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20 Benefits of Having a Chase Slate Card

Chase Slate

If you’re sick and tired of being charged a premium in late fees, balance transfers, APR and annual fees, you might do well to consider the Chase Slate credit card. In fairness, it’s not going to give you the kind of travel benefits you can get with certain other cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve. What it will give you is a great interest rate, convenient ways of keeping track of your spending, protection from fraud and unauthorized charges, incredible introductory APR and balance transfer offers, and no annual fee. You heard me- no annual fee. How often in 2019 can you say that about a credit card? And the benefits don’t end there… if you’re tempted to give the Chase Slate a go but want to know more before you do, take a look at these 20 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate in filling out that application form (although just as a quick disclaimer before you do – all benefits are subject to change, so make sure to keep up to date with any amendments via the Chase website.

1. Enjoy Exclusive Access to Chase Experiences

Want exclusive access to the biggest, best and most exclusive events and venues across the US? With a Chase Slate card, you’ll get it. Chase offers its lucky cardholders access to such privileged perks as Chase Preferred Seating tickets, great deals on merchandise, special offers on food and beverage concessions, and access to exclusive, one- of- a- kind experiences through its partner network. Whether it’s at Madison Square Garden, the Chicago Theater, Amalie Arena, Chase Field or Golden State Warriors, flash your card and you’re guaranteed one of the best seats in the house.

2. Get Free Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Say no to costly rental car collision insurance by using your Chase Slate card instead. Charge your entire rental cost to your card and under the terms of its Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver policy, you’ll be covered for theft and collision damage. As an added perk, the insurance doesn’t just cover you – any additional drivers mentioned on the rental agreement will also benefit from the policy. The cover extends to both physical damage and/ or theft, any towing charges needed to take the car to the nearest repair facility, and any loss-of-use charges incurred by the rental car agency.

3. Enjoy Worry-Free Shopping with Purchase Protection

Use your Chase Slate card for all your purchasing requirements, and in the event of theft or damage to the new goods, you’ll be safeguarded with Chase’s Purchase Projection Plan. The plan provides coverage for up to 120 days from the date of purchase and allows you to claim up to $500 per item, or $50,000 per account. If you’re buying for a friend, they’ll also be protected under the terms of its cover. Bear in mind not all purchases are covered: if you’re buying a boat, an antique, or an item that may “mysteriously disappear with no evidence of a wrongful act”, you might want to consider additional insurance.

4. Get Help with Roadside Dispatch

In a pickle? Call 1-800-847-2869 and Chase will dispatch all the help you need, whether that’s towing to the nearest repair site, a tire change, a jumpstart, a lockout service, a winching, or a fuel delivery. Well, they will if you’re a Chase Slate cardholder. If you’re not, I can’t guarantee they won’t hang up on you. The roadside assistance is available throughout the US and Canada, but it does come with a couple of conditions: the tow will only cover you for 5 miles, the tire change service demands you carry your own good, inflated spare, fuel delivery doesn’t cover the cost of fuel, and the winching service will only help to within 100 feet of paved or county maintained road.

5. Protect Yourself with Zero Liability Protection

In these days of identity fraud, the possibility of your card being used illegitimately is a perpetual worry. Chase mitigates against the risk with its very useful Zero Liability Protection plan: if you notice any charges to your account you can’t remember making, simply call the number on the back of your card and Chase will take care of it on your behalf.

6. Benefit from Free Fraud Protection and Alerts

Working hand- in- hand with Chase’s Zero Liability Protection are its Fraud Protection and Fraud Alerts plans. Even if you’re a little lax about checking your account on a regular basis, Chase will keep a close enough eye on your transactions to ensure you don’t become a victim of fraud. If its Real-Time Fraud Monitoring System detects any unusual activity, Chase will notify you instantly with a phone, text or email (provided they have the right information, that is, so be sure to keep your details updated and log any changes as soon as they happen).

7. Arm Yourself Against Counterfeit Fraud

Chase uses the most up- to- date technology to guarantee your security. Every Slate card comes complete with an embedded chip to help combat counterfeit fraud, adding an extra layer of security to its existing card protections and making it easier for you to use your card outside of the US.

8. Enjoy Extended Warranty Protection

Want extra warranty without the horrendous cost of buying it directly from the retailer? Then you’re in luck. Chase offers Slate cardholders the added value of Extended Warranty Protection. The protection will extend the warranty period of any US manufactures warranty period by one additional year, provided the eligible repair warranty is for three years or less and the item has been purchased using the Slate card. Coverage is more than generous, capping out at $10,000 per claim, with a maximum of $50,000 per account.

