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How You Can Redeem Points and Miles for Amazon Purchases


Most credit card holders have cards that offer rewards programs that actually pay you in some way just for using the card to make purchases. Did you know that you can use the points or miles that you earn from your credit card to make purchases on Amazon? Before we begin to show you how, it's important to realize that if you're going to use your rewards for this option, you won't get the highest possible value for your points or miles, but if you're not going to be using them for travel anyway, it's a great way to get discounts on merchandise. For those of you who have Amazon Prime accounts, you can get your items in two or fewer days. Here is how to use your credit card rewards to do some holiday or personal shopping on Amazon.

American Express Membership rewards

American Express offers a transferable point program and will allow you do use the points that you've earned to purchase Amazon merchandise. The total value that you will receive in credit is 0.7 cents for every point. First, log onto your card account and go to the Membership Rewards section. select the More Ways to Use Points tab from the menu and simply link your accounts. This will make it quick and easy to direct your rewards towards Amazon purchases.

Chase Ultimate card Rewards

This card allows you to redeem up to one cent for every point that you've accrued towards savings on Amazon. Follow the same process for linking the account to your Amazon Prime. When transferring your Chase Ultimate points you need to be aware that you can get one cent for every point if you choose to exchange the points for Amazon gift cards. If you just use it for items in your shopping cart, you'll only get 0.8 cents on every point, so the gift card option will get you a higher exchange rate for your points.

Citi Thank you points rewards program

The Citi card can be used the same way as Chase and American Express. Link your Citi and Amazon accounts to redeem your thank you points for 0.8 cents per point for Amazon purchases. Although this doesn't you as high a value as you would have for using points for flight or hotel redemptions, it is an option.

Delta SkyMiles

Redemption of points for Delta SkyMiles will get you as much as 1.2 cents per mile when redeeming for flights, which is really good, but you'll take a significant loss by using them for an Aazon gift card. You only get 0.45 cents per point for Amazon redemption, but if this is your preference it is just as easy to complete as with the other credit card accounts.

Starwood Preferred Guest

This card is great for redeeming Starpoints for hotel accommodations or entertainment packages, but you can also use it for Amazon purchases. For hotel and entertainment you get 1.07 cents per point, but when you transfer them to Amazon purchase redemption, the value goes down to a 5,000 point swap for fifty dollars in Amazon gift card redemption.

United MileagePlus card

This card offers 0.6 center per mile. You can redeem them for Amazon gift cards for 15,500 points for a one hundred dollar transfer value.

Southwest Rapid Rewards

This card offers one cent per point when redeemed for Amazon gift cards. Although you get more value when redeeming for Southwest flights, it's not a bad redemption option.

Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card

This card allows you to earn high bonus points if you spend four thousand dollars in purchases within the first ninety days of opening your account. Although you earn more points including two times on travel and dining, you earn one point for every dollar that is spent on all other purchases, and this includes Amazon. You'll get an extra five thousand bonus points if you add an authorized user that makes a purchase within the first three months of opening the account.

Chase Rewards Visa

This card allows you to earn points at three points for every dollar spent on Amazon purchases. w for fuel, dining out and drug stores and one cent for all other purchases. It allows you to redeem your points for Amazon shopping at one cent per point.

Weighing your options

These are eight popular credit cards that offer the flexibility of redeeming rewards points for purchases made on It's not difficult to transfer them over by linking the accounts, but it is worth taking a few moments to determine if you're maximizing the points you've earned and using them to their greatest advantage. If you're not planning to travel then it's a very good use of the points. If you are, you may want to consider the tremendous loss that you'll experience in the exchange. For some, Amazon redemption will be the best option.

Final thoughts

Holiday shopping can become fairly intense and one way to help defray the cost is by using the points that you've earned through your credit card use for amazon purchases. Each card is different so you'll need to refer to your specific card by reading through the terms and conditions so you won't have any surprises. This account linking process is straightforward so if you haven't used this option before, you should have no trouble accomplishing it within just a few moments.

If this is something that you feel is a worthwhile venture, and you plan to continue using rewards for Amazon redemption in the future, you may want to start reviewing the various credit card reward programs that are out there. Some offer much better redemption rates than others. A quick comparison of the features and benefits is the best thing that you can do when you're considering application for a new credit card. Some of them offer some pretty amazing rewards program whether for miles, accommodations or other types of benefits. Keep in mind that you will want to go with the card that allows you the highest transfer rate for its intended purposes.

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