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20 Awesome Camping Spots in Utah

Utah Camping

With the spring and weather conditions that continue to be favorable, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore some of the most amazing spots in Utah. From breathtaking views, free campgrounds, remote locations, and everything else, here are our picks for 20 Awesome Camping Spots in Utah.

20. Rock Canyon Campground: Provo, UT

Nestled in the heart of Provo, this campground is a great option for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life but still be close to all the amenities that Provo has to offer. With over 100 sites available, Rock Canyon Campground provides visitors with plenty of tent and RV camping options. Whether you’re looking to stay close to the city limits or want a more remote spot, there are plenty of sites to choose from, and the views only get better as you head deeper into the canyon.

19. Granite Flat Campground: Provo, UT

Granite Flat Campground is your place if you love camping but don't want to spend a fortune. This affordable option is located in Provo, UT, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. There are also plenty of activities nearby, including hiking, fishing, and mountain biking. Granite Flat Campground is one of Utah's most popular camping spots, so it's important to make reservations when you know when you want to go. Bring your water, food, and clothing along with you, as this campground does not have any of these amenities available to guests.

18. Timpooneke Campground: Pleasant Grove, UT

Timpooneke Campground is a great place for camping in Utah. This campground is located in Pleasant Grove, UT, close to many different attractions, including the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. This campground has a lot to offer, including hiking trails, fishing, and a playground. Timpooneke also has a store where you can buy supplies, and it is a great place to camp if you want to be close to the city. According to the Forest Service website, there is no water available on the grounds, so carry enough water.

17. Willow Lake Campground: Ferron, UT

Unless you’re extremely lucky and manage to catch it at just the right time, Willow Lake will likely be frozen by early fall. However, if you’re willing to brave the cold, this camping spot is worth it for the views, fishing, and hiking alone. Willow Lake Campground is located in the Manti-La Sal National Forest near the town of Ferron, Utah. The lake is about 10 miles long and 1 mile wide, making it the perfect size for a day of fishing or paddling. There are also several hiking trails, including the popular 16-mile Mirror Lake Scenic Trail.

16. Upper Narrows Campground: Dugway, UT

Upper Narrows Campground is located in the Dugway Proving Ground, a military testing site, so it's off-limits to the public. But that adds to the beauty and mystique of camping here. The Upper Narrows Campground is nestled between steep canyon walls, making for an amazing and picturesque backdrop. It's also relatively secluded and quiet to get a true taste of nature. And since it's located on a military testing site, you can be sure that there are no light pollution or city noises to bother you at night. The campground is also quite nice, with several amenities available to make your stay more comfortable.

15. Jordan Pines Campground: Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Pines Campground is one of the best camping spots in Utah for a family-friendly holiday. It offers you ample space to enjoy your time with your family and friends. You will also get a chance to explore nature and enjoy the company of lovely folks there. The place is pretty popular among the locals as well as the tourists. You can easily find a spot for your RV or car. The sites are well-equipped with electricity and water, and you will also get a chance to use the communal fire pits and grills. According to the USDA Forest Service website, the campground only accepts groups, so book early.

14. Spruces Campground: Salt Lake City, UT

Spruces Campground is a wonderful place to go camping. It’s located just 15 minutes away from the Salt Lake City International Airport and is great for people looking to escape the bustling city life. The campground has several sites that are all first-come, first-served. Two group sites can accommodate up to 50 people. The Spruces Campground is open year-round and offers a variety of amenities, including flush toilets, showers, an RV dump station, electric hookups, picnic tables, and fire grills. The campground also offers potable drinking water.

13. Storm Mountain Campground: Salt Lake City, UT

Storm Mountain Campground is located a scenic distance northeast of Salt Lake City. This campground has everything you could need, from showers and a laundry facility to a playground and a general store. If you are looking for an RV hookup, this is your place. The campground has 21 pull-through campsites available for both RVs and tents. Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring. The campground is pet-friendly so that you can bring your furry friend along for the trip.

12. Stansbury Island Campground: Tooele County, UT

This campground is located on the stunning Stansbury Island in Tooele County, UT. The island is home to some of the most beautiful waterways and canyons in the entire state, so this is a particularly great spot if you're an avid hiker or kayaker. The island is so large that you have a choice between three campgrounds, two of which are for tent camping only. Campsites feature picnic tables and fire rings, and there are bathrooms on-site.

11. Pony Express RV Resort: North Salt Lake, UT

With its convenient location near Salt Lake City and Ogden, Pony Express RV Resort is the perfect place to enjoy all Utah offers. The park offers spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains and is just minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. There’s plenty of space for RV and tent camping, and you can also pamper yourself in the on-site RV store and gas station.

