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20 Things You Didn't Know about Deepki

Real Estate

Deepki is widely considered to be one of the most forward-thinking companies in existence. They deal with real estate, but not in the traditional manner like you might think. They’ve managed to marry technology and real estate together in order to alter the carbon footprint left by major buildings. As such, they have become quite popular in their chosen field and they're often the subject of much discussion. Below are 20 things about them that you might not know, but you'll probably be glad that you’ve learned more about them by the time you're finished reading.

1. They help owners of property become more environmentally friendly

This is a company that is very big on helping the environment. As such, they make it part of their mission to help property owners become more environmentally friendly by showing them how to reduce their carbon footprint. This is accomplished by showing them how to reduce their reliance on traditional fossil fuels in addition to helping them learn how to effectively create rooftop gardens and other types of vegetation that can work to both help the planet and provide cost-effective options for occupants.

2. They also help occupants by helping them save money

Of course, the company also helps occupants by giving them a money-saving boost where it counts the most. How do they accomplish this? They can work with occupants to help them understand how they can use environmentally-friendly tactics to save money on energy costs. For example, they can show them how they might use solar panels in order to reduce energy costs for heating, cooling and lighting. By the same token, they can also provide crucial information about retaining rainwater that can then be used for watering plants or even showering as opposed to utilizing even more of this extremely precious resource without regard for the health of the planet.

3. They work with all kinds of clients

It’s true that they work with all kinds of clients. As a result, they might be working with someone who owns only a small building in a downtown area or they may be working with someone who owns a conglomerate of buildings or even a major business. The reality of the situation is that if it's a building, they can provide effective solutions that are environmentally friendly and also reduce the cost of operating that building. By the same token, much of what they do makes living or working in that space more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

4. They have customizable programs for clients of all sizes

The company doesn't have a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, they have a number of different programs that allow their clients to choose something that's customizable based on exactly what they need. That way, smaller clients that only need a few of their services can utilize those that are needed without being forced to pay for something that isn't going to do them any good in the first place. By the same token, larger clients such as major businesses can utilize a package that is both more expansive and more encompassing so that they can get the greatest benefit from what the company has to offer.

5. They can help owners retrofit their property as well

This is a company that isn't only about helping clients that are building new buildings, nor are they only about finding solutions that require simply adding solar panels or planting a few trees. Typically, they're quite adept at helping their clients completely retrofit their existing property so that it's both more appealing to look at and more efficient from an energy perspective. All of this helps reduce their carbon footprint and therefore, helps to protect the planet.

6. They started out with just two simple goals

When the company started, they only had two goals in mind. The first was to approach real estate from an entirely different perspective that would be beneficial to the planet. The second was to give people a place to work who had a strong desire to do something that would make a difference. They wanted to help secure the health of the planet for future generations while still providing them with an effective place to work that allows them to earn a decent wage. It would be easy to say that they have accomplished both goals and they continue to do so to this day.

7. If everyone followed their strategy, there would be no more “concrete jungles”

There's little doubt that you've heard the phrase “concrete jungle.” It's something that people use to refer to major cities such as New York City or Los Angeles, where all you see everywhere you look is concrete and skyscrapers. There is a genuine loss of scenery in these types of neighborhoods, but it goes much deeper than that. It's easy for more damage to be done to the planet in these areas because global warming takes things to an entirely new level when there is nothing but reflective surfaces for heat to bounce off of and virtually no place for anything to grow that might be able to help balance the scales. If everyone followed the strategy of this company, that kind of thing would become an issue of the past.

8. They want to bring passionate people on board to work with them

At the moment, they're hiring and they want to bring people on board that are passionate about what they're doing. They don't want someone to take the job simply because they need somewhere to work. For them, it's all about hiring the right people who really want to do something positive for the planet while simultaneously helping themselves by becoming financially sound and independent.

