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10 Things You Didn't Know About Candice Xie

Candice Xie

Candice Xie is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the chief executive officer of a company called VeoRide. Ms. Xie has established a solid career at an early age. She's still in her twenties and is leading a successful startup that specializes in the production and marketing of short-distance travel vehicles. She's an exceptional role model for young entrepreneurs who are just getting started on their careers. If you're not yet familiar with her, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about her that you might find inspiring.

1. Candice Xie is also the founder of VeoRide

According to her LinkedIn profile, Candice Xie is not only the leader of VeoRide, but she is also the founder of the company. She had the idea to help provide a variety of short-distance transportation solutions for people who spent a great deal of time walking from one place to another. She established VeoRide to provide bikes, e=assisted bikes, and e-scooters to provide multi-modal transportation alternatives.

2. She was educated in China and the United States

Ms. Xie rolled in courses at the China Agricultural University in 2012. She studied general finance and graduated with her bachelor of science in 2016. Simultaneously, she was enrolled at Purdue University in a collaborative effort to receive her bachelor's in Finance. While there she was involved with the Purdue University Consulting Club, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Purdue Cub Tennis, the Purdue Salsa Club Beta Gamma Sigma, and the Purdue ILTC Tennis Club. In China, she was involved with the Public Relations Department of Student Government, the China Agricultural University Women's Tennis Tea, the Volunteer Service Team, and Junior Achievement.

3. Candice has advanced degrees

Ms. Xie also attended the National Chung Hsing University as an exchange student for a year, studying finance. While there she participated in the Chung Hsing University Tennis Team. After completing her four-year degree, with much of the time spent as an exchange student, she attended the University of Chicago where she earned her master of business administration degree.

4. She believes in volunteerism

Candice is an executive leader of a successful company, but she also realizes the value of volunteering your time whenever possible. She has a giving heart and has been generous with her time. She was a student volunteer for Food Finders Food Bank, Inc. from September 2014 through May 2016. In August of 2012, she volunteered as Project Leader for the Junior Achievement China company. She spent one year with the organization for the cause of education. She returned to volunteer more time with Junior Achievement USA from December of 2016 through July 2017.

5. Candice interned as a student

Candice was career-driven when she was still in college. She served as a finance intern for MassMutual Financial Group from July 2012 through August 2012. She spent two months with the company gaining hands-on work experience at its Hong Kong location.

6. She was an ambassador

Candice Xie became an Ambassador with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in January of 2015. She spent a total of 1 year and 1 month in the position located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

7. She worked as a consultant in business

In September of 2015, Candice Xie was hired at Purdue Foundry as a consultant. The job was located in West Lafayette, Indiana. While there she worked on the AmpliFi Science project sponsored by Purdue Foundry. The purpose of the project was to help startups in the development of the concepts for their businesses as well as develop their business plans and plot the path to move the businesses forward. She left the job in May of 2016.

8. She worked for Schneider Electric

In July of 2016, Candice was hired as a finance advanced development program associate at Schneider Electric in the Greater Chicago, Illinois area. She was responsible for price analysis and support as well as preparing and reviewing monthly financial reporting and quarterly forecasting reports. She was in charge of the North America Financial planning and analysis. Candice stayed at the job for 1 year and 1 month before leaving in July of 2017 to establish her own company.

9. She formed a partnership to launch VeoRide

While Candice was at Purdue she became friends with a fellow graduate named Edwin Tn. The two worked together at Purdue Foundry. They came up with a plan for launching a dockless bicycle-sharing company. This is how VeoRide came to be. According to Krannert, the two were committed to creating an environmentally-friendly form of transportation to make it easier for students to get around college campuses. They both had personal experience with the hassle of walking from one end of the campus to the other. With their teal-colored bikes set to go, they developed an app on Google Play and on the Apple Store that could be used with a smartphone. The service was a hit and their company started on the right foot.

10. She set up a convenient system

Candice Xie is a brilliant planner and strategist. She set up a system for obtaining the bikes for ride-sharing through a mobile app. All mobile app users can see which bikes are available, where they're at and can reserve a pickup time electronically. Payments are made via the app automatically and it's a system that works efficiently for everyone involved. Within two months of launching the app, their efforts were rewarded by the Elevate Purdue Foundry Fund with a $20,000 award for funding the new startup. They began the operation with 160 ride-sharing bicycles and the rest is history. VeoRide is a sharing program that has extended beyond the border of campuses and it is also used for metropolitan travel alternatives. According to Smart Cities Drive, the micro transportation company became profitable in May of 2021 and the company is on a positive trajectory.

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