10. Little Creek Campground: Salt Lake City, UT

Located next to the Little Creek Mountains, this campground is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. The campsite sits near a famous highway and is within walking distance of the local stores. Some of the most popular activities here include hiking, trout fishing, and mountain biking. There are many beautiful campsites, each with a fire pit. The campground is open during the spring and summer months and has drinking water. It is also close to the Wasatch-Cache National Forest so you can hike any of the trails there.

9. Salt Lake City KOA: Salt Lake City, UT

Conveniently located just minutes from all the best that Salt Lake City offers, the Salt Lake City KOA is the perfect place to set up camp when exploring everything this vibrant city offers. From world-class museums and attractions to outdoor recreation and dining, there's something for everyone in Salt Lake City. According to the KOA website, the site has a heated pool, snacks, cable TV, and many more great amenities. If you're looking for a quiet retreat from the city, there are plenty of natural areas to explore just minutes away from the campground. With hiking, biking, and water recreation opportunities in abundance, you'll have all the adventure you could hope for during your camping trip.

8. Monte Cristo Campground: Woodruff, UT

Monte Cristo Campground is located in Monte Cristo Mountain near Woodruff, Utah. You can camp there for free, and it's a great place to spend a weekend or longer. The campground is just off Highway 40 and has enough space for your RV or tent. There are also several fire pits, picnic tables, and a small playground. If you're looking for a great place to camp in Utah, Monte Cristo Campground is worth checking out.

7. Box Elder Campground: Mantua, UT

At number seven, we have Box Elder Campground. If you’re looking for a great camp in the heart of beautiful, secluded mountains, then look no further than Mantua, UT. Located in the aptly named Wasatch-Cache National Forest, this serene spot features beautiful views of surrounding mountains and a nearby nature reserve. The Box Elder Campground contains hundreds of campsites and offers visitors the opportunity to participate in various outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and bird watching. Visitors to this charming campground will discover that the best outdoor activities are available in the fall when locals and tourists alike can enjoy camping beneath a canopy of changing leaves.

6. Whiting Campground: Mantua, UT

Whiting Campground is the ideal spot for camping with your family. Known as a gateway to the Uinta Mountains, this site has a lot of fun activities to offer. Whether you love fishing, hiking, or just swimming, this is the place to be. Other activities like stargazing, bird watching, and even horseback riding. The campground is situated in a beautiful forest and has plenty of wildlife.

5. South Fork: Huntsville, UT

South Fork is a small campground located in Huntsville and Hyrum, Utah. The area offers many hiking trails for visitors to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Mountain views and streams surround the campground for a true nature experience. The South Fork Campground features various campsites, including RV spaces, full hook-up sites, and tent camping areas. The area is dog friendly and has picnic tables and fire rings for a relaxing stay.

4. Perception Park Campground: Huntsville, UT

If you're looking for an incredible camping spot near some of Utah's best hiking trails, you'll want to check out Perception Park Campground. This campground is located in Huntsville, UT, and is just a short drive away from several great trails, including the Lindon Trail, which offers stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. Perception Park Campground is also near several other great attractions, including the Ogden Nature Center and the Utah Museum of Natural History. This campground is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful camping experience while still close to all the action.

3. Anderson Cove Campground: Huntsville, UT

Anderson Cove Campground comes in third on our list of the 20 best places to camp in Utah. Located just south of Huntsville, this campground is perfect for those who love to be close to the water in the Ogden Valley. With direct access to the Pineview Reservoir, plenty of swimming, fishing, and boating opportunities are available. There are also tons of hiking and biking trails in the area, and the campground itself is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a great spot for wildlife viewing and birding.

2. Bountiful Peak Campground: Farmington, UT

Bountiful Peak Campground is situated in Farmington, Utah. It’s a great place to camp if you are looking for a place with a fun and festive atmosphere. The campground is located in the foothills of Bountiful Peak, so if you feel like going for a hike, you can do so right from your campsite. There are also plenty of activities in the area that the whole family can enjoy, such as fishing, biking, and horseback riding. If you want to stay at Bountiful Peak Campground, you must get a permit.

1. Little Grand Canyon Campground: Green River, UT

Deep in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, you'll find the Little Grand Canyon Campground. This secluded spot is nestled among the towering red rocks of the canyon and offers stunning views of the Green River below. There are just a few campsites here, so it's best to arrive early if you want to snag one.

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