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How Derek Hough Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Derek Hough

Derek Hough is an individual of note in the U.S. entertainment industry. Primarily, people will know him best because of his career as a Latin and ballroom dancer. However, Hough has also been an actor, a singer, an author, and a choreographer. On the whole, he has been very successful, which in turn, means that he has earned a fair amount of money as well.

What Is Derek Hough's Current Net Worth?

There is considerable interest in celebrities. As a result, there are resources out there that look into a wide range of things about them. For instance, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Hough has a current net worth of approximately $8 million. Interested individuals shouldn't put too much faith into this figure because it is based on incomplete information at best. However, it can nonetheless provide them with a very general idea of what Hough has earned over the course of his career.

How Did Derek Hough Reach His Current Net Worth?

Background-wise, Hough came from a Mormon family in a suburb of Salt Lake City, UT. He has four sisters - Sharee, Marabeth, Katherine, and Julianne. Some people might wonder whether this Julianne Hough is that Julianne Hough. If so, they should know that Hough's sister Julianne is indeed the same Julianne who has also competed on Dancing with the Stars. In any case, Hough came from a very artistic family. For example, every single one of his grandparents was a dancer while both of his parents were on their college's ballroom dancing team. Furthermore, he is a second cousin to four out of the five members of the pop rock band R5. As such, Hough took an interest in the arts at a young age.

In fact, when Hough's parents chose to divorce when he was still at the age of 12, he winded up being sent to live with a pair of London-based dance coaches named Corky and Shirley Ballas for a time. Initially, Hough was supposed to stay for just three months' time. However, he remained in London for ten years instead. There, he was educated at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, which is a London-based school focused on the performing arts. Thanks to this, Hough was trained in not just multiple forms of dance but also learned how to sing, how to act, and how to play musical instruments. It is worth mentioning that he can play not one, not two, not three, but four musical instruments, which would be the piano, the guitar, the bass, and the drums. Regardless, Hough went on to make his name in competitive dancing.

His successes in said field opened a wide range of doors for him, with the result that he proceeded to progress on multiple paths. To name an example, Hough's work as a dancer meant that he was a natural choice to work as a choreographer as well. Ever since he made his name, he has done choreography for a wide range of roles in a wide range of projects. As a result, Hough has walked away with a Primetime Emmy for his work on two separate occasions, which isn't mentioning his other seven nominations for the same honor. Besides this, it is also worth mentioning that he worked on choreography with the ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White in 2013, who went on to win the gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Something that was particularly notable because that was the first time that the U.S. team had claimed said prize for said event.

Of course, choreography is just one of the paths that Hough has been pursuing. Chances are good that most interested individuals will know him best because of his appearances on Dancing with the Stars. After all, Hough has been on the show for 17 seasons, meaning that it is no exaggeration to call him a pillar of the franchise as a whole. On top of that, he has actually won the competition in six of those 17 competitions. Having said that, it is important to note that Hough has shown up on the screen for other reasons as well. For example, he was a judge for four out of four seasons of World of Dance. Similarly, he has had a number of relatively minor roles in projects such as Rock of Ages, Better with You, and Nashville. Having said that, Hough has had more prominent roles as well, with an excellent example being the lead role in Make Your Move.

These roles are still far from the full list of everything that Hough has done. He and his sister Julianne have gone on more than one tour across the United States and Canada, which featured a mix of dancing and singing from both of them. Moreover, that wasn't the first time that he had sung on a professional basis, seeing as how he had been a member of a pop rock band called the Ballas Hough Band from 2005 to 2010. Said band had some success, as shown by how it had actually managed to release a studio album. However, the members went their separate way in 2010 for the purpose of focusing on their individual careers. In more recent times, Hough was reported as having signed a deal to develop specials as well as other kinds of entertainment content for ABC. Not much was said about the finances of the deal, but considering how far he has come, it seems safe to say that he will be compensated handsomely.

Further Considerations

On the whole, the source of Hough's wealth seems pretty simple and straightforward. He is best-known for being a dancer. However, Hough was always multi-talented when it came to the performing arts, with the result that he has managed to use that success to springboard into a wide range of other projects. Thanks to that, he has managed to raise his net worth to the estimated $8 million, which could very well continue to grow as he continues to work. After all, Hough is still in his mid 30s, meaning that he could have a very long career ahead of him.

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