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20 Things You Didn't Know about Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt is the type of actor that just about everyone loves. He came from somewhat humble beginnings. He was struggling to find his place in the world when he struck gold and was not even looking. His charm and charisma are what convinced people to cast him on Parks and Recreation and eventually movies. He can play a part to perfection even if it is a far stretch from his own personality. He is quirky and fun, and that is refreshing in a town like Hollywood. He also has tons of talents and hobbies. Some more unusual than others, but interesting anyway. He has worked his way up the ladder and has become one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors.

Here are 20 things you might not know about Chris Pratt.

1. He Dropped Out Of College

After attending college for some time and not getting anywhere, he had decided that it just wasn't where he wanted to be. He made up his mind to drop out and search for his path and pursued some odd jobs. He struggled for some time attempting to make a living.  One of his more unusual jobs included passing out coupons to strangers. He said he was a great coupon pusher. People liked him, and he was fairly successful. Lucky for him he decided to forego the college struggle and made his way to greener pastures.

2. He Worked As A Male Stripper

One can only imagine how he got lured into that job. He worked a few private parties but no real details on the scenario. He probably never would have guessed he would one day become on of the Hollywood elite. He was just trying to make ends meet and perhaps have a bit of fun in the process. Unfortunately for all the ladies out there, he found a better, more respectable job. One can only wonder if he would still be on the job if he had not been discovered by Hollywood.

3. He got his break into movies while working at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant.

He waited on a would-be director by the name of Rae Dawn Chong. She happened to be the daughter of the famous comedian Tommy Chong. She had planned to shoot a low budget horror film and bought him a ticket to Hollywood a few days later. They shot the movie, but it was so bad that it got little attention. The film can hardly be found today, and there are no reviews. He got the acting bug when he filmed this flop. He went on to audition for every role that was having a casting call. After much persistence, he finally got a break and began working for the WB.

4. He tends to get romantically involved with his fellow actors.

While this is pretty common with most jobs, why not in the acting field?  Twice now he has found long-term relationships with his co-stars. The first lasted for two years. The second relationship ended up becoming his first marriage. He now has a young son named Jack that is the apple of his eye. He loves being a dad before all else.  His wife is the television and movie actress Anna Ferris.

5. Chris is currently married to Anna Ferris, who shared his favorite hobby.

They both enjoy collecting bugs. This quirky duo is two of a kind. They get along famously and anytime they need entertainment they break out each other's huge collection of dead bugs. To each their own. What are the chances that they both had such a unique shared interest?  We'd say slim to none which is no surprise why these two found each other and are still together today.

6. He has a way with the ladies.

He also has some good advice to give the would-be Romeos out there. He informed everyone that his secret with the ladies is quiet confidence. He advises against being aloof but rather strong and reserved. You definitely don't want to seem like a jerk by being uncaring. Just stand for what you believe in without making a spectacle of yourself. The ladies like strong confidence, not jerks. Seems like good advice.

7. He has acted in several Oscar nominated films.

This speaks volumes of his acting talent and ability to work with talented cast members. All of the nominated films were up for Best Film for three consecutive years. These films are loved by audiences and perhaps should have won. He will just have to wait until the time is right. It seems as though he is due for an Oscar any year now but has yet to have a breakout role that would be taken seriously for the award.  We can only hope he doesn't have to wait as long as Leonardo Dicaprio.

8. He doesn't mind having to put on the pounds in order to accurately portray a character.

He reportedly gained a whopping sixty pounds for his role as Brett in the movie Delivery Man. Putting on weight that quickly when you are not naturally that large is a skill all its own. Luckily he as just as skilled at losing weight. He put his athletic background and love for being active to use and dropped all of the weight and was able to go right back to the size he was before the film. You would never know looking at him now that he once was heavy.

