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The Awesome Car Collection of Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert

It's a given that if you're a rap star, you're going to have some decent cars parked up in your garage. Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert does, although "decent" is probably not the right word to describe them. Flamboyant, awesome, and completely different from anything else you'll see on the road might be a better way to put it. Over the years, he's invested more than $2 million into his fleet of exotic cars. And that's just for the models themselves. Not content with driving around in the same Rolls Royce or Bugatti as everyone else, Uzi likes to get creative with his cars, spending hundreds of thousands on customizing them with anime-inspired wraps and rainbow color schemes. And once he's updated them, it's only a matter of time before he reworks again. “These like my kids. If I’m iced out, you think my car is not iced out?” he once said in a now-deleted Instagram post. Here, we take a look at the many faces of Lil Uzi Vert's awesome car collection.

Audi R8

As points out, Uzi has taken his anime obsession to the next level in his custom Audi R8, which is probably the most recognizable car in his collection, if not on the road. Three years ago, the car, which costs around $200,000 new, was a standard military green. These days, there's nothing standard about it. The iridescent exterior has been reworked in purple chrome inspired by an anime called Sword Art Online. The doors feature anime designs inspired by Kimi ni Todoke, along with a giant "16" that references the 1600 block Uzi grew up on in Philly. The interior is just as mind-blowing, with apple-red seats, yellow race car seatbelts, and pink "Vert" spotlights dotted around the cabin.

Lamborghini Urus

When Uzi first bought his Lamborghini Urus, he wrapped it in a military green coat with black rims. He added the number 16 to the back window and decked the interior out in white, grey, and black. A year later, he had it redesigned with a battleship grey body and orange accents. After that, he wrapped it in a graphic inspired by the manga series, Disu x Komi and Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor. These days, it's a solid Vantablack. If you're inspired to get creative with a Lamborghini Urus of your own, be prepared to shell out $220,000 for the base model and an extra $25,000 if you want the same VLONE custom wheels as Uzi.

Bugatti Veyron

With a W16 engine, 10 separate radiators for cooling, and 4 turbos, the Bentley Continental GT is the kind of car that's going to make a statement regardless of what it looks like. But Uzi has taken things next level. After buying the hypercar from Floyd Mayweather for a cool $1.7 million, he wrapped it in full Cowboy Bebop livery complete with portraits of the Cowboy Bebop main character Spike Spiegel on the hood and Ein on the sides.

Bentley Continental GT

After purchasing his Bentley Continental GT in 2019 (he hasn't disclosed how much he paid for it but considering the 2021 model retails for $200,000, we'll hazard a guess and say a lot), Uzi had it wrapped in military green and black, with the number "16" on the doors to represent the block he's from in Philly. To make it pop, Uzi added strobe lights and sirens along with a custom interior with green snakeskin seats and red LED lights.


As says, the USSV Rhino GX is for those times when Lil Uzi needs to carry around a crowd, or avoid one altogether. It's a beast of a machine, designed by US Specialty Vehicles (USSV) and based off of the Ford F-450 chassis, a truck that won't be winning any prizes for subtlety anytime soon. After overhauling the chassis, USSV adds bulletproof body panels, 30-inch tires, and transformed it into something that's more akin to a street-legal tank than anything else. It's not particularly fast, but it is powerful, and in Uzi's case, it's also statement-making. Although the vehicle usually comes in a choice of Tactical Black or Military Green, Uzi has decided to add a Girls and Panzer wrap instead. Factor in the pink “16” badge on the grill, a train horn, a PS4, red LED lights on the inside and outside, and seven TVs, and this is the kind of truck/tank that's impossible to miss.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

According to Pitchfork, the Dodge Hellcat is rap's signature muscle car. It's not hard to work out why. It's fast, loud, and makes other muscle cars look humble in comparison. It's been name-checked by everyone from Tee Grizzley to Lil Baby. Kodak Black told the world “[I’m] In a Hellcat ‘cause I’m a hell-raiser.” Tee Grizzley announced, “The Hellcat will pull up howling but that Glock screaming.” Lil Uzi Vert kept it simple: “My red Hellcat, it sound scary.” It looks it too. After buying his Hellcat back in 2010, Uzi got a matte army wrap with black trims added. A year later, it was all change as he upgraded the rims to a blade design and add a blast of bright red rose color. The body got an overhaul with the addition of a shark mouth print across the front. By 2020, Uzi had dialed things back with a matt grey cover. Inside, the car features red LED lights, a Radenso built-in radar, and a JL audio system.

Bentley Bentayga Mansory

Uzi added the Bentley Bentayga Mansory to his collection back in 2017. He hasn't confirmed how much he forked up for it, but the average cost for the model back then was in the region of $200,000. At first, he kept the exterior black on black and the interior orange. By 2019, he'd swapped the black paint for a military green wrap. A year later, he added some color via a wrap inspired by Beyond the Boundary and some iris-colored rims.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Uzi bought his Rolls-Royce Cullinan back in 2018 and immediately got to work giving it the Uzi treatment. The first time around, he painted the exterior seaweed green (embellished with a diamond-encrusted hood ornament) and decked the interior out in tan fittings. In January 2020, he changed things up with a battleship grey exterior with orange accents.

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