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Can You Really Make Money with Springboard America?

Springboard America

Springboard America is a survey site. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, this means that Springboard America sends out surveys to interested individuals for the purpose of collection information on a wide range of matters, thus enabling both public and private clients to make better-informed decisions. In exchange, interested individuals can expect to be rewarded for their participation, though of course, the crux of the issue is the nature of the reward.

Can You Make Money By Signing Up with Springboard America?

By this point in time, some people might be wondering whether it would be possible for them to make money by signing up with Springboard America. If so, they should know that money is indeed one of the potential rewards offered to participants. However, there are other options as well. For those who are curious, both prepaid debit cards and prepaid credit cards are options. Furthermore, interested individuals can choose from Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Google Play credit, various e-vouchers for various retailers, entries into a number of sweepstakes, and the option to make a donation to charities rather than collect the rewards in the form of money or similar compensation.

With that said, whether interested individuals can make money by signing up with Springboard America or not isn't the most pertinent question. Instead, there is a much more important issue, which can be summed up as whether Springboard America is a suitable way for interested individuals to make money or not. Something that is particularly important because Springboard America has had some very mixed reviews, as shown by its F rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as a slew of complaints that have been posted elsewhere.

What Are Some Potential Issues for Interested Individuals When It Comes to Springboard America?

Consider these issues before signing up with Springboard America:

You Need a Minimum Balance Before You Can Cash Out

For starters, Springboard America requires participants to reach a minimum balance before being able to cash out their earnings. Said minimum balance is $50, meaning 5,000 points. On its own, this isn't much information for people with no experience with survey sites. However, people who have interacted with similar services on previous occasions will realize that this is a pretty high number because barring a small percentage of survey targeting a small percentage of survey-takers, survey sites tend not to pay that much. Springboard America is no exception to this rule, seeing as how they offer between $0.50 and $5.

You Get a Limited Number of Surveys

Surveys aren't particularly demanding when it comes to either time or effort. As a result, some interested individuals might imagine that they will be able to take survey after survey in their spare time, thus earning themselves a bit of extra cash in the process. However, they should know that they shouldn't expect a very high number of surveys being sent out to them in a typical month. Some users can expect to receive more invitations to take surveys, while other users can expect to receive less. However, there are multiple review sites that suggest that most users can expect between one and four surveys being sent to them in a month, which when combined with the earnings figure, suggests somewhere between $2 and $20 in earnings over the same period of time. Based on this, it is no wonder that there are some places that have pointed out that some users weren't able to cash out their earnings until years had passed.

You Must Be From the United States

Unsurprisingly, Springboard America's clients are interested in what Americans have to say about various issues. As such, it is limited to people in the United States, meaning that other people in other countries are not eligible for participation. Otherwise, this part of Springboard America isn't that bad, seeing as how the sign-up process is pretty simple and straightforward. With that said, survey sites are survey sites, meaning that interested individuals will have to provide demographic information so as to provide their answers with useful context. As such, if people are particularly sensitive about revealing anything about themselves on the Internet, they might want to avoid survey sites altogether.

It Will Share Your Information with Other Parties Under Certain Circumstances

Speaking of which, Springboard America will share its participants' information with other parties under certain circumstances, which is something that can either panic or provoke a lot of people out there. Fortunately, Springboard America is pretty upfront about when it will be sharing its participants' information, meaning that interested individuals have a pretty easy way to prevent it from happening. In short, Springboard America tends to handle most of the surveying on its own. However, there are times when it will make its tools available for use by interested parties so that they can conduct the surveys on their own. Luckily for people who are concerned about their information getting out, these surveys are called associate surveys, meaning that they can prevent Springboard America from sharing their information by just not taking them.

You Need to Remain Active

Springboard America is one of those survey sites that delete accounts that have remained inactive for too long. As such, if interested individuals want to be able to collect their earnings, they are going to have to continue doing surveys when those are sent to them. There is an upside in that interested individuals can get away with doing nothing for up to three months without getting their accounts deleted. However, there have been some reports of discrepancies on this particular issue, meaning that they might want to remain more active than that in order to avoid the potential consequences.