9. Sign up to Automatic Account Alerts

If you like to keep a firm grasp on your finances, Chase has plenty of ways to help. Its automatic account alerts are a case in point. Modify your account settings to enable alerts, and Chase will notify you via email or text whenever a payment is due or received; when a balance transfer or payment has been posted; once your balance reaches a pre-defined amount; or if there’s been a high transaction on your account. You also have the option of selecting which alerts you do (and don’t) want to receive and to edit your preferences on how the alerts are sent.

10. Add an Authorized User for Free

If you’re feeling generous, Chase will allow you the benefit of adding up to five additional authorized users at no extra cost. The lucky five can share in your card membership privileges, while you’ll benefit from the convenience of being able to track all your household expenses under one consolidated statement, making it that much easier to keep an eye on your spending.

11. Get Free Overnight Shipping for Replacement Cards

We’ve all had that awful, stomach- lurching moment when we realize we’ve left the bar, but our credit card hasn’t. Fortunately, Chase will replace any lost card quickly and easily. Simply call the 24/7 customer service hotline on 1-800-945-2000 and they’ll get a replacement card out to you with free overnight shipping.

12. Access Your Credit Score for Free

Don’t underestimate the value of keeping track of your credit score- landlords will use it to decide if you’re a trustworthy tenant; insurance providers will use it to set your premium for auto and homeowner’s coverage; banks will use it to decide if they want your custom or not. If you keep an eye on your score, you’ll be in a better position to take any action needed to improve it. Providers like Experian will let you access your credit rating, but usually at a cost. Fortunately, owning a Chase Slate card will give you 24/7 access to your score for free.

13. Keep Up to Date with 24/7 Online and Mobile Access

Chase is nothing if not abreast of the times. To improve the user experience, it offers cardholders the chance to manage their accounts quickly and easily with Chase Online and the Chase Mobile app. Read your statements, monitor your transactions, pay your bills, transfer funds and see check images with just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of the screen… all with the added protection of encryption technology.

14. Keep Track of Your Spending with a Free Year-End Summary

Want to know where your salary has been going the past year? With Chase Slate, you can find out quickly and easily. Sign into your account and you’ll be able to download your Year End Summary for free. The summary will show every transaction, transfer, advance and purchase you’ve made over the last 12 months, conveniently broken down by section into grocery stores & drugstores, automotive, shopping, travel & entertainment, tax-deductible & related expenses, home improvement/maintenance, restaurants, and other.

15. Enjoy Peace of Mind with Automatic Payments

Sign up to a Chase Slate credit card and you can ensure your payments go out on time every month thanks to its automatic payment options. Payments can be made quickly and hassle-free using a choice of payment methods, including online, from your mobile device, via automated phone service or at your local Chase branch.

16. Help the Environment with Paperless Statements

Want to do your bit for the environment by doing away with paper statements? Then Chase is the bank for you. Chase will email you when your statement is ready, giving you secure, real-time access to your transaction history via the website or mobile app without having to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

17. Leave Your Wallet at Home with Digital Pay Options

Always forgetting your wallet? Don’t worry –if you have a Chase Slate card, you can pay on the go quickly and easily with your mobile device. Using Chase Slate and Chase Pay, you can combine your cards, loyalty programs and rewards to order ahead, pay in store, online, or in-apps hassle- free. You’ll also have access to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout, Fitbit Pay and Gamin Pay.

18. Enjoy Access to Special Offers

From time-to-time, Chase will introduce special, one-off offers that make owning a Slate Card that much more enticing. For instance, running from now until December 2019, Chase Slate cardholders can get double back on Chase offers. Simply activate your Chase Offers on or through the Chase Mobile app to enjoy 2x on Chase offers with the Slate Double Back.

19. Consolidate Your Finances

Chase Slate wants your business – and it’s willing to prove it. If you’re paying over the odds on high-rate credit cards or have too many cards to count, Chase will let you consolidate your balances and simplify your finances (and life) by transferring your existing balances over to your Slate card. The result? You’ll pay less long-term interest, pay off your balance quicker with Slate’s lower interest rate, along with streamlining your monthly payments. As an added bonus, transfer the balance within the first 60 days from account opening and you won’t be charged a transfer fee. As Credit Donkey notes, most credit card providers will charge you a 3%-5% balance transfer fee, so take advantage of the free offer while you can- you’re unlikely to find it anywhere else.

20. Save Hundreds with No Annual Fee

With ever-increasing numbers of providers charging their users a premium in annual fees, coming across a credit card that offers a great service for free is becoming a rarity. And yet that’s exactly what’s on offer with the Chase Slate credit card. Yep, all those lovely benefits and features we’ve discussed come with an annual charge of exactly zero dollars, nil cents. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a zero percent introductory APR for the first 15 months on purchases and balance transfers from account opening. and as an added extra, no penalty APR if you happen to be late with a payment. Can't say fairer than that.

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