can help with credit card debt through various debt settlement programs. They also provide coaching resources if you're the type of person who likes to do things on your own. To qualify, you must be a resident of California with at least one credit card account with at least $7,000 of debt. The company provides debt consolidation, debt negotiation, and debt settlement services. Enrollees in the program may also receive financial education services. The typical turnaround time is 2 to 3 years. California debt does not charge any fees unless it is successful in lowering your enrolled debt. California Debt is Accredited through IAPDA with AFCC membership and SURE compliance. The Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating with accreditation through the company. Trustpilot rates California Debt with a 4.3 out of possible 5. Customer service through California Debt includes phone, email, and live chat options.

Programs for other US Residents

While California Debt Relief is designed for residents of the State of California, we also learned that debtors from other states in America may also qualify for debt relief services. According to the California Debt Relief website, multiple residents of Oregon and Washington States have also qualified for assistance through their various debt relief programs.

Benefits of Debt-relief consolidation

California Debt Relief may not be the best option for everyone who struggles with debt, but it can bring relief for those who find it difficult or impossible to satisfy minimum payments for the debt they owe. The program is a pathway to becoming debt-free. It can result in a reduction of interest, waivers for late fees and penalties, and it can save you money monthly. Some programs allow you to pay off the debt at a rate that fits in with your current budget. It helps in the management of multiple debts with one affordable monthly payment. Clients find that their stress levels are reduced because the debt management resources help to put them back in control of their finances.

Final Thoughts

California Debt Relief is an organization that was established to assist consumers with the management of debt that has become overwhelming or out of control. The company has been thoroughly reviewed and it has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. Residents from some other states may also qualify for the debt negotiation, consolidation, and settlement services they provide. While the program may not be ideal for everyone, it can help o provide you with relief from high payments to give you breathing room. If you're struggling to make your monthly payments, it may be worth your while to at least check into this valuable resource to determine if you qualify for assistance.

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