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How Daniel Ally Became a Self-Made Millionaire in 3 Years


Daniel Ally is a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker whose TedX talk, which is all about how to become a millionaire within three years, has received over a million views. He has written for numerous big publications and is a prolific writer and speaker. He developed 'the Ally Way' which has been the subject of much of his writing and speaking over the years. The publications that he has written for include TIME, the Huffington Post, Fortune and Fox Business. He is a very inspiring figure and focuses his speeches on subjects that drive other people to do things, such as entrepreneurship, wealth creation, motivation and personal development.

What makes Ally's story even more remarkable is that he did all of this despite coming from an incredibly poor background. He was born homeless in the Bronx, New York to very young immigrant parents. He spent a childhood of constant moving about although still managed to stick at it in school, determined to make a better life for himself. Whilst at college he worked loads of different jobs and was determined to make it big. He absorbed everything and read hundreds upon hundreds of books. He started an MBA program but soon realized that it was not for him. He could get what he wanted without that MBA.

He wrote a book, called 'You are the boss!' and traveled all over the place making motivational speeches. After a while, it became clear to him that there was an opportunity to make some money from consultancy as lots of his audience members kept on coming up and asking him for advice as to how they could move their lives or their businesses forward. He started doing this and one thing led to another. He kept on writing and posted videos on the internet and all the time his business just grew and grew.

Ally started a '12 week to success program' and it in itself has been a massive success. Lots of business people and students have signed on to the course to motivate them to achieve their goals. Ally's strength comes in his highly personal approach. He makes his clients feel like they are the most important person in the world and he inspires them to make goals in life, set out a plan to achieve those goals and then go out and achieve success. His aim is to simplify success for everyone and make everyone feel as if it is something that is attainable for them. Despite being criticized in college for being 'a poor writer', his books have been highly successful. He is currently working on a third, which will be available in 2017.

So, this in brief is how he managed to achieve success and become a millionaire within three years - mainly by preaching success to others. Everyone likes to think that they can make it big and Ally has been able to capitalize on this thought. People are willing to pay big money in order to feel good about themselves. After all, if and when people feel good about themselves they are far more likely to achieve success, be motivated and get things done.

What is Ally's mindset though? How did he realize that this was the path that he should take?

He has said in past interviews that his secret is about thinking big. According to him, there are only three things that you need to do in order to get to where you want to arrive. Firstly, you need to read books, and a lot of them. Secondly you should put yourself in the context of and be around positive and good people. Thirdly, you should set high goals and work hard to achieve them in a logical manner. He says that BIG stands for 'books', 'individuals' and 'goals'. It's also about acting in the right way. Ally is clear that in order to be the best and to get to the top you have to know as much as you possibly can about a subject. It doesn't necessarily matter what that subject is. It is just important that you crack the subject to the core and manage to do whatever it is that you are doing better than everyone else.

Ally makes it really clear that being around people who can help you succeed is vital. It is much more difficult to get things done by yourself. In order for these people to come to you, you have to make yourself what he terms an 'attractive person' - morally, socially, physically, emotionally. You have to make people feel good about themselves. If you can do that then you are half way to success.

Clear goal setting and achieving lots of things in a short amount of time has also been critical to Ally's success. Instead of setting one goal over a longer amount of time, he sets multiple goals and works himself to the bone in order to achieve these. Only then, he says, will you be able to drive yourself above the rest. Good things come to those of us who work hard.

His belief in reading is very much tied up with his belief of putting yourself in the shoes of successful people. In his mind, successful people leave 'clues' in the form of books. If you consume their knowledge then you will begin to take on their mindset which will help you hugely in the long run. Read positive books and you will feel more positive and motivated. If you read negative books on the other hand you will likely feel the opposite way.

So, a lot of Daniel Ally's success came from his mindset. He was incredibly determined to succeed and importantly he worked really hard at it, sticking to his goal. He saw an opportunity in writing and speaking and then also spotted opportunities along the way. Success tends to breed success so once you a little way down the line, it makes it much easier to earn more money and achieve more things further on down the line. He is an inspiration to us all. Check out his website for more information if you want to feel motivated!

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