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A Guide to Finding the Cheapest Gas Near You


If you have been watching the news recently, you may have realized that gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper. According to Trading Economics, world gas prices increased to $1.30/liter in June from $1.17/liter in May 2022. Despite the fact that the current administration contributing to the rise of gas as well as inflation becoming the highest it's been in 40 years, you can still find gas at low prices. The crucial question you could be asking is, “Where can I get the cheapest gas near me?” After all, you wouldn’t want to travel thousands of miles just for cheap gas. Fortunately, there are methods of finding affordable gas prices near you through downloading certain apps. Keep reading.

Claim a Local Gas Stations With Upside

When you open the Upside app, it displays a map and a list of offers from participating gas stations. Since it focuses on displaying offers rather than just current gas prices, it is why the app is very popular in the United States. According to Restaurant Business Online, the app is approximately used by 30 million people. The app displays the price per gallon at each gas station. Remember, the price shown by the app is not what you will pay at the gas station. Instead, the price displayed is the one after weighing in whatever cash-back offer is being promoted. Since Upside only works with select gas stations, you may not see some local gas stations in the app. That means you will have to settle with the closest and available ones near you. Once you spot a gas station you like, you must claim it from the app. The only acceptable modes of payment are debit or credit cards. Once you have made your payment, you will receive a cash-back reward. You can trade your reward for digital cards like Amazon or Applebee’s.

Search for Cheap Nearby Gas Stations Using Gas Guru

Gas Guru shows you gas prices that are up to date since it uses information from the Oil Price Information Service. It also has the last price update, which helps you determine whether the gas station is likely to have the same price still. With continual up-to-date information, you will not have to constantly empty your wallet whenever you visit the gas station. Another remarkable feature of Gas Guru is that it displays coffee shops, ATMs, and restaurants in your area. Since some drivers use a lot of gas trying to access such amenities, they will be happy to know that they can save fuel by visiting the amenities closest to them. When you open the app, it will immediately use your device’s integrated GPS to determine your current location. Once it detects your location, the app will display affordable gas prices near you. The app does other things besides indicating the prices from a particular gas station. For instance, it can give you additional information about a gas station, such as its auto repair services, roadside assistance, and ATM. Additionally, the app allows you to save a gas station you frequently visit so that it does not have to search it.

Use Waze to Locate a Cheap Gas Station Besides Searching for the Best Routes

Most drivers who use Waze use it to find alternative routes to avoid traffic. However, some of them forget that they can use it to locate cheap gas prices. Waze uses a unique way of ensuring that the prices you receive are current. According to Auto Evolution, the app prompts the user to confirm whether the prices displayed by it matches with what they used at the petrol station. This method of determining oil prices may either be accurate or inaccurate. Although some drivers are kind enough to confirm whether the gas prices are accurate, some may deliberately confirm false information because they are in a hurry. Be that as it may, Waze is still a useful tool for finding cheap gas prices. When you open the app, tap on the Where to? search bar. Next, you will see the Gas Stations label that you should click on. To make the search for gas stations easier, you can list them in order of price in the settings. The most appropriate method of sorting the gas prices would be from the cheapest to the highest. We have already established that Waze may not always be accurate. It is therefore up to you to update the gas prices when prompted by the app.

Find Cheap Gas Prices in Real-Time With GasBuddy

Since GasBuddy was launched in 2000, most drivers have been using it to search for cheap gas in their area. Amazingly, it has remained popular even with the rise of other similar apps. That is because the app underwent some changes over the years. Before the app was available, the only way you could use GasBuddy was by visiting its website. When the app was eventually launched, it could only display a list of nearby gas stations with distances. Nowadays, the app allows you to view more information about a gas station and give you directions to get to it. In order to use this app, you must first download it on your Android or iPhone device. After that, you have to create an account to use the app. Once you are on the Home page, tap on the button that says Find Gas. After tapping the button, you will see a list of gas prices of nearby gas stations. You can make your search easy by narrowing down your search through filters like distance, fuel type, and payment options. There are certain things you should be prepared for when using this app. First, it will aggressively push you to sign up for its Pay with GasBuddy service. The service provides you with a free debit card that links to your checking account and must strictly be used at gas stations. Once you acquire the Pay with GasBuddy card, you should activate in-app deals, which will see you saving 25 cents per gallon on each fill-up. Additionally, the app’s privacy policy allows it to collect data such as your phone’s device ID. That means to use this app; you need to remember to revoke certain permissions.

