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10 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Tom Lin

Dr. Tom Lin is the CEO OF Belite Bio, and Lin Bioscience International Ltd. Belite Bio is a biopharmaceutical drug development company based in San Diego. The company targets eye diseases like Stargardt diseases and dry AMD, which are untreatable. Lin Bioscience is the parent company of Belite Bio. Here are ten things you didn't know about Dr. Tom Lin.

1. Experience

Dr. Tom Lin is the chairman and CEO of Belite Bio. According to Belitebio, he has been the CEO from May 2018 to the present. He is also the Chairman of Lin BioScience International Ltd, the principal shareholder of Belite Bio. He has been the chairman since 2016 till today. Dr. Tom Lin has vast experience in pharmacy and biotechnology. In 2014 he was the President and Chief Operations Officer of Therapeutics. In the same year, he worked as the General Manager of IPO Strategy, Cancer Target Therapy Drug Development. In 2010, he was the senior medical director of IPO and cancer immunotherapy drug development. Dr. Lin's career has grown in the pharmaceutical field, and he has become an expert in the field.

2. Education and Training

Dr. Lin has delved into the education sector. His vast experience is a result of his educational background. He has a degree in Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, and International Business from the University of California, Berkeley. He later pursued an MBA at Columbia Business School and London School of Business. He also has a Specialist Certificate in Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Medicine from the University of Sydney. While at the University of Sydney, he did a Ph.D. in Medicine in Neurology and Immunology.

3. His area of specialty

His main specialty area is Pharmacy, Immunology, Neurology, and Biotechnology. Through his education, Dr. Lin is skillful in other areas such as Business Management, Clinical Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, Infectious Diseases, Pharmacoeconomics, Medicine, Health Economics, Clinical Study Design, Therapeutic Areas, Management, medical research, Clinical Trial Management, Cardiology, Diagnostics, Pharmacovigilance, Oncology, Clinical Study Design, Clinical Trial Management Systems, and Clinical Drug Development.

4. His Accomplishments

Dr. Lin received a certification from the University of Melbourne in Clinical Neuroscience. The Specialist Certificate in Clinical Neuroscience is an intensive medical course designed for medical practitioners and science and health professionals who desire to specialize in clinical neuroscience. As a neuroscience student, Dr. Lin researched neurological disorders, which helped him gain skills to draft research questions and develop high-quality clinical research. The course takes two weeks, wherein the first week, students learn about Clinical neuroscience research and neuroimaging for clinical research in the second week. According to Unimelb, it takes about 12-15 hours each week to complete the course.

5. Languages he speaks

Dr. Lin speaks two languages; English and Chinese. Dr. Lin is originally from China, where he learned Chinese. He later moved to the United States, where he became fluent in English.

6. He has received his first fast track designation from FDA

Fast Track Designation is a technology design that facilitates the development and expedition of new drugs to treat severe medical conditions. The technology aims at delivering new drugs to patients earlier than the designated time. Fast Track solves a wide range of problems that involve severe conditions. Once a new drug is manufactured, it receives a fast track designation from the FDA. The fast track designation introduces the drug to a regular meeting with the FDA. Regular meetings result in an accelerated approval, which means that the drug is given priority to review if the relevant criteria are met and gives the drug a leeway to be considered for a rolling review.

7. In July 2020, he did his first clinical trial

As a professional in the medical field, Dr. Lin did his first clinical trial called phase 1 LBS-008 in 2020. The clinical trial involved administering either a single dose or repeated doses to 83 subjects. He did the study for two consecutive weeks. The study was successful, and the conclusion was that the pharmacological doses administered in the form of LBS-008 have a higher tolerance than the dose in LBS-008 PK/PD, which is an oral administration. Dr. Lin is the medical professional who led his team in making this historic medical discovery.

8. He recently announced the closing of a $36 million initial public offering

As part of his operations in Belite Bio, Dr. Lin announced an initial public offering of $6 per ADS. According to Globalnewswire, one ordinary share in Belite is equal to one ADS. Additionally, the company has given underwriters a 30-day option to purchase 900,000 ADS as part of the initial public offering. Lin Bioscience, the parent company, invested $15 million in purchasing ADS. The gross proceedings on the entire allocation yield $36 million before deducting the discounts and commissions.

9. He is currently working on a clinical phase 3 trial

The closing of the initial public offering by Dr. Lin resulted in $36 million. Dr. Lin plans to use the net proceeds from the investment to fund the third phase of the clinical trial of LBS-008. Phase 3 is a continuation of the first phase of the project in which Dr. Lin was the head of the team that made a successful discovery that lbs-008 is a high tolerance dose.

10. His research interest

Dr. Lin has a Ph.D. in Medicine in Neurology and Immunology. As a doctor of philosophy, his current research interests are in cardiovascular, immune-oncology, oncology, and anti-inflammatory therapeutic and autoimmune areas. He is still pursuing studies in the above fields and conducts extensive medical research to help improve people's lives.


Dr. Lin is a graduate of the University of Sydney. He is a specialist in multi-disciplinary areas such as neurology, cardiology, immunology, and a Ph.D. holder in medicine. Dr. Lin has achieved vast experience in clinical and drug development, immune-oncology, oncology, anti-inflammatory therapeutic, and autoimmune areas throughout his career. He has a remarkable track record in transforming biotech companies into IPO.

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