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How to Change the Routing Number On Cash App

Cash App

Nowadays, everyone wants to enjoy the easy methods of making money transactions. But the entire system is based on various factors that need to be managed efficiently, such as knowing your bank account number and Cash App account number. You also need to know the Cash app routing number, which links your Cash account to your bank. However, many Cash App users do not know much about the Cash app routing number and its purpose in sending and receiving money via direct money transfers. Here, we will show you how to change the routing number on Cash App.

How to find my Cash App account number and routing number?

Below are two quick steps on how you can get to see your Cash App account number and routing number:

Step 1

Go to the “My Cash” tab and click on the “Get Account Number .” Then click on “Enable Account” to see your account and routing number.

Step 2

A nine-digit code will be sent to you that recognizes the account holder’s financial institution in the United States. This code is the Cash App routing number, and you can use it to transfer money from one account to another. Banks usually use your bank routing number to transfer funds from your account for financial transactions like direct deposits, bank wire transfers, and many others. Moreover, Cash App can accept direct cash deposits through your Cash App account.

How can I change my Cash App routing number?

Before you are able to change your Cash App routing number, you are first required to open a new Cash App account. To proceed, you will not log out from your existing Cash App account routing number to facilitate direct fund deposit. Once you have closed the existing Cash App account, create a new Cash App account to change your Cash App routing number. Though the process of changing your Cash App routing number is quite complex, below is a quick, simplified process guide: First, you should press the “Cash App” icon on your iPhone or Android to open the dashboard of your account. Tap on the “My Cash” tab option and click the cash option. Select the “Cash Option,” and a new screen will appear. Here, scroll down this new pack and tap on the “Direct Deposit” option and click on the “Get Account Number” option. Choose the “Enable Account” option and click on the “Copy Account Details” option. Once the new tab opens, choose the “Copy Routing Number” option and copy your new routing number from there. It is advisable to save this new Routing Number in a safe place that can be easily retrieved for future reference.

Is It Possible to Choose a Routing Number for Your Cash App Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify or edit your routing number for your Cash App account. This is because the official Cash App is designed to assign each account with a unique code that specifically works for that Cash App account. However, you can change the routing number for your Cash App account by closing your existing Cash App account and creating another account with a different email address. You can also opt to move to a different state and open your new Cash App account there. While making updates and changes to your existing Cash App account, you are advised to ensure that these changes match your details in the previous Cash App account. Additionally, your existing account or residential area must change if you wish to get a new routing number.

How to Look for The New Routing Number in Your Account

Once you are done changing the routing number in your Cash App account, you may experience difficulties while locating this new routing number. Luckily, to get the new RTN number in your account, you only need to; Login to your Cash App account on your iPhone or Android device and complete the verification process of your account with the SMS code sent to your device. Fill in other required details such as your full name, email address, and residential address as specified in your new Cash App account. At this point, you will be required to come up with a unique identifier that people can use to pay via the Cash App. Enter your debit card and bank details. You can however change these details later. Once you have correctly filled in these details, you will receive your new Cash App routing number.

Why is it important for Cash App to have a routing number?

The routing number, also known as RTN, is like a personal address for your Cash App account. It shows where you opened your account and where you should visit when you need help with your Cash App account. Your routing number is also used by people to know where to send money. Moreover, the routing number is used when paying bills via Cash App.

Can the cash app change my routing number?

The routing number can only be changed when consolidation, bank mergers, or acquisition by other financial institutions. However, the initial Cash App routing number is kept active for a long period to enable the user to place direct cash deposits. Routing numbers are rarely changed as they help identify each Cash App user.

How to Contact Cash App Support for New Routing Number?

When having difficulties opening a new Cash App account or updating your existing routing number, you only need to; Login to the Cash App, Click on the “Profile” icon, Select the “Support” option and tap on the “Something Else” option. At this point, navigate to the concerns or difficulties you are experiencing and tap on the “Contact Support” option to talk with the Cash App support team.

Final Thoughts

Having your routing number in the Cash App is really important as it allows users to perform various financial transactions. However, problems arise when the account holders have no idea where to find their routing numbers or how to utilize them effectively.

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