Use AAA’s Gas Search Tool to Find the Most Affordable Prices

Judging by the header, you may assume that you need to be a member of AAA to enjoy its services. Fortunately, you do not need to be a member to benefit from its services. However, there are certain features the app has which are only exclusive to those with AAA memberships. The AAA mobile app shows gas stations near you and other points of interest, such as restaurants and hotels. This app displays every information you would need about a gas station. To keep you updated about the current oil prices, it uses data from the Oil Price Information Service. If you have a preferred gas station brand, you can set the app to only show you your preferred gas stations. Like other apps, you can also get detailed information about hotels and restaurants near you. This app is, therefore, a cost-effective way of finding the amenities without aimlessly driving around for them.

You Can Also Use Google Maps to Search for Cheap Gas Prices Nearby

Like Waze, people use Google Maps to find the best routes and directions to a place. However, you can also use the app to locate the inexpensive gas prices around you. Once you open the app on your phone, head over to the section titled Gas Tile under the search bar. To improve your search, you can drive to a different spot so that you get other available gas stations. You can change your search preferences under the preferences slider at the top. You can filter your search results based on wheelchair accessibility and hours of operation. After you have finished searching, you will be exposed to a variety of several gas stations. One challenge of this app is that it does not display the prices of all the available gas stations in your area. That means you will have to scroll further for those with displayed prices. However, if your favorite gas station has no price, you can click on it and call to ask about the price or view its listing. Since this app is available by default on most smartphones, it may not be necessary to download another gas-searching app unless there is information you hope to get from other apps.

Check Out Cheap Gas Prices With Checkout 51

Checkout 51 allows you to get your cash back on gas purchases in the form of a check. Just like Upside, you can use the app to search for offers up to 25 cents per gallon at nearby gas stations. After claiming the offer, you have until 4 hours to buy the gas with your preferred debit or credit card. Once you make this transaction, do not forget to post your receipt to the app. If you intend to save with Checkout 51, you must also submit your receipt. Ensure the card you use isn’t linked to any other programs. In order to get your cash back, there are certain rules you must follow. Some of the rules include: taking a photograph of the entire receipt, using credit or debit cards instead of cash or gift cards, and claiming the offer within 24 hours after adding your receipt.

Search for Affordable Gas Stations Ahead of You With RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

As you drive in search of an affordable gas station, you may accidentally pass one. The option you have is to look for the next one ahead of you. Or, you could turn back and look for the gas station you passed, but you would easily become a nuisance to other road users. Additionally, it is challenging to make a turn on the highway. Thankfully, the RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder app helps you find cheap gas stations in front of you. The app locates the gas stations ahead of you and classifies them according to distance by exit, ratings, and prices. Rather than find the one in front of you, you can use the app to compare the prices of different gas stations. You will then decide which gas station appeals to you. In the meantime, you can also use the app to look for grocery stores. So, if you constantly shop for groceries as you drive, this is an app you must have. Unfortunately, the app is only available to iPhone users.

Navigate for Affordable Gas Services With MapQuest

The gas prices quoted by this app are from the Oil Pricing Information Service. Its prices are updated up to seven times daily, so all the gas prices in your area will be plotted. Besides displaying the affordable gas prices, MapQuest includes information about alternative fuels like regular, premium, and diesel. As you may have inferred from the name, you can use it to give you directions to a particular location. Once you identify different types of gas stations, you can add the ones you like to your favorites section. So, the next time you need to locate a cheap gas station, you will not have to keep prompting the app to search for one.


Despite the rise of apps that can help you search for affordable gas prices, it is still shocking that some prefer to drive from place to place looking for cheap prices. Apart from wasting time on the road, the driver also wastes a lot of fuel. So, if you need cheap gas prices near you, remember to choose from any of the nine apps. Although the apps help you look for cheap gas, remember to be keen about the petrol’s quality. Also, ensure the petrol you pick is from a trustworthy company. It is not uncommon for drivers to drive with inferior oil just because it is cheap. That is not to say that all cheap fuel is inferior.

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