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10 Awesome Castles to Visit in Indiana

Elizabeth Ball Center Castle in Muncie

Have you probably been thinking that you have to travel to Europe to experience the architecture of gatehouses and castles that are reminiscent of those from the Middle Ages? The US has numerous castles that are open for exploration, and although the castles may not date back to Medieval times, their architectural features are pretty impressive. In case you want to take part in some historical tours in Indiana, you cannot afford to overlook the historical castles in southern and northern Indiana. You do not have to be extremely rich or come from the royal family to visit some of these castles. If you want to explore the history of some of the best castles that the US has to offer, Indiana will give you an unforgettable castle experience. This article will take you through ten of the most impressive castles in Indiana, including a magnificent Romanesque Revival castle.

Bishop Simon

10. Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary

A visit to Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary will have you thinking that you have been transported back to the 1800s. This castle is truly a magnificent and fascinating site due to the castle's architectural features, which are a mix of Roman and Medieval architecture. The Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary castle is under the Roman Catholic Church and provides college-level seminary education to aspiring priests and is a must-see anytime you are in Indiana.

Meyer's Casstle

9. Meyers Castle

Meyers Castle is one of the most popular wedding grounds in Indiana. The vintage and historic castle was constructed as a residence for Joseph Earnest Meyer and his family. The castle, which is located in Dyer, Indiana, is built in Jacobethan architectural style, which was popular in England during the early 1800s. Meyers Castle’s construction began in 1927 and was completed in 193. The castle features a dining room styled after a traditional English pub, and the building serves as a unique event venue with a reservation-only restaurant.

Clayshire Castles

8. Clayshire Castle

I highly recommend a visit to Clayshire Castle if you want to escape the stress and chaos of the current world. This castle has a beautiful yard, and you can enjoy a stroll on the gardens or get lost through the hedge maze. You can check out some of the pictures of the castle on their website, although visiting the castle in person is much more breathtaking. A grand tour of the castle is also educational, and you will get to learn a few medieval facts about the owners of the castle. You can also choose to enjoy their luxurious accommodations where guests are treated in true loyal style.

Old Courthouse

7. Old Vanderburgh Courthouse

Simply called the “Old Courthouse”, this castle was once the headquarters of Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Construction of this castle began in 1888 and was completed in 1890. The castle contains fifteen statues of human figures and carvings of vegetable indigenous flowers found in Indiana. The castle also contains a haunted house that is quite fun if you are in the company of your friends or family. Old Vanderburgh is one of the best and most unique castles in Indiana. However, you can lose your car if you forget the side you used to go inside.

Fort Wayne

6. Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne has been a great space for artists from all around the world who have used it as an art gallery for many years. Last year, Mark Smith and Jody Hemphill Smith put up the castle which they had purchased in 1995 for sale. The castle, which was built in a Richardsonian Romanesque style is an adventurous place to spend your weekend learning the history of the castle. Although it hasn't been recently restored, it still looks pretty nice and is worth a visit if you want to take some cool pictures for your Instagram.

Laralyn Castle

5. Laralyn Castle

The Laralyn Castle is an enchanted Medieval home that was built by the Gunkels couple on March 17, 1999. The outer appearance of the castle is evidence that the owners made the best efforts to make it look like an actual medieval castle. The castle architecture features some detailed carpentry and stained glass windows, making it look quite outstanding.


4. Old Kokomo City Building

Downtown Kokomo is home to some incredible architectural styles, including Romanesque Revival and Neoclassical Architecture. At downtown Kokomo, 221 Walnut Street is a magnificent castle that dates back to 1893. The castle features corner towers that have unique conical roofs and a stone arch entrance and is listed as a National Historic Place by the federal government of the United States.

Monastery Immaculate Conception

3. Monastery Immaculate Conception

Also referred to as the “Castle on the Hill,” Monastery Immaculate Conception, which was built between 1915 and 1924, is a beautiful Romanesque castle that immaculately rises over the town of Ferdinand. The castle features a simple yet elegant color scheme that will fascinate anyone who sets foot at the place. In addition, the staff who live there — primarily sisters, are very friendly and you are sure to get a spiritual experience and a great picture of western culture.

The Castle on the Hill

2. The Castle on the Hill

This castle which is located in Mount Metamora, is a hidden gem that few people talk about. The mysterious castle, which you would mistake for a church, is a compelling sight with some unique medieval design that will make any history lover fall in love with it. The Metamora area has some strange stories surrounding the area, although this castle remains to have the strangest of them.

Elizabeth Ball Center Castle in Muncie

1. Elizabeth Ball Center Castle in Muncie

Built in 1907, Elizabeth Ball Center Castle in Muncie is a gorgeous little known castle that is located deep in the Indiana countryside. The monastery is one of the most exquisite castles to visit in Indiana. The castle was initially named Nebosham and belonged to Mr and Mrs E.B. Ball. Anybody who loves visiting beautiful buildings should see the inside of this magnificent structure. The home is beautifully restored and offers scheduled tours as well as educational programs.

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