Lack of Responsiveness

One of the biggest issues with Springboard America is that it doesn't seem to be very responsive to its users. Those who are curious can check out the opinions of users who have posted their reviews on the Better Business Bureau and other review sites. However, there seems to be a lot of people complaining that Springboard America isn't very responsive to their concerns, which is kind of a problem in case interested individuals ever run into a scenario for which they would have to contact support. Even worse, there are those who claim that even when they manage to reach support, support hasn't proven to be very helpful. One excellent example would be an individual who posted on Survey Police who said that he was sent a gift card that couldn't be used. Due to this, he contacted Springboard America, which redirected him to the company that was actually responsible for sending out the rewards. After which, he was told that the gift card has already been used in a state different from the one in which he resided, which was apparently the end of the matter for the company responsible for sending out the rewards. Judging by the fact that people have reported getting paid by Springboard America, this isn't something that happens to every one of its users. However, if it does happen, well, suffice to say that could make for a fair amount of wasted effort over a fair amount of time.

Should You Try to Make Money By Signing Up with Springboard America?

There are a couple of points that interested individuals should prioritize when it comes to determining whether Springboard America is suitable for them or not.

First, there is the issue of whether Springboard America is a scam or not. Considering the fact that it has been operating for years and years as well as the fact that Springboard America users do seem to be receiving actual payment from the survey site, the answer seems to be "No." However, just because something isn't an actual scam, that doesn't mean that it is worth working for. After all, for the people on the receiving end of things, there isn't actually a huge difference between malice and competence. Something that interested individuals should always keep in mind when evaluating unfamiliar options.

Second, the issue is what people have in mind when it comes to taking surveys, which in turn, should help them figure out whether Springboard America is suitable for them or not. Speaking bluntly, Springboard America isn't really an option for someone who wants to have a reliable source of secondary income. This is because its users don't get enough surveys on a regular basis for it to serve as such. Moreover, its users get very little control over the process, thus further lowering its usefulness in this regard. However, if interested individuals want to be able to collect a few extra bucks at irregular intervals over considerable amounts of time by doing something that takes very little time and effort, well, Springboard America doesn't sound like the worst option that can be found out there.

How Can You Tell When Something Is a Scam?

With that said, interested individuals shouldn't just take the words of other people when it comes to evaluating potential scams. After all, most of them won't have much familiarity with most of the reviewers that they come upon with their initial search, meaning that they don't actually have much knowledge about whether said individuals can be trusted or not. As such, while reading reviews is very useful, interested individuals should also make an effort to conduct their own miniature investigation into the matter.

Generally speaking, this process starts with interested individuals looking up a particular organization on the Internet. Nowadays, review sites are everywhere, meaning that people have never been more open to expressing their opinions about a wide range of things for everyone else to see. As such, if a particular organization has been cheating other people, chances are good that interested individuals will be able to come upon something along those lines very soon. Of course, it is important to note that some reviewers can have particularly strong grievances that don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the broadest segment of reviewers, which is why interested individuals will want to look for a wide range of reviews on a wide range of review sites for a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of other people's experiences.

Having said that, there are some serious warning signs that interested individuals will want to look out for. First, if an organization hasn't been in operation for very soon, that is a sign that interested individuals should be staying away. Yes, it is possible that the organization is just new, meaning that it will soon be able to establish its credentials as other interested individuals interact with it. However, the lack of a history means that interested individuals will have to make their judgments on very little information, which tends to be too risky for most people out there.

Second, if an organization makes it difficult for interested individuals to learn more about it, that can be a warning sign as well. Sure, some organizations are just more private than others. However, if an organization seem as though it is deliberately hiding important information such as where it is based as well as how it can be reached, well, suffice to say that can be rather suspicious as well as rather inconvenient for anyone who might want to hold it to account.

Third, interested individuals should always be skeptical of an organization that makes extravagant promises or otherwise encourages interested individuals to make important decisions without giving them the time to think things through. These are examples of pressure tactics, which are meant to get the other party to commit to an action as soon as possible. Something that should always be regarded with suspicion when it comes to something like a survey site.

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