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How is Disney Genie Different From Disney FastPass?


Disney recently announced their plans to replace Disney Fast Pass with a new way to advance past long lines at rides and attractions. Those who used the Fast Pass system may be wondering if they'll receive the same privileges and if it will cost them more to skip the lines. We looked into the proposed changes to find out how the two systems differ, what is the same, and if visitors to the theme park are going to benefit from the new system. Here is everything you need to know about the differences between Disney Genie and Disney Fast Pass, and how it could affect your enjoyment of the park.

The outgoing Disney Fast Pass

Before we compare the pros and cons of the changes coming, let' take a look at all the benefits of Disney's Fast Pass system, along with the cost. Travel and Leisure explains that FastPass is a system of digital ticketing. Those who purchase the FastPass tickets digitally can choose up to three attractions a day for which they may skip the long wait lines. Not everyone knows about FastPasses. There is no charge for the FastPasses with payment of regular admission. It's a perk that comes with the admission ticket.

How do you use a Fast Pass?

When you purchase your admission tickets digitally, you can reserve up to three FastPass attractions for skipping wait lines. You must buy the ticket at least 60 days before you plan to visit if you're staying at a Disney hotel. If not, you can secure your passes 30 days from the time of your visit. You must link your tickets with your reservations to a My Disney Experience account and book them in advance. When you go to claim your reservation you will see two lines. One is for FastPass holders and the other is for the general public.

Why do you need to book early?

FastPasses are reservations. You are reserving spots on an attraction or ride. Some of the more popular attractions fill up with other FastPass holders. You may not be able to find an available FastPass slot if you wait too long. This is an incentive to purchase your tickets on your My Disney Experience account early. You can get extra FastPasses beyond the 3 issued on your admission ticket, you can acquire extra passes one at a time, until closing on the same day, if there are still slots that have not yet been reserved. You must obtain additional Fast Passes by making your reservations through the Walt Disney World app, or by visiting a park kiosk and making the reservation in person.

What are the differences between Disney FastPass and Disney Genie?

The Points Guy offers a sneak peek at the new system and confirms that as of October 19, 2021, the FastPass system is over and no longer exists. With this option off the table can you still skip the lines to gt on your favorite rides without a wait? The answer is yes, but the new system is a lot different than the old one.

What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is the replacement system for FastPass. You will see it marketed as Disney Genie+ with Lightning Lane. It is a complimentary service that works pretty much the same way that FastPass did. Standard Disney Genie does not cost you anything more than the price of park admission. You get the same line-skipping reservations as you did with FreePass, but one big difference is that you can opt for the Disney Genie + Lightning Lane. Unlike FastPass, with Genie +, you must pay an additional $15 per day in addition to the park admission fee. This is the main difference between the two, but there is more. Genie + provides you with the option to reserve a set on over 40 attractions applicable at Walt Disney World. When you see the term Lightning Lane, it is merely the replacement name for the previous FastPass, so don't let that confuse you.

A different service at Disneyland

It's essential to know that Disney Genie + will apply to both Walt Disney World, Florida park, and Disneyland in California. The service has already been implemented at Walt Disney World, but it is not yet operational at Disneyland. When the service does come online, there will be over 15 rides that are eligible for Lightning Lane reservations. The cost of Genie + will be $5 higher, costing $20 instead of $15. Don't let this discourage you because it's the same fee that was previously charged for the MaxPss system which previously operated for line skipping at this park.

Different benefits for the two amusement parks

Another difference is that each park will offer its perks that go with Disney Genie +and Lightning Lane. For example, at Disney World, you get AR lenses as a perk, for experiencing augmented reality views. At Walt Disney World, you will have the option of PhotoPass downloads with unlimited access.

Some things are still the same

WDW News points out that you can purchase Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane through your My Disney Experience mobile app. It's the same convenient process, and you can opt to use the complimentary Disney Genie 3 attraction passes or you can add to them for the additional charge. You do have more options for purchasing Genie +. You can combine it with your reservation package, or purchase your $15 ticket for all-day at any time during the day of your visit. It is only valid for the date of purchase until closing. You can buy the Genie + every day you return to the park, but the fee stays the same. You pay a daily rate.

Final thoughts

FastPass is a thing of the past, but they have replaced it with a more efficient system. Disney Genie gives you the same access to making up to 3 line-skipping reservations. Now you have the option of paying an additional $15 to access up to 40 attractions at Disney World or over 15 attractions at Disneyland when it reopens.

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