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10 Things You Didn't Know About Constellation Brands CEO William Newlands

Bill Newlands

This past March William Newlands became the CEO, Presidet and Executive Chair of one of the leading alcoholic beverage companies, Constellation Brands Inc. Bill Newlands suceeds Robert Sands who will become Executive Vice Chair of Constellation Brands Inc. after the transition period. Newlands has led a productive career as an executive and lead marketing manager for several wine, beer and spirit companies. He's certainly earned the highest position with Constellation Brands Inc. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Constellation Brands CEO and Harvard graduate, Bill Newlands.

1. Constellation Brands CEO

Earlier this year it was announced that the new CEO of Constellation Brands Inc. Newlands has worked in leading roles with the alcoholic beverage conglomerate for the past four years and has helped the company expand through marketing. He has truly proven himself. Newlands has worked in the alcoholic beverage industry throughout his career. He's worked in leadership positions with five other companies. As of March 1, 2019 Newlands became the company's Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Chair. He succeeds Robert Sands served the position since 2007 and joined Constellation Brands Inc in 1986. Sands will continue to help with the transition and will serve the Executive Vice-Chair position with the company.

2. Career at Constellation Brands

Bill Newlands joined Constellation Brands Inc. in 2015 to help direct the company's marketing. The following year Newlands was appointed the company's President of the Wine and Spirits division. In 2017 he became the company's Chief Operating Officer. In 2018 Newlands was appointed Constellation Brands Inc.'s President.

3. Constellation Brands Inc

Constellation Brands Inc. is a leading Fortune 500 company that was founded by Marvin Sands in New York in 1945. The company is currently headquartered in Victor, New York. The company produces and markets beer, wine, and spirit brands in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Italy, and New Zealand. The company motto is "Elevate life with every raised glass". Constellation Brands Inc. is the third-largest beer distributor in the United States. The brands that the company markets include Corona, Pacifico, and Modella. The company also markets the craft beer brand Ballast Point and Funky Buddha Brewery. Constellation Brands Inc. markets premium wines including Robert Mondavi, Black Box, Clois du Bois, Meioni, Ruffino, Kim Crawford, and The Prisoner. Spirits that Constellation Brands Inc. markets include SVEDKA Vodka, High West Whiskey, and Casa Noble Tequila.

4. Cannabis Industry

Bill Newlands has helped lead Constellation Brands Inc. in marketing. Before his appointment as CEO of the company Newland, a veteran marketer, looked into the possibilities of joining in the new trend of legal cannabis. As an alcoholic beverage distributor and a marketer of alcoholic beverage, Newlands had the knowledge to seek a way to work with cannabis producers. Newlands helped Constellation Brands Inc. to work with Canopy Growth Corporation, a cannabis producer to figure out and market consumer trends.

5. Beam Inc.

The spirit distillery, Beam Suntery Inc. was established in the city of Chicago, Illinois just before the turn of the nineteenth century. Its success led to the establishment of James B. Bean Distillery Company in 1935. After working in marketing for the bourbon whiskey company for several years since 2005 Bill Newlands became the Beam Inc.'s President in 2008. Prior to that, from 2005 through 2007, Newlands served as President of Beam Wines Estate. He successfully led the company to continued and innovative success in the United States of America through 2011.

6. Inc

Prior to working with Jim Beam Inc, Bill Newland spent several years directing marketing at Inc and Allied Domecq Wines. Newland led Allied Domecq Wines USA to success due to his marketing skills and management and served as the company's President and CEO from 2002 through 2005. Prior to his position with Allied Domecq, Newland served as CEO and the Director of the Board of the burgeoning internet company, Inc.

7. LVMH Chandon Estates

Bill Newlands has led a successful career in managing and helping to successfully market several companies. His first leadership position was with LVMH Chandon Estates. Newlands served as the Managing Director and Global Marketing Officer for LVMH Chandon Estates.

8. Education

Bill Newlands was born in 1958. He was drawn to the world of business and marketing and was destined to study at Ivy League universities. He completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton School of Business with a major in Marketing and Human Relations. From there Newlands went to Harvard Business School where he graduated with an MBA degree.

9. Other Positions

Aside from his roles as CEO, President and Executive Chair with Constellation Brands, Inc., Bill Newlands serves on the board of several companies related to Constellation Brands Inc. These include Hormel Foods Corporation, Canopy Growth Corporation, The Robert Mondavi Corporation, Tagkast Inc, Distilled Spirits Council United States, Inc., and The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

10. Net Worth

Bill Newlands has done well throughout his career and his business decisions. He has a high net worth to show for it. Newlands is currently worth about $11.8 million. His salary working for Constellation Brands Inc. is $7.8 million. He owns thousands of units of Constellation Brands Stock which are worth more than $3.3 million. In the past few years, Bill Newlands has sold stocks worth more than $600,000.

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