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10 Things You Didn't Know About Centene CEO Michael Neidorff

Michael Neidorff is a businessman who is best-known as the Chief Executive Officer of the Centene Corporation. This is a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise that was founded in 1984 as a single health plan and now encompasses a range of medical insurance and health care programs. He first joined this company in 1996 and has played an integral role in the company’s current success. While he is well-known in business circles, there are probably many things that you do not know about this successful businessman. Here are ten interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Michael Neidorff.

1. He is One of the Top 20 Business People

Fortune has an annual list of the Top 20 Business People of the Year. Michael Neidorff made it on to this list in 2017 in 17th position. This was for his contribution to the growth of Centene, which has expanded rapidly under his leadership.

2. He Moved to St. Louis in 1985

Michael Neidorff and his wife, Noemi, both grew up on the East Coast. However, they moved for Niedorffs work in 1985 after he accepted the position of president and chief executive officer at Physicians Health Plan of Greater St. Louis. At the time of the move, both were unfamiliar with the city.

3. He is the Highest Paid Executive in St. Louis

Michael Neidorff has been named as the highest paid executive in St. Louis for the third year running. Is annual salary is currently estimated to have risen to $25.3 million.

4. He Owns a Luxurious North Palm Beach Property

Neidorff owns a luxurious home on Palm Beach. This property was formerly owned by Carol Lee ‘Leezy’ Sculley, who is the ex-wife of former Apple Chairman, John Sculley. It was reported that Neidorff paid $6.3 million for the four-bedroomed home.

5. He Also has a South Palm Beach Property

Neidorff must be a fan of the Palm Beach area as he also owns a property on South Palm Beach. According to local property records, Niedorff and his wife own a condominium in the area.

6. He and His Wife Are Ambassadors of St. Louis

Both Neidorff and his wife have become ambassadors for their hometown St. Louis. They promote the benefits of living there to everyone as they believe it has everything the bigger cities have but is more affordable and accessible. They have also supported and become benefactors for many cultural and educational institutions in the area.

7. He Serves on the St. Louis Symphony Board of Trustees

Neidorff’s wife Noemi is a classically trained pianist. She was already friends with some members of the St. Louis Symphony before they moved to the city. They now both serve on the board of trustees for the St. Louis Symphony with Noemi as vice chair and Michael as a life trustee. His wife has launched educational programs along with the symphony which are supported by her husband.

8. He Has Strong Links with Washington University

For ten years, Michael Neidorff was a member of the Brown School National Council at Washington University. Centene has since become a partner in an industry-academic collaboration called the Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change. With his wife, Neidorff founded the Neidorff Family and Robert C. Packman Professorship at the School of Medicine. In acknowledgment of their support of the University, Washington University presented the couple with the Robert S. Brookings Award.

9. He Has a Consistent Business Strategy

Michael Neidorff has a consistent business strategy, and this is clear as he has adopted the same approach at Centene for more than 20 years. He believes in improving the health of communities by providing high-quality care at reasonable costs. His beliefs are also reflected in his personal life as he prefers to make a change in his community rather than simply standing on the sidelines hoping things will improve.

10. His Leadership Has Led to Greatness

When Neidorff first joined Centene in 1996, the company had just 40,000 covered members. He has led a huge expansion in the company and it now has over 12 million members across 28 states in the United States. Another significant moment during his leadership was when his company Centene acquired Health Net in March 2016 for $6 billion. As a result of this acquisition, Centene became the largest Medicaid managed-care provider in the United States.

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