9. Just as he gained weight for a role, he has also substantially bulked up for a part in a movie.

He got ripped for his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy. He put an incredible amount of time getting into shape for his role, and he was in peak shape for some time. Even though he may not be as defined today, he still is in good shape. He is a man that can gain and lose weight with his solid will power and focus on being genuine to his role in the films.

10. He likes to style his wife's hair.

More specifically he has mad skills when it comes to french braiding. He recently posted a photo of his handy work on Instagram. Judging from the photo he did a great job. There are plenty of ladies out there that have not mastered the braid as well as he has. His wife is probably the envy of her friends. Not bad for a gentleman with short hair.

11. He was on the football team in high school.

He was a fullback and took football seriously. He was always the athletic type. He was also extremely popular.He was always involved with his school and is still involved today. Most people have fond memories of him from those days. He had the ability to be able to relate to just about anyone and make them feel at ease. He still has this quality today which is one of the reasons he is so popular in Hollywood.

12. He wandered his way to Hawaii.

With no job and no idea where he was going to find one, he took his friend up on an offer to go to Hawaii. He ended up working as a server. Not bad for a broke kid trying to make it in the world. The kid got a really lucky break, and that server job is what gave him a break he needed to get where he is today. He really is quite lucky overall considering he had no direction in life and ended up doing about as well as anyone could dream.

13. He played a part in the show Everwood.

He strayed from his roots at WB to play a goofy guy with issues by the name of Bright Abbott. This was quite a stretch from the role he had become familiar with. It was one of the first projects that were not directed toward a teenage audience. His character was fairly successful and gave him additional air time that would serve as a great resume point when he went on to play more important roles on bigger shows.

14. He had a part on the super popular show The O.C.

He was cast for a part when his gig on Everwood ended. The O.C. was one of the most watched show at that time. This got him noticed by a lot of people in Hollywood. This gig is what got him noticed by the big shots in Hollywood. They realized he had some pretty decent acting skills so they decided to see what he could do later on.

15. Chris Pratt plays guitar.

Although he doesn't discuss this talent often, we have seen samples of his talents in a few of the movies that he has shot over the years. He doesn't showcase his talent in public, but he is pretty good at it. He has always been musically inclined and can be heard singing on set quite frequently. He goes on to say that he doesn't have time to pursue his talents further with his busy acting schedule.

16. He was once into wrestling.

This is something that should come as no surprise. He apparently has a knack for sports and fitness. He did well with wrestling, and the skills he learned would come to serve him in his acting career while trying to get in shape for parts or lose weight from other roles that demanded a significant amount of gain.

17. He was only supposed to be on Parks And Recreations for one season.

His role was meant to be a temporary character and would be removed after the first season was over. His role became quite popular, and the fans demanded he stay around for more seasons. He also charmed the show's producers so much that they continued his character. Many people that watched the show became big fans of his quirky character. That stint on the show grew his fan base and made him a household name.

18. He learned how to play baseball for his role in the hugely successful Moneyball.

He wanted to master the role he was cast in to make it true to life. He trained with the pros and had to learn how to imitate the mannerisms of the main character, as the movie was based off a true story. He goes on to tell that the scenes were very authentic, and everyone worked very hard to make every part of the story realistic. He went on record saying that the fastballs in the movie were clocked in at around ninety-five miles per hour. That is a serious fastball.

19. He got his best acting tip from his friend Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The celebrated actor became friends with Chris Pratt before his untimely passing. He said that the tip was to block everything out and focus as much as possible when it is time to play your part. Nothing should stop you from being completely focused without distractions. When Philip was getting into his character, he knew that no one should talk to or bother him. He gave his characters all of his concentration. He was into the role one hundred percent all of the time. That is a tip he has taken with him to every set he has worked on since.

20. Chris Pratt is an all around nice guy

When it comes to being able to talk to an A-lister, he is one that you don't mind having a conversation with. He doesn't have trouble talking to people openly or sharing his story with curious reporters. He treats everyone with respect. That is probably why he was so popular with all the different social groups in high school. It was said that everyone liked him no matter what they were into at the time.

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