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10 Discontinued Cars We Wish Were Still Around


So many different car models have come and gone through the decades, and it's hard to track them all. Some had lived out their lifecycle, while others left a gap without a suitable replacement. Have you ever wished that they'd bring your favorite car model back? If so, you're not alone. Nothing lasts forever. Some auto manufacturers went out of business, or evolved and moved to new and improved versions of our favorite cars. Here are ten discontinued cars that we wish were still around.

Honda S2000

10. Honda S2000

Complex took a poll and the Honda S2000 was one of the top ten cars that people would like to see make a comeback. The convertible top, the two-seater has inspired many fond memories. It was a front mid-engine vehicle with a 2.0-liter VTECH inline-four engine. The car handled exceptionally well and it was fun to drive. It came with a manual transmission which gave it an even sportier feel for drivers who enjoyed zipping down the road. It was sold at a decent price point, which made it one of the more popular models in Honda's lineup. The iconic model introduced in 1999 was discontinued in 2009. Car Throttle reports rumors that the S200 is making a comeback sometime in 2024.

Mazda RX8

9. Mazda RX8

The Mazda RX8 was a beautiful car that had a unique sound coming from its rotary engine. It was a fast car that had tremendous racing potential and nimble handling. It was one of the most attractive Mazdas ever produced. Much to the chagrin of RX8 enthusiasts, after enjoying it from 2003, it was discontinued in 2012. Gear Patrol confirms that Mazda has plans to bring the beloved rotary engine of the RX8 back in 2022, but it won't be in the same version as it has passed into history for good.

Pontiac G8 GXP Chevy SS

8. Pontiac G8 GXP/Chevy SS

The Pontiac G8GXP was labeled as the Chevy SS. Drivers loved the finely tuned suspension that gave it grip on the road and superb cornering. The sedan came equipped with a Corvettesque V8 engine and manual transmission. It was fun to drive until the fun ended during in 2009 after a two-year run. The Australian plant that assembled them went the way of the dodo and GM canceled the Chevy SS. names the Chevy SS/Pontiac G8GXP as one of the cars near the top of the list of those we'd like to see brought back.

Buick Grand National GNX

7. Buick Grand National GNX

the Buick Grand National GNX was a high performer for the automaker before they watered down the power. It was one of the most beloved sedans on the market. Its 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 engine could hold its own against most sports cars on the road at that time. The first model year rolled off the lines in 1987 and it was also the last for the special limited edition version. It would have been nice to see it around for a few more years. It overperformed on claimed horsepower. It's another discontinued car that we'd like to see come back.

Acura Integra Type R

6. Acura Integra Type R

The Acura Integra Type R was a model that was only produced for four years, but it made one hell of an impression on its short but eventful run. The inline-four VTEC technology took full advantage of 195 horsepower and transported it to the front wheels. Yes, it was a fast car that won more than its share of street contests, but the problem with the road beast was its difficulty in steering because of the massive torque. Quite a few of them crashed but there are also several still around. They increased in value over time, so if you find one, it's likely to cost a pretty penny. It ran from 1994 through 2001 before it was discontinued. Car and Driver revealed that the prototype for the new Acura Integra is in progress and the 2023 model year will make a comeback sometime in late 2022 as a hatchback.

Honda Fit

5. Honda Fit

Car and Driver would like to see the Honda Fit make a resurgence. The model made it through a few generations with high fuel efficiency, plenty of space in the cargo area, and exceptional handling. The Fit's next two generations worked out most of the identified kinks, but even with some of the quirks removed, it wasn't as fun to drive as the first two generations, but it was offered at a base price that practically anyone could afford. It started at a little over $17,000, which made it one of the best choices for anyone in the market for a small SUV with exceptional gas mileage. Honda hasn't found the magic formula to replace the Honda Fit since canceling it in 2020. The Honda Fit was made from 2001 and although it will continue in other countries, the USA won't see it again.

Dodge Viper

4. Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper was one of the most beautiful cars ever created by the automaker. The first Vipers were fast with their naturally aspirated motors. They were sexy and fun to drive, but Dodge didn't see the practicality of equipping them with modern driver assists and safety features. They couldn't quite engineer the multiple airbags without changing the Viper, and they opted to discontinue the model. It made a few runs from 1991 through 2010, then again from 2013 through 2017. The Viper didn't meet the rules for competition in the turbocharged arena or emission rules. It was somewhat of a rebel that Dodge refused to change. It died with its pride intact with the last model produced in 2017, but there are a lot of drivers who would love to take the chance on its lack of safety features just to take it on one more final spin.

Jaguar XJ220

3. Jaguar XJ220

The XJ220 is a Jaguar that will eternally be hailed as a supercar. The production car made drivers feel like they were on a track at a major competition. Smooth and sexy was the order of the day, but the vehicle failed to impress the intended audience. Jaguar was not one to trifle or wait and see what would happen. They discontinued the model, but in retrospect, if the price were a little lower, it would have found a larger audience of fans. Quite a few would like to see it brought back. Still, it had a good run from 1992 through 1994 when the model was discontinued.

Porsche 928

2. Porsche 928

Who wouldn't want to see the 928 brought back? Probably the collectors who shelled out a hefty price for their collectibles at auction. Those with the need for speed miss the Porsche 928. They miss the subtle sexiness of the Porsche 928. It would likely be on backorder for a decade trying to fulfill the long list of order pages. There are enough enthusiasts that would jump at the chance to justify a re-issue. The 928 is an iconic model that enjoyed a long run from 1978 through 1995, its last year of production.


1. BMW Z8

The BMW Z8 was one of the most beautiful roadsters in modern history, making its debut in 2000. The Z8's V-8 engine that offered a massive 617 horsepower was too much for some drivers but not enough for others. Former owners miss the chance to upgrade to a new model and feel the power between their hands. BMW cut the model from its lineup at the end of 2003. The BMW Z8 is yet another discontinued car we'd love to see back for another run.

Benjamin Smith

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