9. For them, it’s not just a job

Why are they set on hiring people that see working for them as more of a calling than a job? A lot of it comes down to the fact that they want individuals who are as passionate as those who founded the company. They believe that only in the hands of such individuals can they continue to excel for years to come. Otherwise, it all becomes about deciding how much cash can be made from a particular endeavor, with little to no regard for anything else.

10. They have a strong desire to change the status quo

These days, everything seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Cities are getting more crowded and even suburban areas are becoming so crowded that they're like mini cities in their own right. This only serves to further enhance the environmental problem that exists. The company is trying to reverse the status quo by eliminating these problems or at least teaching others how to mitigate them successfully.

11. They just received a rather large sum of money to continue their work

It's obvious that investors believe in what the company is doing as well. As a matter of fact, they just received $166 million from investors. It's all designed to go toward helping them further their efforts of creating a more environmentally friendly planet. The idea is to reach as many individuals as possible and that requires money. As such, they plan on using this money to hire more individuals and create an even more solid marketing campaign.

12. They’re based in France

The company may be based in France, but they're capable of taking the technology that they use and allowing building owners all over the world to take advantage of it. That puts them in a unique position because at the moment, they are essentially the only company doing what they do. It only stands to reason that other companies will eventually follow suit. For now, this is the company that you want in your corner if you own a building of any type and you're genuinely trying to reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself some money in the process.

13. They’re using a special software program to help building owners

One of the things that makes them unique is that they're using a special software program that they designed in-house that helps building owners reduce their carbon footprint. It's extremely adaptive and add-ons can be brought on board at any time depending on how involved any particular building owner wants to get. For example, they can simply purchase the basic software program or they can purchase either a premium or even an executive package that allows them to have more options available at their fingertips.

14. With their services, everyone can learn how they can do better

It's safe to say that with the services provided by this company, everyone can learn how they can do a better job of protecting the environment. For anyone who's ever had a strong desire to do their part and find a way to make things operate more smoothly, this is a solution that can't be passed up. As a matter of fact, it makes you wonder why all building owners don't get on board with the program because they can do so much to help protect the environment. The fact that it can also save you money almost makes it seem like a no-brainer.

15. They don’t just help you track your carbon footprint, they help you improve

It's true that when you first start using their software, you simply learn what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong so that you know what your carbon footprint looks like. However, they help you improve by reducing that carbon footprint. This is accomplished by showing you exactly what types of measures you can take in order to reduce it as much as possible. More often than not, you end up saving a great deal of money in the process but more importantly, you're doing your part to help the environment.

16. Their strategy is used in countless locations around Paris

It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that their strategy is widely used throughout Paris, the city where the company is based. That's because they essentially started where their headquarters are and have been steadily working their way out from Paris to the rest of the world. When you see beautiful commercial buildings in Paris that are blooming with flowers and shrubs of all kinds, you can almost bet that they've had a hand in it.

17. It takes a lot of people to do what they do

There's no doubt about it, it takes a number of employees to pull off everything that they accomplish on a routine basis. That's precisely why they have roughly 250 employees working for them at the current time. If you'll remember, they're also currently hiring so there's no telling how many people they will eventually have by the time they're done growing their own business.

18. To date, they’ve raised millions of dollars

They've only recently completed their third round of fundraising but to date, they've raised $178.1 million. That's a great deal of money, but you have to consider the fact that it takes a lot of money to develop this type of software program and get it off the ground. There's no doubt about it, they're making a great deal of progress. This is a company that knows where it's going and by all accounts, they don't seem to be having any problems getting there.

19. They aren’t afraid to pound the pavement

According to their social media feed, they're not afraid to get out there and interact with other people so they can get the word out about what they're doing. As a matter of fact, they routinely attend various seminars as a means of making people aware of what they do and how they can help everyone reduce their own carbon footprint in one capacity or another.

20. They’re not afraid to think big, either

You already know that they're not afraid to get out there and mingle, but they're also not afraid to go after bigger dreams at the same time. As such, it's not really that uncommon to see them doing press releases or conducting interviews on television so they can talk about the problem with the environment and how they can help.

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Written by Allen Lee

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